World Physical Therapy Day 2022 : September 8 - History, Theme, Significance, Quotes

World Physical Therapy Day 2022: World physical therapy day got recognized by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy in the year of 1996. Since 1996, Every year 8th of September is observed as World Physical Therapy Day.  This day is celebrated on the 8th of September because in 1951 on this date World Physical therapy was founded. This day represents the unity of the global physiotherapy community. Physiotherapy helps people who are affected by illness, disability or injury by doing some physical exercises. Physiotherapy handles and cures our diseases and conditions. It may cure back pain, Alzheimer’s disease, balance disorders, asthma, wounds, and some other illnesses too. The process of physiotherapy depends upon the conditions of the patients. Physical Therapists help us to treat an injury or deformity and educate their patients about health behaviours. Physical Therapy helps people to maintain proper health. 

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World Physical Therapy Day 2022: History

  • In ancient times, the first report of physical therapy comes from Hippocrates. From then physiotherapy has progressed from a simple massage to a complex portfolio of therapies with a worldwide range. 
  • In 1813, the Father of Swedish Gymnastics (Per Henrik Ling) constructed the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics(RCIG) to produce medical benefits for the athlete. 
  • Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare granted physical therapists official registration in 1887. 
  • In India, physiotherapy was first started in the year of 1952. The first physiotherapy centre was started in Mumbai with the support of the Government and the support of the  World Health Organisation(WHO). 

World Physical Therapy Day 2022 Theme:

  • World Physical therapy day was celebrated with a special theme. World Physical Therapy Day 2022 theme will focus on Osteoarthritis.

World Physical Therapy Day 2022: Significance

  • Physical therapists help people to recover from an injury and improve and maintain the maximum movements of the body through physical therapy.
  • Physical therapy helps in recovering pain from trauma and stroke and supports pain management.
  • World physical therapy day is celebrated in order to say thank you to our physical therapists.
  • World Physical Therapy day is observed to create awareness about keeping our health conditions better with the help of some exercises.

World Physical Therapy Day Quotes 2022:

  • “I chose PT because I wanted to fuse my love of science and biomechanics with the ability to be on the frontlines of hands-on patient care”
  • “Each body is different. Therefore, each rehabilitation must be different”

World Physical Therapy Day 2022: FAQS

Q: When is world physical therapy day observed?

A: World Physical Therapy  Day is observed on the 8th of September of every year.

Q: Where was the first physiotherapy centre started in India?

A: In India, The first physiotherapy centre was started in Mumbai.

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