World Kindness Day 2022 Theme and History: 13th November

World Kindness Day 2022: Candidates preparing for the competitive exams should know about Important days in November. World Kindness Day 2022 is one of the important days in November because of the content it spreads to the world. World Kindness Day 2022 is observed on 13th November. This day is not celebrated by the UN. But it is celebrated by many small organizations around the world. India also celebrates World Kindness Day 2022. The aim of this celebration is to spread kindness among the people. Kindness brings value to humans. Humans spread love in the form of kindness. On this day many awareness programs will be conducted in order to make people understand Kindness is a basic quality human beings should poses. Kindness helps to reduce conflicts between Countries and Nations. World Kindness Day 2022 theme will be updated on this page. Students read the theme while preparing for Competitive exams. To know about other Important days in November please click the link below.

Important Days in November 2022

World Kindness Day 2022

Check the World Kindness Day 2022 date below:

  • World Kindness Day 2022 is observed on the 13th of November 2022.


World Kindness Day History

  • World Kindness Day is celebrated by nearly 27 countries around the world. But yet the UN has not officially celebrated this day. Some of the countries which celebrate World Kindness Day are India, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Japan, Italy, etc.
  • World Kindness day was first celebrated in 1998 at the Tokyo Conference.
  • World Kindness Day Movement has been started which helped to bring small Organizations together for the World Kindness day Celebration. Now it helped to conduct a mega event to promote Kindness globally.
  • Now It turned into a WorldWide Movement which helped to spread Kindness quicker because kindness among people will help[ to reduce conflict between Nations.  


World Kindness Day 2022 Theme

World Kindness Day 2022 Theme set up for this year isBe Kind Whenever Possible”. Students, please refer World Kindness Day 2022 theme page to know about this year's theme. It will be helpful for Competitive Exams preparation.


World Kindness Day 2022 Significance

Let us see about World Kindness Day 2022 significance in detail.

  • The world suffered a lot during Corona pandemic period in 2020. Not only the vaccine which saved us and also the act of kindness by the Doctors, Nurses,s and Support staff who saved many lives during the Pandemic. It's their unconditional love that saved a lot of lives.
  • During the Chennai floods the act of kindness by a lot of Youngsters saved a lot of lives.
  • Due to the flooding lot of people didn't able to get their basic requirements. A lot of Volunteers risked their life and arranged food facilities for their nearby people.
  • Kindness reduces conflicts between nations and people.
  • World Kindness Day 2022 is celebrated to create awareness about the act of kindness and to show that Kindness will bring changes to Society.


World Kindness Day 2022 FAQs

Q: When is World Kindness Day 2022 observed?

A: World Kindness Day 2022 is observed on 13th November.

Q: What is the World Kindness Day 2022 Theme?

A: World Kindness Day 2022 Theme is  “Be Kind Whenever Possible”

Q: When was World Kindness Day first celebrated?

A: World Kindness Day was first celebrated on 13th November 1998.

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