SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Check the difference

SBI PO vs IBPS PO: This article is for the candidates who are interested in applying for the Probationary Officer exam. The candidates always face confusion about which job to choose. We have equipped the difference between SBI PO and IBPS PO for the reference of the candidates. This article will help the candidates to choose the perfect job for their qualifications. This article gives the candidates whether to choose IBPS PO or SBI PO which will increase their opportunity. IBPS PO and SBI PO both have their significance and career growth. This helps the candidates to choose a better job where he/she can grow faster and utilize more perks and benefits of the job. Stay tuned to this article as we are providing the pros and cons of the SBI PO and IBPS PO posts. The detailed differences between the SBI PO and IBPS PO exams are explained here for the reference of the candidates who are willing to take the exams.


SBI PO is the most lucrative exam among all the competitive Bank exams and the number of vacancies of SBI PO post is less than that of IBPS PO post. The main difference between both of these exams is that IBPS is for all nationalized banks to participate in the recruitment while SBI is for only SBI itself. The level of SBI PO is somewhat higher than that of IBPS PO. The difference mainly lies in the work environment, career, and salary. To give the candidates a clear difference between IBPS PO and SBI PO the selection process, career growth, work profile, and salary of both pots are explained in this article below.

Check SBI PO Vacancy 2023

IBPS PO Vacancy 2023

SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Selection Process

SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Selection Process



  • Preliminary Examination
  • Mains Examination (with descriptive)
  • Interview
  • Preliminary Examination
  • Mains Examination (with descriptive)
  • Psychometric Test, Interview & Group Exercise


The level of the SBI PO exam is tough compared to that of the IBPS exam. The preliminary examinations of SBI PO and IBPS PO are of an objective type. Whereas the Mains exam of both PO exams is objective questions with descriptive type questions. The prelims examination in both the exam are qualifying in nature and candidates must clear the cut-off mentioned in both the prelims and mains exams. The shortlisted candidates from the prelims exam must appear for the mains exam. The candidates who successfully cleared the mains exam must appear for the interview.


The selected candidates from the final interview are placed in one of the participating banks under IBPS recruitment for the IBPS PO exam whereas the shortlisted candidates in the SBI PO exam will be placed in one of the branches of SBI across the nation.

SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Cut-Off


SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Cut-Off



  • The sectional cut off are considered at both prelims and mains exam levels
  • Overall cutoffs are also considered
  • There is no sectional cut-off at prelims and mains exam level
  • Only overall cutoffs are considered and the results are equipped from the overall cutoff

IBPS PO Cut Off Details

Check SBI PO Cut Off


SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Job Profile

The job profile of both IBPS PO and SBI PO are similar and the candidates who are selected as Probationary Officers need to handle the following jobs at the bank.

  • Multitasking Job:

A PO's job is a multi-tasking job and they are assigned for various banking activities. This helps them to get familiar with various working procedures in the banking industry.

  •  Practical knowledge:

POs are trained in various fields such as Marketing, Accounting, Loans & Advances as well as Finance.

  •  Customer services:

Often POs are required to handle the customers of the banks. PO guides them about the banking facilities and products available for them like issuing Cheque books, ATM cards, Demand Draft, etc. Customer complaints like discrepancies in accounts, the rectification of undue charges are also handled by Probationary Officer.

  • Supervision of Clerical work:

PO supervises all the clerical work such as managing cash, opening accounts, and customer dealing. In the case of cash transactions, PO is responsible to check whether the Clerk entered everything correctly and approve the transactions.

  •  Loan Processing:

One of the major functions of the bank i.e. providing a loan to the needful is also taken care of by a PO. PO does all the documentation under his/her supervision before granting the loan to the customer. 


At last, a probationary officer works in various departments of the bank. It can be Deposits, Loans & Advances, Clearing, Pensions, Payment and Cheque clearances, Fixed deposits, ATM and Internet Banking, Credit Card, Report Making, etc.

IBPS PO Salary Details

Check SBI PO Salary 2023

SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Salary


SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Salary



  • The candidates of IBPS PO draw a basic pay of Rs.36,000/-
  • The gross pay of IBPS PO ranges from Rs.57,289.70/- per month including HRA.
  • HRA may differ depending upon the posting of the PO
  • The basic pay of SBI PO is Rs.41,960/- per month.
  • They are paid in four increments at the time of joining.
  • The SBI PO salary makes 5K+ higher than a PO in other banks

IBPS PO Cracker Package 2023

SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Perks and Allowances

The perks and allowances of IBPS PO and SBI PO are more or less similar to each other whereas the amount in the perks varies.


SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Perks and Allowances





An SBI PO candidate draws an amount that varies from at least Rs.8000 in ‘C’ category cities to Rs.29,500 in Mumbai

  • HRA of IBPS PO candidates depending on the place they have posted varies from 7%, 8%, and 9%.
  •  At some banks, bank quarters are provided with no lease

Medical Aid

Candidates can claim medical aid as 100% compensation for themselves and 75% for their family members

  • A fixed amount has been declared by most of the banks in IBPS which is currently Rs.9000/- p.a


SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Work Pressure and Environment


SBI is one of the oldest and largest banks in India with around 24,000 branches. After the merger, the bank constituted around 50% of the banking services. Therefore, the work pressure is higher.


Most of the banks are not accessible in rural areas. Hence, the number of customers in these banks is less compared to SBI. Therefore, the work pressure is relatively less.

SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Career Growth

The career growth of SBI PO and IBPS PO is almost similar. The career growth post-PO designation is very long. Aspirants can think of a great career in the future once they join the largest Public Sector Bank in India.

The fruitful career growth that follows the post of PO is given below:

  • Deputy Manager
  • Manager
  • Chief Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Chief General Manager


The career growth of SBI PO is faster and greater than any other Bank PO under IBPS. If a candidate can handle the work pressure and work efficiently in SBI banks they face numerous perks and allowances and SBI also offers greater chances of foreign postings. 


SBI PO vs IBPS PO: Pros and Cons






  • Low work pressure
  • Job security
  • Handsome salary along with entitlements
  • Frequent promotions
  • Salary higher than public sector banks
  • Foreign posting
  • Various additional perks


  • Rural postings
  • Promotions are not as frequent as in SBI
  • Frequent transfer
  • High work pressure



Q. Which job is better SBI PO or IBPS PO?

This depends on the aspirants and which job profile is suitable for them. However, you can know the salary, job profile, and more to choose the right career option.

Q. What is the selection process of SBI PO and IBPS PO?

  • Prelims Exam
  • Main Exam with a descriptive test
  • Interview

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