ECGC PO Salary 2024: Probationary Officer Pay Slip After 7th Pay Commission, Perks, In Hand Salary

ECGC PO Salary 2024 in hand: Every year, the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India recruits candidates for the post of Probationary Officer with the ECGC PO exam. ECGC offers lucrative ECGC PO Salary 2024 and this year is no exception. The revised ECGC PO salary in hand 2024 has been released. ECGC PO Salary Slip 2024 comprises several allowances, which makes this post highly competitive. Candidates looking for ECGC PO Salary after 7th pay commission can find complete details here. Check ECGC PO Salary in hand 2024 details too. All details of ECGC PO Salary 2024 including ECGC PO Salary after revision are explained here. Additionally, ECGC PO Job profile and salary, basic pay, and more are provided. Make a note of the ECGC PO salary slip 2024. Go through the complete ECGC PO Salary 2024 along with perks and ECGC PO Salary in hand 2024 now.


ECGC PO Salary In Hand 2024

The ECGC PO Salary 2024 of a Probationary Officer is Rs. 53,600. The ECGC PO Salary 2024 after revisions is quite satisfactory. This ECGC PO Salary after 7th pay commission comprises additional benefits, which are explained below. The ECGC PO Salary in hand 2024 includes various allowances and perks. The ECGC PO Salary after 5 years will be highly rewarding and satisfactory. Keep reading to know the benefits included in the ECGC PO salary after revision. ECGC PO Salary 2024 includes allowances such as DA allowances, Travel allowances, and more. Take a look at the ECGC PO Salary 2024 provided below:

ECGC PO Vacancy

ECGC PO Pay Scale 2024

Rs. 53600-2645(14)-90630-2865(4)-102090

As you can see in the table above, the ECGC PO Salary 2024 starts with Rs. 53,600. This ECGC PO salary 2024 has additional annual increments of Rs. 2,645 for the first 14 years of service in ECGC. However, the allowances contribute a lot increasing the ECGC PO Salary In Hand 2024. Take a look at the ECGC PO Salary Slip 2024 details below.

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ECGC PO Salary Slip 2024

The ECGC PO Salary Slip 2024 speaks of the various elements of pay such as gross pay, allowances, and net pay. ECGC PO Salary Slip 2024 will help candidates know the exact ECGC PO Salary in hand 2024. The ECGC PO Salary 2024 in hand will have the deduction detail as well. The sum of basic pay and allowances will result in the gross ECGC PO Salary 2024. Excluding the deductions from the gross pay will provide the net ECGC PO Salary in hand 2024. Also, the ECGC PO Salary increment follows a timely-based ECGC PO Pay scale 2024, thereby, resulting in lucrative ECGC PO Salary after 5 years.

ECGC PO Mock Test

ECGC PO Salary 2024: Allowances & Perks

The ECGC PO Salary 2024 employee will also be eligible for multiple allowances. As mentioned above, the initial ECGC PO salary after revision is Rs. 53,600, whereas the maximum ECGC PO Salary 2024 is Rs. 1,02,090. The other important details determining the ECGC PO Pay scale 2024 are shared below.

ECGC PO Salary 2024 Allowances


Dearness Allowance (DA)

46.9%-75% of the Basic Pay (Depends on the location of work)

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

7% to 10% of Basic Pay

City Compensatory Allowances (CCA)

3% to 4% Depending on the location

Transport Allowance

Rs. 1330

ECGC PO Previous Year Paper

ECGC PO Salary 2024: Additional Perks

Listed below are some of the additional perks provided to a Probationary officer who will be receiving the attractive ECGC PO Salary in hand 2024. Take a quick look at the table below.

ECGC PO Salary 2024 Categories


Meal vouchers

Rs. 205 per working day

Expenses for Household Help Reimbursement

Rs. 1000 per month

Entertainment Reimbursement

Rs. 800 per month

Mobile Phone Bill Reimbursement

Rs. 400 per month

Newspaper Reimbursement

Rs. 200 per month

Cash Medical Benefit

Rs. 13,300 per year

Mobile Reimbursement

Rs. 10,000 once in three years

Furniture Allowance

Rs. 87500 + GST once in five years

Office Carry Bag Reimbursement

Rs. 3000 once every three years

Travel Allowance

2nd AC fare of 4500 km each to and fro with family every two years / Leave Travel Concession to Hometown for self every year


Total yearly Basic + DA (Dearness Allowance) up to 6% (Maximum)

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage of Rs. 50 Lakhs + Rs. 8 Lakhs (GSLI) + Rs. 10 Lakhs (GTS)

Med claim coverage

Med claim coverage of up to 40 Lakhs for the family. (The candidate has to pay one-fourth of the premium)

Defined Pension Scheme

The Corporation makes an equal contribution of 10% Basic Pay + DA

The corporation pays approximately Rs. 30,000 income tax per year on the candidate’s behalf

Paid Leaves of 30 days every two years redeemed on Basic, DA, CCA

ECGC PO Job Profile & Salary 2024

A candidate, who gets appointed as one of the members mentioned in the ECGC PO vacancy list, will impart the following duties as a Probationary Officer. The ECGC PO Salary 2024 has been revised as per the 7th pay commission and will be quite attractive. Some of the job roles as an ECGC PO are shared below.

  • Perform all administrative tasks
  • Should have strong interpersonal and interaction skills
  • Interact with important customers such as bankers and exporters frequently
  • ECGC PO is responsible for all export transactions
  • Prepare reports on export and business transactions
  • ECGC PO will work for 5 days per week
  • The work pressure is under medium to high
  • Posting of ECGC PO is PAN India
  • ECGC PO will be posted in cities as there are no branches in rural areas
  • Work at a location for about 3 years (4-5 years in some cases) to be considered for relocation

ECGC PO Career Growth & Promotion 2024

Having seen the ECGC PO Job Profile & Salary details above, let us now look at the Career growth & promotion of an ECGC PO candidate, who receives the highly attractive ECGC PO Salary 2024. The initial posting will be as a Probationary Officer (PO). Depending on the duration of the ECGC service, several levels of promotions will be offered. Depending on the potential, performance, talent, skills, and vacancies, a PO candidate can expect a promotion in 3 to 5 years. In general, the ECGC PO officer has to take care of all the administrative tasks. The highest level of PO post is Assistant General Manager – Scale 5. Check the promotional hierarchy an ECGC PO shared below.

  • Executive Officer – Scale 1
  • Assistant Manager – Scale 2
  • Manager – Scale 3
  • Senior Manager – Scale 4
  • Assistant General Manager – Scale 5

ECGC PO Salary 2024 – FAQs

Q: What is the ECGC PO Salary 2024?

As per the official notification released by the ECGC, the ECGC PO Salary 2024 will start with Rs. 53,600 and will go up to a range of Rs. 1,02,090

Q: What is the revised ECGC PO Pay Scale 2024?

The ECGC PO Pay Scale 2024 has been revised and shared through the recent notification of the ECGC which is as follows: Rs. 53600-2645(14)-90630-2865(4)-102090

Q: What is the highest level of an ECGC PO post?

If a candidate is on a longer period of service with the ECGC, he/she might get promoted several times and the highest position will be the Assistant General Manager post for which the ECGC PO Salary 2024 will be highly lucrative.

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