World Asthma Day 2023 - May 3 History, Theme, Significance, Quotes

World Asthma Day 2023: Every year World Asthma Day is celebrated on the First Tuesday of May. This year, World Asthma Day was celebrated on May 3. This day is celebrated to raise awareness among people about Asthma. Asthma is a disease that affects human’s lungs. It causes repeated breathlessness, chest tightness, and regular coughing. Asthma cannot be completely cured but controlled by taking medicines regularly. On World Asthma Day, Organizations should be aware to control Asthma and improve the lives of people with Asthma. Asthma will lead to insomnia, weariness and lethargy. 


World Asthma Day History:

  • The first Asthma Day was organized in 1998 in more than 35 countries. It is an annual event organized by Global Initiative for Asthma(GINA). Every year this day was celebrated to raise awareness among people and how to get control over this disease. 
  • This disease causes respiratory problems in the Lungs of humans. The first Asthma disease meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain. The meeting was conducted in more countries to get the control of Asthma. It causes difficulty in breathing to humans.


World Asthma Day 2023 Theme:

  • Every year along with this day, particular themes are allocated. This theme was to raise awareness in order to reduce Asthma among people. 
  • It provides a call to the people to prevent myths and misconceptions about Asthma. The theme of World Asthma Day was organized by Global Initiative for Asthma(GINA).
  •  The theme of  World Asthma Day 2023 wasAsthma care for All”.


World Asthma Day 2023 - Significance:

  • According to the World Asthma Report, around 1000 people died due to Asthma. According to the World Health Organization, Asthma is a public health problem that spreads all over the country irrespective of the development.
  •  Over 300 million people were affected due to Asthma which leads to millions of people's death. Early diagnosis and early treatment are the chances to save people’s lives. The disease can be controlled by giving high steroid types. 
  • There are some steps to prevent the infection of Asthma to the people. Take all precautions to prevent cold or Flu from other persons to avoid Asthma. Those people who have Asthma avoid smoking. 
  • People who have the disease should avoid Asthma triggers like air pollution, flu, cold, smoke, etc.


World Asthma Day 2023 - Quotes:

  • The candidates can check the famous quotes by famous personalities for World Asthma Day.


        Famous Quotes

        Famous Personalities

“There are few restrictions on your life with Asthma, as long as you can take care of yourself”

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

“Being an Athlete in a cold-weather sport is really difficult to deal with the Asthma”

Charlie White

“There are few restrictions on your life with Asthma, as long as you take care of yourself”

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

“Probably induced by the Asthma, I started reading and writing early on, my literary efforts from the age of about nine running chiefly to poetry and plays”

Patrick White

In this article,we are providing detailed information about World Asthma Day. This article covers what is World Asthma Day, History, Theme, Significance, Famous Quotes, important FAQs, etc. The Aspirants who are preparing for Government exams can refer to this article to gain knowledge about Asthma Day.


World Asthma Day 2023 - Some Important FAQs:

Q.When was the world Asthma day celebrated?

A.World Asthma Day is celebrated every year on May 3.


Q.What is the theme of World Asthma day 2023?

A.The theme of World Asthma day 2023 was “Asthma care for All”.


Q.Why Asthma Day is observed every year?

A.Asthma Day is observed every year to raise awareness among people about lung disease, respiratory disease etc.


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