World Savings Day 2023 Theme and History: 31st October  

World Savings Day 2023 Theme and History: Candidates preparing for the Competitive exams should know about World Savings Day 2023. Savings are not only essential for the Country but also essential for individuals. World Savings Day 2023 is celebrated to focus on the importance of money savings by individuals for the future. World Savings Day 2023 is observed on the 31st of October. But in India, it is observed on 30th October. World Savings Day 2023 is also called World Thrift Day 2023. Banks also announce the rate of interest for the money saved in Fixed Deposit which encourages individuals to open savings accounts in the banks to manage their financial crises in the future. The World Savings Day 2023 theme will be released to motivate individuals and to promote campaigns in small villages to create awareness of money savings. Every Year the Theme will be set to fix a goal and work towards it to achieve the target. World Savings Day 2023 means a day of promoting the importance of savings for the future. This article will help you to know a detailed explanation of World Savings Day History, World Savings Day 2023 Theme, World Savings Day 2023 Significance, World Savings Day 2023 quotes, and some important FAQs related to World Savings Day 2023. To know about other national and International days click on the link below.

Important Days in October 2023

World Savings Day 2023

Check the World Savings Day 2023 date below:

  • World Savings Day 2023 is observed on the 31st of October 2023. (30th October in India)

World Savings Day History

World Savings Day, also called World Thrift Day, was first established in the year 1924 during the first International Savings Bank Congress. The Congress started on October 24. On the last day of Congress exactly on October 30, the Congress decided to celebrate World Savings Day every year to insist on the importance of saving money and also to insist on the method of saving money through banks and other modes. However, the Establishment lost its importance after the First World War. Then later the Day gained importance after the Second World War. The Congress decided to promote the agenda in Schools, Colleges, and Private and Government Offices too. The Day is officially celebrated on October 31st every year. But in India, it is celebrated on October 30 since the former Prime Minister Mrs. Indhra Gandhi died on October 31st.  Hence in precise World Savings Day is one of the Oldest Days celebrated across the globe. Candidates should view this page and check out the history of this day before appearing for Competitive exams.

World Savings Day 2023 Theme

The World Savings Day 2023 theme set up by the International Savings Bank Congress is "Conquer your Tomorrow" through savings!

World Savings Day 2023 Significance

World Savings Day has gained more importance in the recent past and it promotes the importance of saving money through different modes.

  •  On World Savings Day a new campaign, awareness program, and quiz competition will be conducted among the students to encourage saving money. Money can be saved in different modes
  • Children are taught to save small funds by encouraging them to save money in small savings boxes or piggery pots. It will attract them and they will develop the habit of saving.
  • Poster Making competition is conducted at different spots to encourage the students on the importance of savings. 
  • Schools and colleges will conduct quiz programs, awareness programs and Poster making competitions to make sure that they develop the habit of saving money.
  • Several campaigns and promotional activities are conducted by banks
  • Financial organizations promote new plans and schemes with their clients to increase the percentage of saving money.

World Savings Day 2023 Quotes

  • Always Save A Certain Amount Of Money In Your Hands For Your Tomorrow And You Will Never Regret…
  • It Is Good To Buy What You Like Now For Yourself But It Is Even Better To Save For Yourself When You Can.
  • Savings That You Make Today Never Go Waste Because They Do Help You In Times Of Need…
  • Smallest Of The Savings Made Today Have The Power To Give You A Better Future…
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World Savings Day 2023 FAQs

Q: When is World Savings Day 2023 observed?

A:  World Savings Day 2023 is observed on the 31st of October 2023 (30th October in India).

Q: What is the World Savings Day 2023 Theme set up by the International Savings Bank Congress?

A: The World Savings Day 2023 theme set up by the International Savings Bank Congress is yet to be announced.

Q: When was the First International Savings Bank Congress held?

A: First International Savings Bank Congress held on October 24, 1924.

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