Formal Letter Writing Format In English PDF: Definition, How To Write, Topics, Sample Examples

Formal Letter Writing Format In English PDF: A formal letter is sent to officials to show gratitude or to voice complaints about a person or circumstance. Therefore, a professional letter must follow a specific structure that is concise, clear, and error-free. When writing a formal letter, avoid making spelling errors and the letter should be short and to the point. You can send formal letters to government departments, businesses, and educational institutions. You will learn more about the formal letter format in this post as well as the guidelines. Let's first read what a formal letter is to get a better understanding of it before we look at the formal letter format. Aspirants in search of formal letter writing in English, Letter writing formal letter formal letter format, letter formal letter to principal, formal letter writing format, formal letter writing topics, formal letter writing examples, formal letter writing questions, etc., can refer to the complete details provided here related to the formal letter writing format in this article. Many aspirants have questions about how to write a formal letter in English, how to write a formal letter to principal, how to write date in formal letter, etc. Now, let's look at the formal letter meaning and the format.

Check Informal Letter Writing Format

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What Is A Formal Letter?

Formal Letter Meaning: A formal letter is one that uses formal language and is written in a formal style. Such letters are not addressed to private individuals, such as friends or family members, but rather to authorities, dignitaries, coworkers, and seniors for official objectives. Writing formal letters requires adherence to a variety of conventions.

Types Of Formal Letter

The formal letter comes in a variety of forms and is utilized as a communication tool by all organizations, whether they are public or private. Both internal and external communication uses formal letters. Here are some examples of formal letter formats.

  • Recovery Letter
  • Resignation Letter
  • Order Letter
  • Promotion Letter
  • Job offer letter
  • Complaint letter
  • Business letter
  • Appointment letter
  • Leave application for Marriage/ Sick/ maternity
  • Letter of Enquiry
  • Sales Letter


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Formal Letter Writing Format In English

Candidates can use the English formal letter writing format that is given below for any type of formal letter.

Date: ___/____/____.Place: ________.








Respected mam/sir,

Subject:——————–, Regards;

(Body of the content)


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Address on the envelope:





Details Of Formal Letter Writing Format

1) Address

The sender's and recipient's addresses are the first item in the formal letter format. Sender's Address: Be sure to include your street address, city, state, zip code, and phone number when writing your address in the left-hand corner of the page. Address of Recipient – Always include the address of the recipient in the right-hand corner, just below the date.

2) Date

The date and salutation are the second essential component of a professional letter format. The date should always be written with a line gap just below the sender's address.

3) Salutation

"Dear Sir/Madam" is sufficient; if you know the person's name, address them directly. If you don't know their name, use "Rev.", "Dr.", "Mr.", "Mrs.", or "Ms." in a formal manner, along with their complete name.

4) Subject

The official letter comes next. The letter's subject and body are its format: The agenda or purpose of the letter's drafting is its subject. Keep the letter's subject short and, if you can, limit it to one line.

5) Body

  • Always break up your work into paragraphs, and make sure to use a sophisticated vocabulary as well as correct punctuation and spelling.
  • To keep the reader engaged and to distinguish one idea from another, paragraphs are used.
  • The goal is to provide the reader with as much clarity as possible.
  • Mention the goal of the letter in the first paragraph itself so that the reader is clear on your intentions when writing the letter.
  • The first paragraph, also known as the introduction, should be brief and to the point.
  • The middle paragraphs, generally known as the body of the letter, should include some relevant information on the goal outlined in the first paragraph.
  • The final paragraph, sometimes referred to as the conclusion, should discuss the action you expect the letter's reader to take.
  • As much as you can, keep the final paragraph in a requesting mode.

6) Conclusion

The ending, or how to end the formal letter, is another element of the formal letter format. Putting a formal letter to bed - The preferred concluding salutations are Yours Faithfully, Your Sincerely, etc., followed by your entire name and a suitable closing sentence. An appropriate closing statement shows that you value the receiver by expressing your admiration for them.

7) Signature

The signature at the end of the formal letter is the final component of the format. In the signature line of a formal letter, the sender should include their name, signature, and, if applicable, their position within the employer. Recognizing the information sent by the sender aids the recipient.


Formal Letter Writing Examples

Formal Letter Writing Format Example 1 - Appointment Letter

[Company Logo]
[Company Name]
[Company Address]

Dear [Employee’s Full Name],

We are delighted to officially appoint you to the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name]. We were highly impressed with your qualifications, experience, and interview performance, and we believe you will excel in this role.

Appointment Details:
– Job Title: [Job Title]
– Department: [Department]
– Reporting to: [Supervisor/Manager Name]
– Start Date: [Start Date]
– Compensation: [Salary or Compensation Details]

Benefits and Perks:
– [List of Benefits and Perks]

Please report to the [Location/Branch Name] on [Start Date] at [Reporting Time]. This appointment is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the company’s policies, a copy of which will be provided to you for your reference.

We eagerly anticipate your contributions and growth within our organization.

[HR Manager’s Name]
[HR Manager’s Title]
[Contact Information]

Formal Letter Writing Format Example 2 - Promotion Letter

[Company Name]

[Company Address]


Dear [Employee Name],

It is with great pleasure that I inform you of your well-deserved promotion to [Position Title]. Your outstanding performance, dedication, and commitment to our organization have not gone unnoticed, and we are delighted to recognize your hard work with this promotion.

Your new role will involve [Brief Description of New Role and Responsibilities]. We have no doubt that you will excel in this new position, bringing your expertise and enthusiasm to the role and contributing to the continued success of our organization.

Effective [Date of Promotion], you will receive a salary increase of [Amount] in recognition of your new role and increased responsibilities. You will also be eligible for additional benefits, including [Brief Description of Additional Benefits, if applicable].

We understand that this is an exciting but challenging time for you. We want to assure you that we are committed to supporting you in your new role and providing you with the necessary resources to succeed. We have every confidence that you will rise to the challenge and deliver excellent results in your new position.

Please acknowledge your acceptance of this promotion in writing by [Date]. If you have any questions or concerns about your new role, please do not hesitate to contact me or [Name of Manager or HR Contact].

Congratulations once again on your well-deserved promotion. We look forward to your continued success and contributions to our organization.


[Your Name]

[Company Name]

Formal Letter Writing Format Example 3 - Resignation Letter

23rd September, 2023

Mr. Arun [CEO of XYZ Company],

Please accept this letter as formal notification that I am resigning from my position as a developer with XYZ. My last day will be 10th October 2023.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work in this position. I’ve greatly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunities and I’ve learned [a few specific things you’ve learned on the job], all of which I will take with me throughout my career.

During my last two weeks, I’ll do everything possible to wrap up my duties and train other team members. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help during the transition.

I wish the company continued success, and I hope to stay in touch in the future.




Formal Letter Writing Format Example 4 - Business Letter

7, Lakshaya Apartment, Gandhi Road, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu
July 30, 2023

Mr. Paulraj,

SD Apartments

74, FG Street

Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.

Dear Mr. Paul:
Hope you're doing well. I'm Kumar, Director of Marketing at BBDFG Airlines, and I wanted to share some marketing ideas with you that could benefit both of our companies.
Whenever our flight crews fly into the Coimbatore area, they overwhelmingly prefer staying at the NJU Villa, but there is often no vacancy. If the NJU Villa were to permanently reserve a block of rooms for our crew members, we'd be happy to promote the NJU Villa in our in-flight magazine at a significant discount.

To demonstrate what a BBDFG Airlines and NJU Villa partnership could look like, I've enclosed three sample ads created by our graphic design team. These samples should prove that we're eager to highlight the NJU Villa for the millions of passengers we serve each year. If you'd like to discuss this in further detail, I can be reached at [Mobile number], or at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.

LarryDirector of Marketing, BBDFG Airlines
Enclosures: Three samples of print advertisements.


How To Write A Formal Letter To Principal?

Have a look at the examples of formal letters provided below for your reference.

Formal Letter To Principal From Student 1

The Headmistress

MMMM Girls High School

Chennai – 110096

25th September, 2023


Subject: Seeking permission to attend a family function


Respected Ma’am,

I am writing to seek your permission for me to attend a family function on the 29th of September at Bangalore. I would require a leave of three days (from 29.9.2023 to 1.10.2023). I have taken permission from my Class Teacher, and I will ensure that I keep myself informed about the daily lessons and complete everything up-to-date when I am back. Kindly consider my request and grant me permission.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,


Class X A

Roll No. 45

Formal Letter To Principal From Student 2

The Principal

BBBB Public School




Subject: Requesting one week’s leave


Respected Ma’am,

This is to inform you that my mother is seriously ill and I am required to stay with her as there is no one else to take care of her. She is required to be taken to the hospital every now and then and needs constant support as doctors have advised complete bed rest. So, I request you to kindly allow me a week’s leave, starting today, 29/09/2023 to 5/10/2023.

My friends have assured me to bring every day’s notes, and I will submit all my work through them. My Class Teacher is also very supportive. She has promised to send me audio recordings of classes so that I would not miss out on anything during this period. With everyone’s support, I am sure I can get through this difficult phase.

Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.

Yours faithfully,


Student of Class XI A

Roll No. 34

Formal Letter Writing Topics

Formal letter writing questions expected in the upcoming exams are curated and provided as formal letter writing topics in the table below.

S.No Formal Letter Writing Topics
1 Write an essay on Technological advancement during COVID-19
2 Describe briefly the Causes and impacts of unemployment
3 What will be the impacts of climatic changes on weather events?
4 What should be the role of RBI in controlling inflation?
5 Why do Indian students prefer to pursue higher education abroad, especially in medicine?
6 Describe “Self-Reliant India”
7 How to overcome food insecurity in the country?
8 Importance of foreign policy for growth in all sectors
9 Describe the language policy in the National Education System
10 Brief detail about 5G technology. Why is it being called advanced?
11 Describe the role of social networks in creating awareness of government schemes
12 Positive and negative impacts of waiving loan given to farmers 
13 How do develop savings habits among children? Who plays an important role
14 Government privatization plan and discuss the disinvestment process 
15 Give brief details about the renewable energy revolution 
16 Describe the urbanization plan of India and how it helps employment growth
17 Why primary school dropout ratio has been increasing in the country?
18 Describe some points on MSME growth and mention the schemes related to the development of the economy 
19 Write an essay about raising inequality among all communities. How it impacts the society
20 Write an essay about various pollution and its causes. Mention some impacts of it
21 What is a pension scheme? Differentiate the terms of the Old pension system and the National pension scheme.
22 Describe some points on automation and how it impacts employment, especially in the banking sector.
23 Providing awards and recognition will improve performance in all sectors.
24 Describe some points on India’s healthcare system and schemes implemented for women and child welfare 
25 Write an essay about the reservation policy in India and how it supports underdeveloped communities
26 Write an essay about India’s biosphere reserves and how they can be increased
27 How to be vigilant on online fraudulent transactions in digital Banking.
28 Is Announcing freebies welfare for political parties or people? How it reacts. 
29 Describe One Nation One ration card scheme under the National Food Security Act
30 How to develop rural infrastructure to improve the livelihoods of rural people?



Do's And Dont's Of Formal Letter Writing

Do's: Formal Letter Writing Format

  • Make your letter's goal clear; it should be straightforward and focused.
  • Your letter should be left-justified.
  • In your letter, a single space and a space between each paragraph are required.
  • Examples of plain typefaces are Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, and Verdana. The font size ought to be 10 or 12.
  • Leave a blank line between the salutation and the closing.
  • Business letters should always be produced on white bond paper as opposed to colorful paper or personal stationery.
  • If you're writing an email letter, follow these instructions for what to include and how to format your signature.
  • After you've finished writing your letter, always proofread it for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Don't's: Formal Letter Writing Format

Here are the common mistakes in formal letter writing that should be avoided.

  • Make sure to adhere to the right formal letter format. This comprises a suitable headline, salutation, body, conclusion, and signature.
  • Make sure the goal of your communication is stated in full. Be specific in what you want to say or what you are asking for.
  • Check your letter carefully for any spelling or grammar mistakes before sending it. Use the appropriate punctuation and capitalization.
  • Avoid employing slang or informal language in formal correspondence. Be respectful and professional in your tone.
  • Double-check that the recipient of your letter has the correct name and address. This will guarantee that your mail gets to the correct person.
  • Keep your letter brief and crisp. Don't blather on or provide unnecessary details.
  • Make sure your letter is understandable and clear. Avoid using technical phrases unless absolutely required and speak plainly.
  • If you expect a response to your letter, make sure to follow up if you don't get one in a timely manner.
  • You may write a formal letter that is both effective and professional by keeping these most common errors to a minimum.

FAQs - Formal Letter Writing Format

Q. What is a formal letter?

A formal letter is one that uses formal language and is written in a formal style. Such letters are not addressed to private individuals, such as friends or family members, but rather to authorities, dignitaries, coworkers, and seniors for official objectives. Writing formal letters requires adherence to a variety of conventions.

Q. What are the types of formal letters?

The types of formal letters are Recovery Letter, Resignation Letter, Order Letter, Promotion Letter, Job offer letter, Complaint letter, Business letter, Appointment letter, Leave application for Marriage/ Sick/ maternity, Letter of Enquiry, Sales Letter, etc.,

Q. What is the formal letter writing format?

The sender's address, the date, the recipient's address, the subject, the salutation, the content of the letter, a complimenting ending, and finally the signature with name (in block letters) and designation should all be included in a professional letter.

Q. How To Write A Formal Letter?

Make sure you are familiar with the format of a formal letter before you begin writing one. Include all the information required to understand the topic under discussion. Be sure to speak in plain, basic words. Make sure the recipient is aware of both your expectations and your needs. Always be truthful.

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