Global Handwashing Day 2023 Theme and History: October 15

Global Handwashing Day 2023 Theme and History: Aspirants are preparing for various competitive exams. In most exams, candidates need to prepare for the important days. Here we have provided the details of the Global Handwashing Day 2023 theme, history, activities, significance, etc. So, candidates can prepare for the exams in an easy manner. In exams, you may have a question on the Global Handwashing Day 2023 date. Global Handwashing Day 2023 is observed on the 15th of October. More importantly, know the Global Handwashing Day 2023 theme. This article will help you to know a detailed explanation of Global Handwashing Day History, Global Handwashing Day 2023 Theme, Global Handwashing Day 2023 Significance, Global Handwashing Day 2023 quotes, and some important FAQs related to Global Handwashing Day 2023. Go through this page for more details about the Global Handwashing Day 2023.

List of Important Days in October 2023

Global Handwashing Day 2023

Check the Global Handwashing Day 2023 date below:

  • Global Handwashing Day 2023 is observed on the 15th of October 2023.


Global Handwashing Day History

The Global Handwashing Partnership established Global Handwashing Day as a chance to develop and put into practice original strategies for inspiring people to wash their hands with soap, particularly in times of need. In 2008, the first Global Handwashing Day was observed. Since then, this national holiday has been used to raise awareness of the importance of having clean hands among both local and national officials and influencers. This is an extremely important message—hand washing is such a basic habit, but it can actually change everything and save lives. Global Handwashing Day keeps expanding. Schools, governments, international organizations, private businesses, civil society groups, and more support it.

Global Handwashing Day 2023 Theme

Here is the Global Handwashing Day 2023 theme.

  • Global Handwashing Day 2023 theme is, “Clean hands are within reach.”


Global Handwashing Day 2023 Significance

The two major causes of death for kids under five are pneumonia and diarrhea. One of the most efficient and affordable ways to prevent these diseases is by washing your hands with soap. By reducing acute respiratory infections and diarrhea by approximately half and one-fourth, respectively, this simple practice can save lives. Handwashing with soap has an impact on education, economics, equity, health, and nutrition as well. Global Handwashing Day 2023 suggests the importance of handwashing.

Global Handwashing Day 2023 Quotes

  • “If I wasn’t writing poems I’d be washing my hands all the time.” - Sherman Alexie
  • “Proper hand-washing with the soap, water, and paper towels, we believe, is the key." - Steve Troxler
  • “I’m a hygiene freak. I’m like obsessive-compulsive when it comes to washing your hands.” - Kelly Clarkson
  • "I've had my fair share of colds, which last longer than they should and can cause wheezing, so I avoid people who are sneezing like the plague and am scrupulous about hygiene and hand-washing." - Kevin McCloud
  • "Practice good personal hygiene. Wash your hands before you eat. Be aware of good clean water and food sources.” - James Wright
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Global Handwashing Day 2023 FAQs

Check the FAQS on the Global Handwashing Day 2023 theme and date.

Q: On which date, was Global Handwashing Day 2023 observed?

A: Global Handwashing Day 2023 is observed on the 15th of October.

Q: Mention the Global Handwashing Day 2023 theme.

A: Global Handwashing Day 2023 theme is, “Clean hands are within reach”.

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