Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 07th December 2023

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2023 of 07th December 2023. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2023 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.


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1) Which IT business is working with Union Bank of India (UBI) to design and construct an enterprise data lake platform that is safe, scalable, and equipped with powerful analytics and reporting capabilities?

(a) TCS

(b) Wipro

(c) Accenture

(d) HCL

(e) Infosys

2) In which month will funds not be available for recipients who haven't made any transactions
on their UPI IDs and numbers for more than a year?

(a) March

(b) April

(c) January

(d) October

(e) December

3) For building and/or renovating water and sanitation infrastructure, Ujjivan SFB would provide loans to both new and current customers, ranging from Rs 6,000 to how much amount of rupees?

(a) Rs.150000

(b) Rs.500000

(c) Rs.100000

(d) Rs.300000

(e) Rs.200000

4) Which bank has declared that it will work with NCDEX e-Markets Limited (NeML), a company based in Mumbai, to improve the integration of its e-auction and e-procurement systems?

(a) ICICI bank

(b) HDFC bank

(c) Federal bank

(d) IndusInd bank

(e) Axis bank

5) Water.org is a global nonprofit organization that facilitates access to clean water and sanitation
for all people. Where is Water.org's main office located?

(a) UK

(b) USA

(c) Italy

(d) Germany

(e) Australia

6) How many years after the Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) was first launched is the Ministry of Education getting ready to launch the fourth phase of the initiative?

(a) 5years

(b) 8years

(c) 6ears

(d) 10years

(e) 12years

7) In higher education, the Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) was introduced in 2015. What is the maximum duration of each course?

(a) 1week

(b) 2week

(c) 3week

(d) 4week

(e) 5week

8) The Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has opened a new Dixon Technology facility in Noida.
Which company has Dixon as a partner for smartphone assembly?

(a) Samsung

(b) Oneplus

(c) Vivo

(d) Xiaomi

(e) Apple

9) The name Mount Marapi means "Mountain of Fire," and it is well known for its regular eruptions.In which country is Mount Marapi located?

(a) Italy

(b) Iran

(c) Indonesia

(d) Iraq

(e) Switzerland

10) China and India decided not to participate in a pledge made by 118 countries during COP28.By which year does this imply double the average yearly rate of energy efficiency?

(a) 2028

(b) 2030

(c) 2035

(d) 2040

(e) 2038

11) Jitesh John has been named the next Executive Director of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)—for how many years?

(a) 5years

(b) 3years

(c) 1year

(d) 4years

(e) 2years

12) The National Human Rights Commission names Rakesh Asthana and six other people as special monitors. When was the Human Rights Protection Act established?

(a) 1995

(b) 1993

(c) 1991

(d) 1990

(e) 1998

13) Which edition of Jimmy George Foundation award was given to Murali Sreeshankar as the finest sportsperson in Kerala?

(a) 33rd

(b) 34th

(c) 35th

(d) 38th

(e) 32nd

14) At Sydney, Australia's 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, ESIC was presented with the prestigious ISSA Vision Zero 2023 Award. Where is ISSA's headquarters located?

(a) Italy

(b) USA

(c) Indonesia

(d) UK

(e) Switzerland

15) Indian Navy Gets First Survey Vessel Delivered (Large) "Sandhayak". Which year was the
contract for four large survey vessels signed?

(a) 2015

(b) 2018

(c) 2020

(d) 2016

(e) 2014

16) The first military spy satellite from South Korea was launched from California by SpaceX. By the end of 2025, how many more surveillance satellites is Seoul planning to launch?

(a) 5

(b) 4

(c) 3

(d) 6

(e) 8

17) As per the National Crime Records Bureau's (NCRB) annual report, Delhi is the nation's most dangerous city for women to live. Under which ministry is NCRB based?

(a) Ministry of Rural Development

(b) Ministry of Housing and Urban

(c) Ministry of Home Affairs

(d) Ministry of Defence

(e) Ministry of Power

18) In which year did the ESI Act establish ESIC as a statutory corporate body?

(a) 1948

(b) 1947

(c) 1949

(d) 1943

(e) 1946

19) Which sport does Jimmy George belong?

(a) Basketball

(b) Volleyball

(c) Football

(d) Tennis

(e) Hockey

20) Which year was the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) established?

(a) 2015

(b) 2014

(c) 2016

(d) 2018

(e) 2012

Answers :

1) Answer: C

Union Bank of India (UBI), a leading public sector bank in India is collaborating with Accenture to design and develop a scalable and secure enterprise data lake platform with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.  This program will boost the bank’s operational efficiency and enhance its ability to offer customer-centric banking services and manage risk. Using predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, this platform will leverage structured and unstructured data from within the bank as well as from external sources to generate business-relevant insights.

2) Answer: C

Individuals who have not done any transactions on their UPI IDs and numbers for over a year will not be able to receive funds from January. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has asked banks, payment service providers and Third-Party Application Providers (TPAPs) such as PhonePe, Google Pay and others to deactivate UPI IDs and numbers of customers who have not performed any transactions for one year or more. The NPCI has set December 31 as a deadline to deactivate UPI IDs of inactive customers. The directive is aimed at ensuring that the money is transferred only to the intended recipients.

3) Answer: C

Under the partnership, Water.org will assist Ujjivan SFB in identifying areas that require financing for clean water and hygienic sanitation.To support the cause, Ujjivan SFB will be offering loans to existing as well as new customers starting from Rs 6,000 up to Rs 1,00,000 to enable them to construct and/or renovate water and sanitation facilities. Ujjivan SFB disbursed over 5,000 Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) loans worth Rs 30 crore last year, enabling customers to construct the necessary sanitation facilities in alignment with the Swachh Bharat mission of the Indian government. Through this partnership, Ujjivan SFB will further be able to provide safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation facilities to 65,000 households by providing them with affordable loans over the next 3 years.

4) Answer: C

Federal Bank has announced a collaboration with Mumbai-headquartered NCDEX e-Markets Limited (NeML) to strengthen the integration of its e-procurement and e-auction systems.  NeML, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX), holds a commanding market share in transparent price discovery across more than 90 commodities Indraneel Pandit, Senior Vice President and Zonal Business Head, Federal Bank, CIB West, and Dhawal Shah, Chief Operating Officer, NeML, signed an MoU to facilitate an advanced e-procurement solution.

5) Answer: B

About Water.org :

  • Founded : 2009
  • Headquarters : Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America
  • CEO : Gary White
  • org is an international nonprofit organizationthat helps people living in poverty get access to safe water and improved sanitation through affordable financing.

6) Answer: B

Eight years after its inception, the Ministry of Education is gearing up to restart the fourth phase of the Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN). The National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), after evaluating the scheme, recommended its continuation. The Central government has spent a minimum of ₹126 crore on supporting foreign faculty's travel and honorarium since GIAN's inception. Since the beginning of the scheme in 2015-16, 1,612 foreign faculty members have visited the country to deliver courses from 59 countries. Up to 41.4% (668) of academicians who visited India belonged to the U.S.

7) Answer: C

An honorarium is paid to the foreign experts to cover their travels and other expenses. Short-term courses are conducted by these experts/faculties in Indian Institutions. This programme was first launched to establish collaboration between India and The United States of America, but later, the scope of the programme was extended. The duration of courses differs for different courses.  The minimum duration is one week and the maximum duration is 3 weeks A lump-sum amount of up to US$ 8000 (₹7 lakh) for 12 to 14 hours of contact and up to US$ 12000 (₹12 lakh) for 20 to 28 hours of contact can be paid to the foreign experts covering their travel and honorarium

8) Answer: D

The manufacturing facility is expected to generate 5,000 jobs, contributing to employment in the region Dixon Technology plans to invest over Rs 400 crore ($48.2 million) in the new factory over the next 3 years. It is spread over more than 300,000 square feet and will mainly produce Xiaomi smartphones. Xiaomi has partnered with Dixon for smartphone assembly because India is compelling Chinese companies to localize manufacturing to distribution of mobile phones. The production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme of the government has supported the mobile phone industry in India.

9) Answer: C

Mount Marapi, located in West Sumatra province, Indonesia, erupted, emitting white-and-grey ash plumes exceeding 3,000 metres (about 9,800 feet) into the air. Mount Marapi, translating to "Mountain of Fire," is renowned for its frequent eruptions. With over 60 eruptions since the late 18th century, it holds the title of the most active volcano in Sumatra. It is also known as the Circum-Pacific Belt,is a path along the Pacific Ocean characterised by active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. Indonesia is home to more than 120 active volcanoes.

10) Answer: B

India and China choose to stay away from a pledge taken by 118 nations on the sidelines of COP28. On the sidelines of COP28, 118 nations took a pledge to work towards trebling the global renewable energy generation capacity to at least 11000GW. This means doubling the average annual rate of energy efficiency by 2030. India declared that it could not support any agreement that undermined its goal of accelerating development to help millions of people overcome poverty. A global initiative has been launched to boost climate action in the oil and gas sector. The official launch of the Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter (OGDC) has been announced by COP28 President Dr. Sultan Al Jaber and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

11) Answer: A

John has a postgraduate degree in Economics and has completed 21 years in Central Government in various capacities. He has experience working in financial, Energy, Infrastructure and Small and Medium Enterprises sectors.  John, a 2001 batch Indian Economic Service Officer, previously served as an Economic Advisor in the Ministry of Power. Meanwhile, the Corporate Affairs Ministry (MCA) has given its post facto approval to appoint Sandip Garg as a Whole Time Member of IBBI. His appointment is valid for 5 years, effective October 27, when Sandip Garg assumed office as IBBI Whole Time Member, or until age 65, whichever is earliest.

12) Answer: B

Muktesh Chandra will oversee thematic areas of cybercrime and artificial intelligence. Amitabh Agnihotri will see thematic areas; environment, climate change and human rights. While Sanjay Agarwal will see thematic areas; elementary education and literacy  R K Sama will see thematic areas; water, sanitation and hygiene (wash). Manohar Agani will see thematic areas; public health, healthcare and hospital (mental health, HIV/Aids, Spurious drugs, diagnostics and labs) and thematic areas of livelihood, skilling and employment will be looked after by Jyotsna Sitling, the order further states. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is a statutory body established in 1993, under the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993.

13) Answer: C

Kerala-born long jumper Olympian Murali Sreeshankar will receive the Jimmy George Award. The award consists of a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh and a plaque.  Murali Sreeshankar will be presented with the Jimmy George Award on December 22, 2023. Sreeshankar has won the 35th Jimmy George Foundation award for the best sportsperson of Kerala. He is the long jump silver medallist in the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. Sreeshankar was No. 4 in the World long jump list of this year.

14) Answer: E

The International Social Security Association is the principal international institution bringing together social security agencies and organisations of the world. It aims to promote dynamic social security as the social dimension in a globalising world by supporting excellence in social security administration. It was founded in 1927 under the auspices of the International Labour Organization. It has over 320 member institutions from over 160 countries. Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland (at the International Labour Office).

15) Answer: B

Sandhayak (Yard 3025), the first of four Survey Vessel (Large) ships, being built at Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE), Kolkata, was delivered to the Indian Navy.  The Contract for four Survey Vessels (Large) was signed on 30 Oct 2018. INS Sandhayak is the largest survey vessel ever built in India. The SVL ships are designed and built according to the rules of Indian Register of Shipping Classification society by M/s Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE), Kolkata.  The primary role of the ship would be full-scale coastal and deep-water Hydrographic Survey of Port/ Harbour approaches and determination of navigational channels/ routes. Zone of operation includes maritime limits upto EEZ/ extended continental shelf.

16) Answer: B

A SpaceX rocket launched South Korea's first military spy satellite, intensifying a space race on the peninsula after Pyongyang launched its own first military eye in the sky last week. Seoul's reconnaissance satellite, carried by one of Elon Musk's SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets, lifted off from the Vandenberg US Space Force Base in California. The rocket was emblazoned with the word "KOREA." Seoul plans to launch 4 additional spy satellites by the end of 2025 to bolster its reconnaissance capacity over the North. The satellite is set to orbit between 400 and 600 kilometres (250 to 370 miles) above Earth.

17) Answer: C

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) is an Indian government agency responsible for collecting and analyzing crime data as defined by the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Special and Local Laws (SLL) Parent Department : Ministry of Home Affairs. The city accounted for 29.04% of the 48,755 crimes against women reported in 19 major cities across the country, suggesting that law and order authorities were not working properly to create a safe environment for women. However, Jaipur was the most unsafe city in India, with a rate of 239.3 crimes against women. The Rajasthan capital reported 3,479 crimes against women.

18) Answer:  A

About Employees’ State Insurance Corporation :

  • Headquarters: New Delhi
  • Director General : Dr. Rajendra Kumar
  • Employees' State Insurance Corporation (abbreviated as ESIC) is one of the two main statutory social security bodiesunder the ownership of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, the other being the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation.
  • ESIC is a statutory corporate body set up under the ESI Act 1948.
  • It is responsible for the administration of the ESI Scheme.

19) Answer: B

Jimmy George was an Indian volleyball player and captain of the India national volleyball team.  Often dubbed the God of Indian volleyball, he is considered as one of the greatest volleyball players of all time. He became the first Indian to become a professional volleyball player.  At the age of 32, Jimmy died in a road accident in Italy on 30 November 1987, while playing for the Eurosibo Eurostyle, a first division club in the Italian professional league.

Following his death, the Jimmy George Foundation was established, which in 1989 instituted the Jimmy George Award for the best sportsperson of Kerala.

20) Answer: C

About IBBI :

  • Founded: 1 October 2016
  • Headquarters : New Delhi, Delhi
  • Chairman : Shri Ravi Mital
  • Parent department: Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India is the regulator for overseeing insolvency proceedings and entities like Insolvency Professional Agencies, Insolvency Professionals and Information Utilities in India.
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