ITBP Raising Day 2022 Theme and History: 24th October 

ITBP Raising Day 2022: On this page, candidates who are preparing for Competitive Exams can view the facts of ITBP Raising day 2022. ITBP stands for Indo-Tibetian Border Police. This day has been raised to honour the border police force who are bordering INDO-China from Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh at high altitudes for the sake of protecting our Nation. ITBP Raising Day 2022 is observed on 24th October. Candidates can also view the Other Important days on this date by clicking on the link given on this page. Students can get information about ITBP Raising Day 2022 theme, its history and its Significance.ITBP Raising Day is observed after the Indo-China war in 1962 to ensure security in the higher altitude frontier borders and honour the police forces who sacrificed their lives for safeguarding the borders. Since it is a very important day from a defence point of view, a lot of questions will be asked about ITBP Raising Day 2022 in Competitive exams. So Students should view this page completely and patiently to get a better understanding of ITBP Raising Day 2022. Click on the link below to know more about all the important days of this month. 

Important Days in October 2022

ITBP Raising Day 2022

  Check the ITBP Raising Day 2022 date below:

  • ITBP Raising day 2022 is observed on the 24th of October 2022.


 ITBP Raising Day History

The war took place between India and China in 1962 in the Himalayan region which is the highest altitude in the country. Since it is at the highest altitude the weather conditions are worse which will be around 25 degrees Celcius. Due to the Climatic Conditions and also the Chinese army Out- Numbered Indian soldiers, India lost the war. Then in order to protect the nation at a difficult altitude, a special security force formed under CRPF called Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). They Cover the border region from Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh. Nearly 85,000 policemen have been involved in this ITBP. It has been separated into many Battalions. Specially Trained Battalions will be upfront which is called the first line of defence. The Formation of ITBP is called ITBP Raising day. Every Year the ITBP raising day is celebrated to honour the Police forces and to issue medals to the officers who showed bravery and courage in emergency situations.  Every year ITBP manpower has been increased to increase the ITBP's Strength and modernisation has been done for better defence in the border

ITBP Raising Day 2022 Theme

In exams, you can get questions on the ITBP Raising Day 2022 theme. For this year, the ITBP Raising Day 2022  theme has not been announced yet. After the official announcement, we will update the ITBP Raising Day 2022 theme on this Space.

ITBP Raising Day 2022 Significance

There are a lot of ITBP Raising Day 2022 Significances. Students can view the latest ITBP Raising day 2022 significance before appearing for any competitive exams.

  • Home Minister or any other visit the ITBP forward post and a Parade will be organised on the ITBP raising Day 2022 to respect the ministry and to pay tribute to the ITBP soldiers who died in guarding the Nation
  • All frontier Contingents including the women Contingent, Ski Contingent, mounted column, paratroopers, mountaineering and dog squad will be part of the parade. 
  • The Chief guest will brief the bravery and courageous work done by the ITBP force in the past and pay tribute to the ITBP who died in the operation.


Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) celebrates its 60th Raising Day on Sunday

  • 47 new border posts were sanctioned and it is operational.
  • Various Battalions and institutions of the force will be awarded in the ITBP Raising Day 2022.


ITBP Raising Day 2022 FAQs

Q: When is ITBP Raising Day 2022 observed?

A:  ITBP Raising Day 2022 is observed on 24th October.

Q: What is the full form of ITBP Raising day 2022?

A: The full form of ITBP Raising day 2022 is Indo-Tibetian Border Police Raising day 2022.

Q: When was the ITBP raising day formed?

A: ITBP raising day was formed after the Indo-China war in1962.

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