National Symbols of India List PDF: 17 National Symbols of India with Names

National Symbols of India List PDF: Here we have come up with the complete details of National Symbols of India List PDF!!! Candidates who are preparing for the competitive exams shall check here the indepth details of national symbols of India list pdf and start the preparation process. There are 17 national symbols in our Indian Republic. The culture and essence of India's national identity are represented by national symbols of India. Every Indian's heart is filled with pride and patriotism as a result of them. They were collected at various intervals. The national symbols of India list serve as a source of inspiration and pride for Indians, serving as national icons of India. The national symbols of India UPSC is important for the aspirants who are preparing for the IAS Exam. This National symbols of India with names is going to provide you the indepth knowledge and some interesting facts about them. Each of national symbols of India name was chosen after careful consideration to convey the proper message to both domestic and international inhabitants. Here are some of our national symbols of India in english, national symbols of India in hindi for your reference.

National Symbols of India List:

The national symbols of India with names was chosen based on the  culture and nature of India's National Identity. Almost there are 17 national symbols of India List are available. They are

National Symbols of India List





National Flag



National Emblem

National Emblem of India


National Currency

Indian Rupees


National Calendar

Saka Calendar


Oath of Allegiance

National Pledge


National River



National Heritage Animal

Indian Elephant


National Animal

Royal Bengal Tiger


National Bird

Indian Peacock


National Tree

Indian Banyan


National Song

Vande Mataram


National Anthem

Jana Gana Mana


National Game



National Aquatic Animal

Ganges River Dolphin


National Vegetable



National Fruit



National Flower


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National Symbols of India with Names:

Here we have drafted the list of National Symbols of India with names and their explanation for your reference.

The National Flag of India:

Tiranga is the national flag of India. It was designed by Pingali Venkayya and was adopted by the assembly on 22nd July 1947. Tiranga means tri-color. There are three colors in the national flag of India.

(i) Saffron symbolizes the sacrifice of the freedom fighters,

(ii) White symbolizes peace.

(iii) Green symbolizes fertility and prosperity.

(iv) Ashoka chakra which is drawn in navy blue at the centre of the flag represents the Laws of Dharma.

The National Emblem of India Name:

The national emblem of India Name is The Lion Capital of Ashoka in Sarnath. It is made up of four lions that are stacked on top of each other in the shape of an abacus. There are carvings of an elephant, a horse, a bull, and a lion on the abacus.

The National Currency of India:

The national currency of India is the Indian rupee (ISO code: INR). The Reserve Bank of India has controlled the currency issuance in India. The Latin letter "R" was chosen as the official symbol for the Indian rupee in 2010. The symbol is taken from the Devanagari consonant "र" (ra). It is designed by Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam.

National Calendar of India:

The national calendar of India is Saka Calendar. The saka calendar was officially adopted in 22 March 1957. The Saka calendar consists of 365 days and 12 months.

The National Reptile of India:

The national reptile of india is King Cobra which is also called as Snake eater (Ophiophagus hannah).

The National River of India:

The national river of India is Ganga. Ganga was declared the national river of India in 2008. The Ganga is a huge river, stretching over 2510 km of mountains plains, and valleys. It is the longest river in India.

The National Heritage Animal of India:

Indian Elephant is the national heritage animal of India. However, as a result of deforestation, their population is declining. So that the indian elephant is adopted as the national heritage animal of India.

The National Animal of India:

The Bengal tiger  also known as the Lord of the Jungle was officially announced as the national animal of India in April 1973. This declaration was made at the same time that Project Tiger, an initiative to save India's tiger population, got underway.

The National Bird of India (Peacock):

The Indian peacock (Pavo cristatus) is the national bird of India. On February 1, 1963, the Peacock was designated as India's national bird by the Indian government. This is a fundamental aspect of Indian culture and tradition. A peacock represents elegance and beauty.

The National Tree of India:

The national tree of India is the Banyan tree. In Sanskrit, the banyan tree is called the Kalpavriksha, which means wish fulfilling tree.

The National Song of India:

The National Song of India is Vande Mataram, composed in Sanskrit by Bankimchandra Chatterji. On January 24, 1950, the President of independent India Dr. Rajendra Prasad has adopted Vande Mataram as the National song of India. The Vande Matram was 1st sung in 1896 session of the Indian National Congress. 

The National Anthem of India:

Jana Gana Mana is the National Anthem of India. Rabindranath Tagore wrote it in Bengali, and it was afterwards translated into Hindi. On January 24th, 1950, it became the national anthem of India.

The National Game of India:

The national game of India is hockey. India was given hockey as its national sport because of its extraordinary achievement in the sport.

The National Aquatic Animal of India:

The national aquatic animal of India is the Ganges River Dolphin. Its designation as India's national aquatic animal was made in an effort to keep it from going extinct.

The National Vegetable of India:

Pumpkin is the national vegetable of India. One of the few plants that can thrive everywhere in the nation while using fewer resources is this one.

The National Fruit of India:

Mango is adpoted the national fruit of India. It is also called as King of Fruits. It enhances the perception of the nation by representing prosperity, affluence, and wealth.

The National Flower of India:

The national flower of India is Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera). Goddess Saraswathi is represented in Hindu mythology and religion as a goddess of education and learning, sitting on a lotus flower.

National Symbols of India Drawing:

We hope that now you got the in depth details of national symbols of india list and their meanings. But even though the details are well versed most aspirants are in search of National symbols of India drawing. The pictorial representation is very strongly memorized in one brain compared to the textual representation. For that here we have given the national symbols of india drawing for your easy access.


National Symbol of India Drawing

National Symbols of India Chart:

The national symbols of India chart is the combined pictorial representation of the national symbols of india in a single chart. This might be useful for the candidates to get the national symbols of india list easily without the hesitation. Ok let's have a look at the below national symbols of India chart.


National Symbols of India Chart

National Symbols of India List FAQs:

Here we have given the common FAQs regarding the national symbols of India name list for your reference.

Q. what are national symbols of india?

A. National Falg, National Anthem, National Song etc are the national symbols of India.


Q. What are the 17 national symbols of india?

A. There are 17 national symbols of India namely Tiranga, Jana Gana Mana, Vande Mataram, National Pledge, National Emblem of India, Indian Rupee, Saka Calendar, Mango, Ganga River,  Indian Banyan Tree, Indian Peacock, Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Elephant, Ganges River Dolphin, Lotus and Pumpkin.


Q. What is the National emblem of india name?

A. The national emblem of India Name is The Lion Capital of Ashoka in Sarnath.



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