World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2022: June 19 | History, theme, Significance, and Quotes

World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2022: On 19th June of this current year, World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2022 is observed all over the world as public awareness event. Every year on June 19th, World Sickle Cell Day is commemorated to raise awareness of the human Sickle Cell illness. The UN declared the day, and it has served to raise awareness of the condition, its organization, the care and measures that should be taken, and the treatment that should be given to someone who is suffering from it. Every year, the World Sickle Cell Day 2022 Theme is commemorated by NGOs and medical professionals who organize campaigns and boot camps to raise awareness of the disease's significance. Patients with sickle cell disease have sickle-shaped red blood cells, which can clump together and prevent blood and oxygen from reaching all regions of the body. It is a blood condition that is passed down the generations.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with the disease may experience pain, anemia, infection, and other serious health complications that may necessitate medical attention (CDC). Those who have unexplained fever, severe pain in the abdomen, chest, bones, or joints, swelling in the hands or feet, abdominal swelling, especially if the area is tender to the touch, pale skin or nail beds, yellow tint to the skin, or whites of the eyes should see a doctor for early disease detection and emergency medical treatment.

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World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2022: History

  • The United Nations General Assembly declared World Sickle Cell Day in 2008 to promote awareness of sickle cell illness. They also highlighted the agony and emotional devastation that a patient with the condition must endure.
  • As a result, on June 19, 2009, World Sickle Cell Day was commemorated for the first time. Sickle cell disease has spread throughout the world and has gradually evolved into a hereditary and genetic illness. Due to the fact that a large population is now infected with the illness, it is critical that sufferers receive increased knowledge, effective care, and treatment.
  • Furthermore, correct diagnosis and early therapy aid in the better management and treatment of the condition. In addition to the UN, the WHO now offers a number of options for treating illness patients in a more humane manner.
  • According to official data and sources, more than 1000 newborns die of the condition before they reach the age of five. The illness has spread rapidly over Africa and the United States, affecting more than 90,000 to 100,000 people.
  • In addition, sickle cell anaemia affects people in India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Arabic peninsula, Brazil, Surinam, Guiana, Southern Italy, Greece, and other nations.

World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2022: Theme

'Shine the Light on Sickle Cell' is the theme for World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2022. Sickle Cell Illness Day is observed on this day to promote awareness about the condition's treatment options and to achieve successful control of the disease across the world. Sickle Cell Disease is hereditary anemia in which the RBCs in the body fail to transport the needed quantity of oxygen. Normally, the form of the RBC cell is spherical; however, with this condition, the shape of the RBC is changed to that of a crescent moon's sickle, making it difficult for them to circulate about the body. They frequently get lodged in a tiny blood artery and prevent blood from flowing to another section of the body.

World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2022: Significance

The form of the RBC is changed to that of a crescent moon's sickle, making it harder for them to travel about the body. Sickle cell disease is a hereditary or genetic condition that is not communicable. There is no definitive cure for sickle cell anemia at this time. The medical team has been keeping a close eye on the issue, but early identification and treatment of the patient are one of the greatest methods to avoid it. The form of the RBC is twisted in sickle cell anemia, preventing it from flowing in the body, whereas there is a deficit of RBC in iron-deficiency anemia. People are being informed about sickle cell anemia as a serious global health concern and effective ways to combat it these days. It also aids in the dispelling of many myths and incorrect information about sickle cell illness. It also offers the necessary assistance to people who have been diagnosed with the ailment.

World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2022: Quotes

  • Being a survivor doesn’t mean being strong – it’s telling people when you need a meal or a ride, company, whatever. It’s paying attention to heart wisdom, and feelings, not living a role, but having a unique, authentic life, having something to contribute, and finding time to love and laugh. All these things are qualities of survivors.
  • You recognize a survivor when you see one. You recognize a fighter when you see one.
  • Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition – such as lifting weights – we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity

World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2022: FAQs

Q: Why is World Sickle Cell Day celebrated?

A: Each year, on June 19, countries all over the world celebrate World Sickle Cell Day, which was initially presented as a resolution by the United Nations in 2008. The goal of this day is to recognize sickle cell anemia as a public health problem and to promote education about this genetic condition.

Q: Is June sickle cell Awareness Month?

A: September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month. Millions of people do not know they have sickle cell trait, because the trait usually does not cause illness.

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