World mosquito Day 2022: August 20 - History, Theme, Significance, Quotes

World Mosquito Day is observed annually on 20 August. World Mosquito Day was first established in 1897 by Sir Ronald Ross who discovered that female mosquitoes transmit malaria to humans. World Mosquito Day was created to spread awareness about the cause of malaria to the people so that we can prevent people from malaria. In the 19th century, nearly half of the World's population was affected by malaria. Nowadays also mosquito-borne diseases are still both widespread and difficult to treat. Malaria causes many deaths each year. According to World Health Organisation(WHO), malaria alone leads to approximately 4,00,000 deaths annually. Over 7.6 million lives have been saved and 1.5 billion malaria cases have been prevented, through the global fight against mosquitoes since 2000. This article covers World Mosquito Day 2022, its history, significance, theme, etc.

 List of Important Days in August 2022 

World Mosquito Day 2022:History

  • World Mosquito Day is dedicated to the memory of Sir Ronald Ross. As per one World Health Organisation(WHO) report, mosquitoes kill nearly 7-10 lakh people annually by transmitting diseases.
  • A mosquito can make you sick, disable and cause death. Elephantiasis is one of the biggest causes of disability caused by mosquitoes.
  • Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide that you keep breathing out from as far as 75 feet. Sir Ronald Ross was first observed on 20 August 1897.
  • On World Mosquito Day many seminars and exhibitions are organized to raise awareness about saluting scientists and many other people who have contributed to fighting malaria.

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World Mosquito Day 2022:Theme

Every year August 20 is celebrated as World Mosquito Day and a specific theme is allotted. World Mosquito Day 2022 theme is "Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives”.

World Mosquito Day 2022:Significance

  • On World Mosquito Day 2022, we are taking a journey around the World to visit some of the experts involved in mosquito rearing, culture, and human-malaria transmission.
  • Today malaria is one of the major leading causes of death Worldwide and hence it must not be taken lightly.
  • In order to prevent them from malaria use mosquito repellents which include things like sprays, insecticides, etc.
  • Malaria continues to be one of the major problems so awareness is the only key and after that execution is required as then only our World will be free of malaria one day.

World Mosquito Day 2022:Quotes

Here we are providing World Mosquito Day 2022 quotes by famous personalities:

“If I had known it was harmless I would have killed it myself”.

“The time, the mosquito will land on your testicles, the way you” ll kill it, will help you to resolve World issues without violence”.

“In my reality all the mosquitoes are vampires and all fireflies are dragons.”

World Mosquito Day 2022:FAQs

Q: When is World Mosquito Day is observed?

A: World Mosquito Day is annually observed on August 20th.

Q: Who discovered that malaria is caused by mosquitoes?

A: Sir Ronald Ross 1897 discovered that malaria is caused by mosquitoes.

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