Descriptive Letter Writing For Bank PO Exams PDF: Check Format, Tips, and Other Competitive Exams

Refer to the format of Descriptive Letter Writing for Bank PO mains 2023. The candidates preparing for the descriptive paper for Bank PO mains 2023 will have to prepare for both letter writing and essay topics. Here we have given complete details regarding the format of descriptive letter writing for Bank PO mains 2023. Letter Writing is an important section in most of the bank mains exams. After the objective test, the descriptive letter writing and essay writing test will be conducted in the main examinations. Here we have shared some tips that should be followed to score good marks in the letter writing section that comes under the descriptive paper of Bank PO mains exams. Candidates with good sentence formation and good typing speed can ace this section. Candidates should follow the perfect format and approach to get good scores in letter writing for bank exams. To begin with, letters, know what are letters and their types. Know how to write a letter by conveying the message and what should not be used to write a letter.

Essay Writing For Bank PO Exams

Download PDF on Latest Topics for Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing For Bank Exams - Mock Tests

Letter Writing for Bank PO Mains 2023 Exams - What is Letter?

Check here what is letter writing for Bank PO mains 2023 exam. The letter defines the way of stating information, conveying messages, wishes, and gratitude, addressing grievances, and tweeting progress to the receiver. It is a communication medium between a sender and receiver and a formal way of expressing thoughts. A letter aids the person to deliver everything in a systematic way and also it is a fundamental step to originate the process.

Based on the information stated it has been classified into two types.

  1. Formal letter
  2. Informal letter

Letter Writing for Bank PO Mains 2023 Exams



The formal letter is also known as the official letter.

An informal letter is also known as an unofficial letter

It is delivered to the respected person, reputed organization, the higher authority,…etc.

It is delivered to family members, friends, relatives, etc….



Bank PO Descriptive Paper 2023 Topics for Letter Writing

The important letter-writing topics for Bank PO which the aspirants can practice for the upcoming bank exams are discussed below.

Formal Letter Writing Trending Topics For Bank PO Mains

Here are the formal letter writing topics for the Bank PO descriptive paper 2023.

1. Write a formal letter to the CEO of a company, praising their corporate social responsibility efforts and suggesting areas for improvement.
2. Write a letter to your friend for asking suggestions for What actions or initiatives he support to address current societal challenges?
3. Write a letter to the local health department addressing concerns about the cleanliness of a public park and suggesting improvements.
4. A stationery godown in the market was completely gutted in fire. Write a letter to owner of the shop for inspection.
5. Write a letter to your friend describing a place that you have visited recently.
6. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper expressing your views regarding importance of blood donation.
7. Write a letter to your younger friend who recently got a job telling him the importance of retirement pension.
8. Write a letter to a insurance firm requesting them to change residential address.
9. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your concerns about environmental pollution in your city and suggesting solutions.

10. Write a letter to a local government official, requesting improvements to public transportation in your area.

For more topics on letter writing, refer to the PDF given above.



Descriptive Letter Writing for Bank Exams 2023 - Description of a Letter

The letter writing for bank exams pdf description details are provided here for the formal and informal letter types. Candidates can follow the format provided here.

Letter Writing for Bank Exams 2023

Formal Letter

Informal Letter

Date: ___/____/____.Place: ________.







Respected mam/sir,

Subject:——————–, Regards;

(Body of the content)


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Address on the envelope:




Date: ___/____/____.Place: _____.

My dear_____,

Hi/hello/how are you……..?

Address on the envelope






Descriptive Letter Writing for Bank PO Exam - How to Convey My Message?

Before writing letters for bank PO exams, aspirants have to plan for themselves which type of letter will be presented by them.

If It is a Formal Letter:

  • Aspirants must observe whether the body of the content should be addressing complaints, requisition for something, or stating information.
  • Mentioning the subject clarifies to the receiver what is defined in the following content.
  • The body of the content should be concise information of what needs to be delivered.
  • Ending the content, the aspirant must add a statement to express gratitude or requisition words to make the desired action to be complete.

If It is an Informal Letter:

  • Aspirant can express their own ideas, wishes, worries …… etc.
  • Aspirants need to mention words like hey/hello/how are you? ……..  at the starting of content.

Letter Writing for Bank PO Mains 2023 - What I Should Not Do?

Here we have added the things that should not be done while writing the letter writing for Bank PO mains 2023 exam.

  • The aspirant should not use colloquial language in any form.
  • Content should not be lengthy.
  • The aspirant should not use irrespective words of anybody or any other organization.
  • The aspirant should not define fake information.
  • Should not use impertinent words while suggesting remedies or opinions.

Letter Writing for Bank Exams 2023 - Where I Can Practice Myself?

  • Aspirants need to watch daily events occur everywhere which helps them to ask questions themselves and also provides ideas to describe answers.
  • Aspirants need to learn more vocabulary so that information can be delivered briefly with a clear vision.
  • Aspirants should have a habit of sending letters on daily events through mail to their friends, colleagues…etc. in a week. It improves their content preparing knowledge and also typing speed so that letters can be completed within the stipulated time.

Follow the steps provided above for letter writing for bank exams pdf provided with practice tips and approaches that should be followed.

Letter Writing for Bank PO Mains 2023 Exams - FAQs

Q. What are the types of letter writing?

The letters are classified into two types and they are formal and informal letters.

Q. What is a formal letter?

The formal letter is also known as the official letter and it is written to the respected person, reputed organization, higher officials

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