Informal Letter Writing Format In English PDF: Samples, Topics, Types With Examples

Informal Letter Writing Format: An informal letter is a non-formal, private letter that is often written to notify friends and family about the happenings in your life and to share important personal information. To convey your feelings or thoughts, you can write about whatever you like in the form of an informal letter. Although it is informal, there is a particular format in which to write your expression. Aspirants in search of informal letter in English, informal letter topics, what is an informal letter, informal letter to a friend, informal letter example, informal letter sample, informal letter questions, informal letter in Hindi, etc., can refer to the details given below. People can express themselves in a variety of ways through letter writing. Since each letter is written in the author's own handwriting, it still has a personal feel. As the name implies, informal letters are prepared without regard to any norms or guidelines. There is no mandated structure or pattern. They are frequently private letters where one can express their feelings. In this article, we'll look at a number of informal letter writing format and informal letter examples in detail.

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What Is Informal Letter / Informal Letter Meaning

Informal Letter Meaning: Informal letters are personal communication messages you share with friends and relatives. Through an informal letter to a friend, you can share news about your life and express your sympathies. An informal letter is typically addressed to a member of the family, a close friend, or a close acquaintance. In an informal letter, the wording is informal and personal.

How To Write An Informal Letter In English?

Informal Letter In English: Literally, everything you wish to express through writing is good. Informal letters can be written to your friend about holidays, trips you enjoyed, life happenings, etc. Therefore, based on your relationship and the connection you have with the sender, the writing involved will be brief, straightforward, and friendly. When writing an informal letter, you can be as personal as you like.


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Informal Letter Writing Format

Informal Letter Writing Format In English: The main things that should be present while writing an informal letter are the Address of the sender, Date, Greetings, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Signature. Here is the informal letter writing format provided for the reference of the candidates appearing for the examination.

Date: ___/____/____.Place: _____.


My dear_____,

Hi/hello/how are you……..?

Address on the envelope






Informal Letter Writing Format In English: Essentials

Address: Having a suitable address is the first thing that should be written on every letter. The recipient's address and the receiver's address must both be included. The address is typically typed at the top left corner of the page. The address must be precise, thorough, and succinct. Even when writing to close friends or family members, the address must be included so the recipient can easily respond to the letter if the recipient so chooses. Do not forget to include the name of your nation and your Pincode in the address if the recipient of the letter is in another country.

Date: The letter should include the date on which it was written. This gives the informal letter's reader a way to identify the date it was written. The letter's contents, as well as its time and date, become more relatable to him.

Greetings: The way you greet someone whether they come to see you or when you go to visit them is the same. A salutation should always be included at the beginning of the letter. Now, the salutation should be tailored to the recipient of the letter. If you are writing to an elderly person, your greetings should be courteous; but, if you are writing to a friend, you may use a more informal greeting.

Intro Para: All sorts of letter writing must begin with an introduction paragraph. Typically, you reassure the reader in this paragraph by inquiring about their family's health. You could start by inquiring about the recipient's well-being. You might also write that you hope the letter finds the recipient healthy and happy. When they receive the letter, you also hope to find them, as well as their family, in excellent health.

Body/Content: On the subjects covered in the letter, you can go into more detail. You can casually update them on the most recent events that have occurred since you last wrote the letter. You can also inquire about the health of other members of your family and bring up other topics. The overall tone of the letter should be cordial. However, you must modify your language and wording depending on the recipient of the letter. With a friend, you may get away with using pretty informal language. However, if you are writing to an elderly relative, you must be very polite and use meaningful language. Recalling how you converse with the recipient in a conversation might help you gauge the quality of your letter. Apply the same verb tenses and feelings when drafting the letter.

Conclusion: This is how the letter comes to a finish. You conclude the letter by wishing them luck. You might say in your letter that you hope to see them soon enough and have a thorough discussion. while providing a letter summary. Bid the reader farewell in thoughtful and admirable remarks. Don't forget to ask the reader to respond to your letter in writing; this demonstrates that you want the conversation to continue.

Signature: In informal letters, the signature is not designated by any particular words. It depends on the connection between the writer and the recipient.

Types Of Informal Letter Writing Topics

Informal letters can address variety of topics. Have a look at a few of the important informal letter writing topics given below.

  • Informal letter to a friend about holiday.
  • inviting a friend to a gathering, like a birthday party.
  • arranging a trip.
  • expressing regret or requesting pardon from a person for your mistakes.
  • expressing appreciation to a friend for a job well done or other achievement.
  • To inquire about someone's health.
  • a request for a wedding.
  • requesting help from someone.
  • sharing the news of a death with family or friends.

There may be a number of other justifications for writing an informal letter in addition to the ones already mentioned.

Informal Letter Sample

To help you better understandlet's look at some informal letter format examples.

Informal Letter Writing Format Sample 1 - Congratulating a Friend

96, Gandhi Street, Salem.

September 27, 2023

Dear Abi,

I am so excited to know that you have topped your board examinations. It's been a long time since we met. I wish I could congratulate you in person.

Your result has proved how much effort, hard work, and dedication you have given to your exams. I am not shocked by this news because I have known since we were in class 2. You have always been a sincere and hardworking girl. I knew that you are a bit nervous but then I was sure that you will score brilliantly. The only thing I regret is that I couldn't be there with you at the celebration party because I was having my exams then.

Hope to meet you as soon as possible. May parents and grandparents have congratulated you on your success!

With lots of love,
Yours lovingly,


Informal Letter Writing Format Sample 2 - Inviting a Friend To Spend a Vacation Together

100, Abinaya Apartment,
Lakshmi Avenue, Chennai - 26

September 23, 2023

Dear Clara,

It's been a long time since we met. How are you? I hope you are doing well? I hope this letter finds you in good health.

As you know that summer vacation has already started, I was thinking of spending the vacations together in Mumbai. I want you to take you out on the city tour as well as introduce my friends and family to you. I would love to go out and have street food with you. We can enjoy some time near Marine Drive.

I am just excited at the thought of me and you spending the vacations together. I just hope that you share your response with me and let me know if it possible for you to come to my place.

With lots of love,
Yours lovingly,


Informal Letter Writing Format Sample 3 - Letter to a Friend for a Speedy Recovery

106, Navi Apartment, Park Avenue, Coimbatore - 26

September 27, 2023

Dear Rithul,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Last week I got to know about your accident and I was highly depressed.

Thank God that he saved you from something very serious. Everything is going to be ok. I had a word with the doctor yesterday and he told me that there is nothing to worry about for the time being. Just a few more days in the hospital and you will be back home! I also had a talk with your mom and she was very upset with whatever has happened. But now she is happy that you are recovering.

I have good news for you. Your family and friends including me have decided to celebrate once you come back. My brother and other family members are also praying for your speedy recovery. Hope to see you soon and in good health!

Lots of Love,
Yours truly,


Informal Letter Writing Format Sample 4 - Letter of Appreciation

62, B - block, Nehru Road, Namakkal -19

September 27, 2023

Dear Aarthi,

How are you doing? I hope all is well. I just read the novel which you wrote last week in Kolkata. How can someone write so beautifully? Amazing! My father has also appreciated your work and has asked me to tell you that you are doing an incredible job.

I really appreciate the words that you have used and the tone. The best part of your novel is that your work is absolutely real and derived from real-life experiences. It shows your writing skills and how much effort you have given to your writings. You have done absolute justice and I am proud of the way you have handled it.

Ratula, it has been two years since we have drifted apart because of our higher studies and career. I hope to meet you soon. Go ahead! The sky is the limit!

With best wishes,
Yours lovingly,


Informal Letter Writing Format Sample 5 - Apologizing to a Friend

28, VOC road, Erode - 24

September 27, 2023

Dear Ritul,

I hope you are doing well. I know you are angry with me about what has happened at your birthday party. I wish to apologize and I want you to forgive me. I don't our friendship to spoil.

I know whatever has happened was not right. The thing is I was not in a mood that day. My exams were not good and my mother really scolded me. I shouldn't have behaved with you like that. I promise not to behave like that the next time. I am really sorry about what I said.

Hope you pardon me for my mistakes. Let's meet if possible! Eagerly waiting for your response!

With love,
Yours truly,


Informal Letter To A Friend

Informal Letter To Friend 1

Dear Krish,

I hope you’re doing fine. Are you excited about the summer break? Thank you for your last letter. It’s always lovely to hear about what’s going on back home.

I’m writing to you to invite you to come to visit me during the holidays. If the weather is terrible, we could go to the art and history museums. We could even spend the day at the park, or walk around the shopping center. My friends would also love to hang out with you more. We could go to that café you like or take a day trip to the beach.

It would be great to spend a few weeks with you here in the city. We’d have a lot of fun! I know how much you love the city, and if you stay with me in my apartment, it won’t cost you much.

Let me know your thoughts. If you decide to come, we can start making plans for what we’ll do while you’re here.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I hope to see you soon.

With best wishes,



Informal Letter To Your Friend 2

To, _____________ (Name of the Friend), _____________ (Address)

Date: __ /__ /____ (DD/MM/YYYY)

From, ______________ (Name), ______________ (Address)

Dear __________ (Name of the Friend),

I hope this letter finds you in good health. First, I’d like to ask how you’re doing. I’m doing well here, both in school and in life.

I’m writing this letter to tell you about something that happened recently. I went on vacation for the first time in a long time and had a great time. You already know that I have a tight and busy schedule at the hostel because I’m in charge of everything. Having a part-time job makes it even more tiring. But I chose to stop everything for a while.

So, we all went to (travel destination), and we took a (bus, car, train, or airplane) to get there. I want to tell you that it was gorgeous and worth a shot. We were all with a group of my other friends from school, college, or the hostel. The place was beautiful and took away all the stress from work. We also went on some rides, which were exciting and interesting. The total amount we had to pay for the trip was less than, so it was well-planned and well-executed. If you want to go to _ ____ for a vacation, it’s not too expensive and seems to be a good place.

We had no trouble getting a place to stay, and the food there was great. I hope you’ll come over soon, so we can go out and have a great time together.

Waiting to hear from you,

Until then, take care.


Informal Letter To A Friend About Holiday 3

Dearest Priya,

Hope you and your family are in good health. 

Last weekend, my family and many of my father’s friend’s family went for a two-day holiday trip to Ooty. We took of from our place around 8 am in the morning and reached Ooty by in the noon. The weather was so cool that it was a great relief from the scorching sun. After having lunch, we went to the botanical garden. We saw many plants species and beautiful flowers there. The next day, we went to the Ooty lake for boating. Our next destination was a flea market where we could do some shopping. We then went to a tea factory where we can watch the process of transforming tea leaves into tea powder and can also buy the tea from there. We then headed back to our home. It was a memorable trip.



Difference Between Formal And Informal Letter

Informal letters address the recipient in a more personal way than formal letters do. The main difference between formal and informal letters is this. Other differences include:

Difference Between Formal And Informal Letters


Formal Letter

Informal Letter




Conversational and Friendly



Respectful and courteous

Casual and Familiar



Sir, ma’am, name of the company

Hi [First Name], / Hello [First Name], Friend, name of the receiver



Dear Sir/Madam,

Hey, / Hi, / Hello,



Introduce yourself and your purpose

Start with a personal greeting and small talk



Clearly structured paragraphs

May include anecdotes, personal experiences



The proper subject should be there

No need for a subject



Formal and sophisticated words

Informal and everyday language


Sentence length

Longer sentences with complex structure

Shorter sentences, simpler structure


Letter Length

Short and to the point

Very detailed and long



Sincerely, / Yours faithfully, / Best regards

Regards, / Best wishes, / Take care,



Organisations and Formal Institutions

Close friends, Relatives



Full name and designation (if applicable)

First name or nickname


Informal Letter Writing Format: Important Things To Note

  • If the letter is a response to an earlier letter, make sure to state so at the start.
  • Make careful to include the sender's address at the outset of any informal correspondence you write.
  • In a casual letter, avoid writing a subject because the objective is to learn about the recipient's health or to share joys and sorrows rather than for a specific purpose.
  • Make wishes for the elderly and express your love for the family's children.
  • Ask and tell how you are doing in life.
  • The final sentence of the body does state that the recipient's answer is crucial and eagerly anticipated.
  • The sentences should be well-structured to prevent misunderstandings.
  • If you're writing something that has to be confidential or requires.

FAQs - Informal Letter Writing Format In English

Q. What is an informal letter?

Informal letters are personal communication messages you share with friends and relatives. Through an informal letter to a friend, you can share news about your life and express your sympathies. An informal letter is typically addressed to a member of the family, a close friend, or a close acquaintance. In an informal letter, the wording is informal and personal.

Q. How to write an informal letter in English?

The main things that should be present while writing an informal letter are the Address of the sender, Date, Greetings, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Signature.

Q. Do we formally sign the informal letter?

In an informal letter, signing is not required. It is optional, and depending on your decision, you may or may not do it.

Q. Where can I find the informal letter samples with examples?

Here in this article, we have added the complete details of the informal letter with the samples and examples for better understanding.

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