Zero Discrimination Day 2022: March 1 | History, Theme, Significance, and Quotes

Zero Discrimination Day 2022: Zero discrimination day 2022 is celebrated on March 1st, 2022. It is on March 1st every year and it is universal in nature. On Zero Discrimination day 2022, we celebrate the right of the people to live a full and protective life that is to live a life with dignity. Zero Discrimination Day 2022 helps to create a global movement of solidarity to end all forms of discrimination. The United Nations (UN) and other international organizations are responsible for the Zero Discrimination day. This day aims to promote equalities before the law and in practice and to bring peace to the members of some countries in the UN.


The UN and other organizations promote Zero discrimination regardless of age, sexuality, skin color, gender, nationality, height, weight, profession, education, and beliefs. Many countries have laws against discrimination problems in the society of every country. Many countries have and use discrimination as a power in the way of governing. Zero discrimination day is the world’s observance, not a public holiday though. The butterfly is the symbol of zero discrimination day which is widely used by people to share stories and photos as a way to end discrimination and work towards positive transformation


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Zero Discrimination Day 2022: History 

Zero Discrimination Day was first celebrated and observed on March 1st, 2014. Zero Discrimination Day was launched by UNAIDS. The executive director of UNAIDS Michel Sidibe started it on 23rd December of 2013 with the major event in Beijing. This day is noted by the organizations that combat discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. UNAIDS is the organization that conducts programs on HIV/AIDS awareness and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. The main motive to establish this day was to work with discrimination against the people who were affected by HIV/AIDS and also bring equality among the person all over the world in every prospect because we have equal rights.


Zero Discrimination Day 2022: Theme

The theme of Zero Discrimination Day 2022 concentrates on “Zero discrimination against Women and Girls”. Throughout the world, usually women and girls face discrimination in every sector. This year the main focus is to hold a program to prevent Women and girls discrimination and prevent problems with the empowerment of women and girls and promote awareness and equality between sex and all genders. It promotes taking action against the violence and injustice towards most women and girls all over the world. Gender inequality affects everyone’s health and well-being. The most of the countries, laws are enacted to women’s basic rights and to protect them against harm and unequal treatment.   


Zero Discrimination Day 2022: Significance

Zero Discrimination Day aims to promote inclusion, compassion, and peace and it is a movement for change. It highlights the urgent need to take action to end the inequalities surrounding income, sex, age, Health status, Occupation, disability, sexual orientation, drug use, gender identity, race, class, ethnicity, and religion that continue to persist. The objective of Zero Discrimination Day is to achieve dignity by safeguarding the rights of people through good political, economic, and social policies. At the same time, there is also an urgent need to pay attention to the needs of disadvantaged communities.


Zero Discrimination Day 2022: Quotes

  • Nobody is born to hate, they have been taught to hate all their life. So if they can learn to hate, let's teach them to love on this zero discrimination day.
  • We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender, and other discrimination
  • If it helps one life at a time then it is our duty as humans to destroy the power of discrimination from this world. Wish you a delightful Zero Discrimination Day.
  • Liberty is the most individually treasured aspect one can have but the power of discrimination doesn’t believe in it.


Zero Discrimination Day 2022: FAQs

Q. What is the symbol of zero discrimination?

The butterfly is the symbol of zero discrimination day which is widely used by people to share stories and photos as a way to end discrimination and work towards positive transformation.


Q. Why do we celebrate Zero Discrimination Day?

Zero Discrimination Day is an annual day celebrated on 1 March each year by the United Nations (UN) and other international organizations. The day aims to promote equality before the law and in practice throughout all of the member countries of the UN.


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