World Rabies Day 2022: September 28 - History, Theme, Significance, Quotes

World Rabies Day 2022: World Rabies Day is celebrated on 28th September of every year. Rabies is a deadly virus that spreads to the people from the saliva of infected animals. Rabies is caused by Iyssaviruses, including rabies virus and Australian bat Iyssavirus. It is usually spread when an infected animal bite. A person who is affected by rabies having the  symptoms includes fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, fear of water, inability to move parts of the body, confusion and loss of consciousness. Globally, Dogs are the most common animal which gets infected and spreads this disease to the people. The rabies vaccine and rabies immunoglobulin are effective to prevent the disease if the person receives the treatment before the symptoms start. Let’s see the history, theme, significance and quotes for World Rabies Day.

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World Rabies Day 2022: History

  • The Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) established World Rabies Day in 2007. This day was recognized by the World Health Organization(WHO).
  • They choose the date 28th September to observe World Rabies Day in order to remember the French Scientist Louis Pasteur.
  • In 1895, the  French Scientist Louis Pasteur passed away on this day (28th September) who created the vaccination for rabies 
  • World Rabies Day is observed in order to raise awareness about the impact of rabies on the animals and humans.

World Rabies Day 2022 Theme:

  • Since 2007, World Rabies Day has been celebrated with some special theme. World Rabies Day 2022 Theme is “Rabies: One Health, Zero Deaths”.
  • This theme indicates putting one's health into practice and eliminating rabies to achieve zero deaths.

World Rabies Day 2022: Significance

  • World Rabies Day is celebrated every year on 28th September to raise awareness about the deadly disease and educate people how to fight against this disease. 
  • Not only creates awareness about rabies, this day also teaches us how to prevent this disease.
  • On this day, several clinics and institutions conduct vaccination camps and the proper vaccination helps to prevent us from this deadly disease.
  • In a number of regions of the world the Animal control and vaccination programs have reduced the risk of rabies from dogs.
  • So, on this day we can educate common people about the disease and the way to prevent pets and humans from this disease.

World Rabies Day 2022: Quotes

  • “The world is in an extremely dangerous situation, and serious diseases often require the risk of a dangerous cure like the Pasteur serum for rabies.”
  • “If it’s someone’s pet and you’re keeping it at home, there's just too much room for error there. Hopefully, Lady will not get rabies, but we have to assume the raccoon was rabid.”
  • “We have methods in this country to control rabies as far as human disease is concerned, and we do not need this vaccine and it does not work.”

World Rabies Day 2022: FAQs

Q: Who established World Rabies Day?

A:  World Rabies Day was established by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC).

Q: What is the theme of World Rabies Day 2022?

A: The theme of  World Rabies Day 2022 is “Rabies: One Health, Zero Deaths”.

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