National Post Day 2023 Theme and History: October 10

National Post Day 2023: Aspirants can check the details of the National Post Day 2023 theme, history, and more on this page. Candidates who are preparing for a variety of competitive tests should carefully review the list of significant dates. The date of National Post Day 2023 is October 10. The theme, history, and other aspects of National Post Day in India 2023 may be covered in questions of various competitive exams. You should be especially mindful of the National Postal Day 2023 Theme. To learn more about the history of National Post Day 2023, see this website. This article will help you to know a detailed explanation of National Post Day History, National Post Day 2023 Theme, National Post Day 2023 Significance, and some important FAQs related to National Post Day 2023.

List of Important Days in October 2023

National Post Day in India: History

Here is the history of National Post Day India.

  • In 1854, Lord Dalhousie founded the India Post for the first time.
  • Now, the Ministry of Communications is in charge of the Indian Postal System.
  • It is one of the world's most commonly used wide postal systems.
  • In India, there are 9 postal zones and 23 postal circles, along with the army's post office.
  • India's post offices use a PIN Code System that has six digits. PIN, or Postal Index Number, was first introduced on August 15, 1972, by Shriram Bhikaji Velankar.
  • In this every digit has its own significance, the first digit of the PIN code denotes the region, the second digit denotes the sub-region, the third digit denotes the district, and the last three digits denote the post office under which a particular address comes.
  • Now, National Post Day 2023 in India is observed on the 10th of October.


Go through this page to learn more about the National Post Day 2023 theme and significance.

National Post Day 2023 Theme

In competitive exams, you can surely expect the question on the National Postal Day 2023 theme. For this year, the National Post Day 2023 Theme has not been announced yet. If it is announced, we will update the same here.

National Postal Day 2023 Significance

To recognize the important role that the national postal service plays throughout the nation, National Post Day is observed. In Indian history, the founding of the India Post is seen as a revolutionary act. Before, the sole means of contact were through the mail, but as technology developed, so did communication. In contrast to now, when individuals may communicate with one another no matter how far apart they are, people used to only write letters to one another in the past. They provided all the essential supplies during the various pandemic situations while putting their own lives in danger. The purpose of National Post Day is to honor all the people who are employed in this industry. On National Post Day, a number of celebrations are planned to pay tribute to those who work in post offices. Additionally, the individuals should present some fresh, original concepts that will aid in the development of India Post. Honorable Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi established India's Post Payments Bank in 2018 to provide postal banking services (IPPB).

National Post Day 2023 Quotes

  • “Postal services play a great role in the daily life of every human being by making a high level of access to digital communication”.
  • Warm wishes on National Postal Worker Day to all the postal workers who brought us happiness and smiles with each mail they delivered.
  • The job of staying under the sun, delivering letters from one door to another is not easy. We thank you for all the hard work you put in. Happy National Postal Worker Day.
  • To all the postal workers out there, we wish you a very Happy National Postal Worker Day. And we also thank you for doing your job so well.
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National Post Day 2023 FAQs

Check the important FAQs regarding National Post Day 2023.

Q: On which date, was the national post day 2023 observed?

A: National Post Day 2023 is celebrated on the 10th of October.

Q: The PIN code system of India's post office has how many digits?

A: India's post offices use a PIN Code System that has six digits.

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