National Solidarity Day 2022 Theme and History: 20th October

National Solidarity Day 2022 Theme and History: In the introduction we will briefly talk about the National Solidarity Day 2022. Also we will see why National Solidarity day 2022 is celebrated and what is the history behind National Solidarity Day. Students should also be aware of the year of formation of this day and who and all played a key role in forming the National Solidarity day. Students should remember each and every National and International day formed for a purpose and the themes will be changed year by year. So while preparing  the students should be in update with National Solidarity Day 2022 theme.  Also the content will guide on the importance of the day and also in what ways it will be helpful in clearing competitive Exams. We will guide you about this and we will provide links for all important days in the Calendar Year covering National and International days all in detail.

Important Days in October 2022

National Solidarity Day 2022

On 20th October, National Solidarity day 202 is observed.

National Solidarity Day History

War took place between India and China in 1962. It was called the Indo-China War 1962.  The war took place for the Kashmir border issue and the war started on 20th October 1962. The war took place for one Month and it finally ended in 21st November 1962. In that War India lost to China and many Indian soldiers has been captured .So India Finally China occupied some parts in kashmir which was named as COK - China Occupied Kashmir. A treaty has been signed that India will not enter into COK and it belongs to China. This is the War Summary.

In 1966, India was under the Prime Minister of Indira Gandhi. A Committee Constituting Prime Minister Indira Gandhi decided to dedicate 20th October as “National Solidarity Day” for the war remembrance , for honouring the Soldiers participated in the war and for honouring the soldier’s family who sacrificed their life in the war. After that National Solidarity Day is observed yearly to honour the Armed Forces.

National Solidarity Day 2022 Theme

In exams, you can get questions on the National Solidarity Day 2022 theme. For this year, the National Solidarity Day 2022  theme has not been announced yet. After the official announcement, we will update the theme on this space.

National Solidarity Day 2022 Significance

This day serves for the war bravery, honouring the War soldier’s family and for honouring the defence armed forces in Military, Navy and Air soldiers. It’s our duty to stand for the nation and salute and honour on this National Solidarity Day for our Soldiers who protect our country and Ourselves.  

All countries may not celebrate National Solidarity Day for the same reason. Some countries will celebrate their political success and for some important political decisions.  Some countries will celebrate National Solidarity day for their Military success and also honour the death of their soldiers in a particular war. The countries will change the theme for National Solidarity Day yearly. India celebrated for Military Purposes. We have come to the conclusion of the topic and we have seen in brief regarding National Solidarity Day 2022. Students preparing for the Ibps exams should definitely know about this Most Important Day, 20th October and also should know about all the National and International Day and Dates for their preparation for Ibps exams.

National Solidarity Day Quotes:

“Climate change does not respect borders; it does not respect who you are - rich and poor, small and big. Therefore, this is what we call 'global challenges,' which require global solidarity”, said by Ban Ki-moon

“We must stand together united in solidarity against the targeting, demonization, and vilification of any group of people”,said by Linda Sarsour 

“Collective action remains the best way of renewing the march towards the great trinity of liberty, equality, and solidarity”, said Guy Standing.

National Solidarity Day 2022 FAQs:

Q: On which date, is National Solidarity day 2022 observed?

A: On 20th October, National Solidarity day 2022 is observed.

Q:  After which war, The National Solidarity day has been observed?

A:  After the Indo-China war,1962 National solidarity day has been observed.

Q: Who was the Prime Minister of India who was on the committee of forming National Solidarity Day? 

A: Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister at that time who formed the committee.

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