SBI PO Salary 2024 In Hand: Check Salary Slip, Basic Pay, Allowances, Perks, Career Growth

Check SBI PO Salary 2024 In hand: For your convenient reference, the complete SBI PO salary 2024 in hand details are given on this page. The SBI PO Exam is the recruitment process to select the talented candidates for the Probationary Officer posts. There would be a great demand for this position because the SBI PO salary in hand 2024 is high compared to other PSBs. Candidates who are interested in applying for this bank position should be well-informed about the SBI PO salary 2024 in hand. For your information, we have attached the most recent SBI PO salary slip 2024. You can obtain precise information about the SBI PO salary in hand 2024, benefits, and allowances by examining the SBI PO salary slip 2024. Read through this page to learn more about the SBI PO job profile, SBI PO career growth, and other details related to the SBI PO salary 2024.

SBI PO Mains & Final Cut Off 2024

SBI PO Mains & Final Score Card 2024



SBI PO Salary 2024

Presently, the starting basic SBI PO Salary 2024 is Rs.41,960/- (with 4 advance increments). Check the detailed SBI PO salary structure 2024 provided here:

  • Rs. 36000 - 1490/7 - 46430 - 1740/2 - 49910 - 1990/7 - 63840

This SBI PO salary 2024 structure is applicable to Junior Management Grade Scale 1. The PO will also be eligible for Dearness allowance, H.R.A / Lease rental, City Compensatory Allowance, Medical, and other allowances & perks as per rules in force from time to time. Including the allowances, the net SBI PO salary in hand 2024 is approximately Rs.52820. Here in this table, you can refer to the SBI PO salary increment from time o time as per the pay structure.

Starting Basic SBI PO salary 2024

Rs.41,960/- (with 4 advance increments)

Basic SBI PO Salary after 7 years of increment


Basic SBI PO Salary after 9 years of increment


Basic SBI PO Salary after 16 years of increment


SBI PO Vacancy

SBI PO Previous Year Paper

SBI PO Salary in Hand 2024

SBI PO Salary in hand 2024 is the net package. That is, after the deductions from the gross pay, you will get the SBI PO Salary in hand 2024. Among the PSBs, the State bank of India provides the highest SBI PO salary 2024 in hand amount. Check here the approximate amount of the SBI PO Salary in hand 2024.

  • SBI PO Salary In Hand 2024 (net pay) - Rs. 52820 (approx.)

SBI PO Prelims Bundle PDF Course

SBI PO Salary Slip 2024

With the help of the SBI PO salary slip 2024, you can know the break up between the gross pay, allowances, deductions, and the net pay. So, you can know the exact SBI PO salary 2024 in hand. The gross SBI PO salary 2024 will be the sum of your basic pay and allowances. From the gross pay, if you take out the deductions, you can come to know the net SBI PO salary in hand 2024. Also, you can check the break up of allowances clearly from the SBI PO salary slip 2024. Thus, the SBI PO salary slip 2024 will give you a clear idea regarding the emoluments.

SBI PO Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Particulars of SBI PO Salary Slip 2024


Basic SBI PO Salary 2024

Rs. 41,960

Special Allowance

Rs. 6,881

Dearness Allowance

Rs. 12,701

Location Allowance

Rs. 700

Learning Allowance

Rs. 600

House Rent Allowance

Rs. 2,937

Gross SBI PO Salary 2024

Rs. 65,780

Deduction (PF / Income Tax / Professional Tax / Pension)

Rs. 12,960

Net SBI PO Salary in hand 2024

Rs. 52,820

SBI PO Salary After 5 Years


In the SBI PO salary slip 2024, the details regarding the deductions are given in the following table:

Particulars of Deductions in SBI PO Salary Slip 2024


PF Contribution

Rs. 4,196/-

Income Tax

Rs. 3,290/-

Professional Tax

Rs. 200/-

Contributory Pension Fund 

Rs. 5,274

Total Deductions from the gross SBI PO Salary 2024

Rs. 12,960


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SBI PO Exam Date 2024  

SBI PO Allowances and Perks

The SBI PO salary and perks will contain various allowances and perks. The allowances will boom your SBI PO salary per month to a high level. Take a look at the allowances included in your SBI PO salary 2024 slip.

Allowance Details of SBI PO Salary 2024


Dearness Allowance 

26% of the Basic Pay

City Compensatory Allowance 

3% – 4% depending on location

House Rent Allowance 

7% – 9% depending on Place of Posting

Furniture Allowance 

Rs. 1,20,000

Medical Insurance

100% covered for employee | 75% covered for dependent family

Travelling Allowance

AC 2-tier fare is reimbursed to the employee for official travels

Petrol Allowance 

50 Lts (For 2 wheelers) Or 55 Lts (For 4 Wheeler) Or Approx. Rs. 1100 -1250 if you don't have 2/4 wheelers (conveyance allowance).

Newspaper Allowance, Entertainment Allowance, Books Allowance, etc. 

Varies based on Cadre


As the year passes, your basic pay and allowance will increase. Your SBI PO salary slip after 11th bipartite settlement will have a much-increased pay after 5 years. You can get to know that well in the pay slip of SBI PO salary after 5 years, 10 years, and so on. Check the furthermore allowances and perks of SBI PO salary 2024 in hand.

  • Telephone bill reimbursement

  • Leave fare concession / Home Travel concession

  • Cashless treatment in selected medical facilities around the country

  • House maintenance allowance

  • Concessionary interest rates for car loan, personal loan and house loan.

Thus, the allowances and perks will make this SBI PO salary 2024 an attractive package.

SBI PO Joining & Training Process

Like SBI PO salary per month, it is also important for the candidates to know the joining and training process.

  • The selected candidates will have to take online courses to gain basic banking knowledge. The course shall complete before joining. 

  • At the time of joining, candidates must sign a Bond for a value of 2.00 lakh to serve the Bank for a minimum period of 3 years. The Bond will be invoked by the Bank if the candidate resigns from the service of the Bank before the expiry of three years from the date of joining. 

  • On joining, the candidates will be posted as “Probationary Officers” and may be on probation for 2 years. 

  • Candidates will be on a continuous assessment, as per Bank’s extant policy, during the probation period. 

  • Those candidates who pass in the assessment as per standards determined by the Bank from time to time will be confirmed in the Service of the Bank in Junior Management Grade Scale 1 (JMGS 1). 

  • If the candidate fails to achieve the minimum standards stipulated, his/ her services may be terminated as per the policy of the Bank in force at the material time. 

Bank provides immense opportunities for growth in career, including opportunities for posting abroad. The attractive promotion policy of the Bank provides an opportunity to the meritorious and exceptionally brilliant officers to reach the Top Management Grade in a reasonably quick time.

SBI PO Job Profile 2024

The SBI PO salary 2024 in hand is an attractive package. This is due to the versatile nature of the SBI PO job profile. The Probationary Officer and may have also to engage in clerical work as per to the requirements. Aspirants should take this opportunity to learn new things. If you clearly understand the SBI PO job description, you can perform well in the managerial role. So, it is very important to know the basics of SBI PO job profile and salary details. Check the SBI PO job profile details given below.

  • During the SBI PO probation period of 2 years, candidates have to know about the basic bank functioning process and the duties related to their work profile.

  • Very common works of an SBI PO include - To gain practical knowledge of various banking activities, Customer Services (which includes passbook printing, account opening, etc.), supervision of the works of clerks, Loan Processing, etc.

  • In the probation period, training will be given in areas like Retail (Personal) Banking, Advances, Rural Banking (Agriculture training), etc.

After the probation period, SBI PO requires to take a screening test, qualifying which he/she will be confirmed as an Officer Middle Management Grade Scale 2.

SBI PO Career Growth Opportunities

SBI PO will get quick promotions as per their performance. As per their promotions, there will be a concurrent increase in the salary as per the Bank norms. The SBI PO salary after 10 years will be a huge sum in line with the promotions. Starting from the PO, you can go up to the Chairman as shown below:

  • Assistant Manager

  • Deputy Manager

  • Manager

  • Chief Manager

  • Assistant General Manager

  • Deputy General Manager

  • General Manager

  • Chief General Manager

  • Deputy Managing Director

  • Managing Director

  • Chairman

SBI PO Salary 2024 FAQs

Here we have added a few important FAQs about the SBI PO salary slip 2024 and the related topics.

Q: What is the SBI PO salary 2024 structure?

SBI PO salary 2024 structure is given here - Rs. 36000 - 1490/7 - 46430 - 1740/2 - 49910 - 1990/7 - 63840.

Q: What is the basic SBI PO salary 2024?

The starting basic SBI PO Salary 2024 is Rs.41,960/- (with 4 advance increments).

Q: Mention the net SBI PO salary in hand 2024?

The net SBI PO salary in hand 2024 per month will be approximately Rs.52820.

Q: Where can I check SBI PO salary slip 2024?

On this page, we have given the SBI PO salary slip 2024 details.

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