Partnership Formula For Bank And SSC Exams: Download PDF

Partnership Formula For Bank Exams: The partnership formula pdf for bank exams is provided here in this partnership formula for bank exams article. You can practice sums with examples using the partnership formula which is provided in this partnership formula pdf article. Candidates who are looking forward to the partnership formula pdf can utilize this article. Partnership formula pdf for bank exams will improve your speed. Partnership is one of the most important topics in the quantitative aptitude section of the bank exams. In most of the bank exams like sbi clerk, sbi po, ibps clerk, ibps po, rrb po, rrb clerk and other insurance and ssc exams, partnership formula pdf plays a significant role. So candidates must be familiar with the partnership formula aptitude pdf to maximize their scores in the bank exams if they are solving the partnership questions with the partnership formula for bank exams. The partnership formulas for aptitude will help you to understand the concept and make your calculations easier while solving the partnership questions in the bank exams and other competitive exams. 

In this partnership formula for bank exams article, we have given detailed explanations about the basic concepts of partnership, types of partnership, the various partnership formulas, partnership formula pdf, partnership formulas for aptitude, partnership calculation formula, partnership formula in Hindi, and partnership formulas with examples using the partnership formulas. Aspirants shall go through this partnership formula for bank exams article or download the partnership formula pdf to be proficient with the partnership formulas for bank exams.

Partnership Formulas PDF For Bank Exams

Partnership formula pdf for bank exams is attached in this partnership formula for bank exams post. Candidates must devote some time to practicing various types of questions by using these partnership formulas which are enclosed in the partnership formulas pdf to get good marks in the bank exams and other competitive exams with speed and accuracy. This partnership formulas pdf contains important partnership formulas, simple partnership formulas, compound partnership formulas, partnership formulas with examples, and more.

Download partnership formula pdf for bank exams


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What is Partnership? 

The brief definition of partnership which is asked in bank exams is given in this partnership formulas article. A partnership is when at least two or more individuals join hands with a shared objective to achieve benefits. Each member contributes either time, cash, or licenses to enable the association firm to harvest benefits. By making use of the partnership formulas pdf you will be proficient with the partnership topic which is frequently asked in various competitive examinations. For your future reference, you can download the partnership formulas pdf.

The partner who invests only money is called a Sleeping Partner and a partner who invests money and also manages the business is called the working partner.

Types of Partnership

There are two types of partnership. They are simple partnerships and compound partnerships. A detailed explanation of simple and compound partnerships is given below in this partnership formula for bank exams article. 

  • Simple Partnership: In Simple partnerships, all the resources are invested for the same time period by all the investors i.e. the capital (or other resources) stays in the business for the same duration. In this, the profit is distributed in proportion to their contributed resources. Here we have given the simple partnership formula for your bank exams.

Simple Partnership Formula

If P and Q contributed Rs. a and b respectively for one year in business, then their profit or loss at that time will be:

P’s benefit (or misfortune): Q’s profit(or misfortune) = a: b

  • Compound Partnership

In a compound partnership, the money is invested during different periods of time by multiple investors. The benefit-sharing proportion is ascertained by duplicating the capital contributed with the unit of time (generally months). Here we have given the compound partnership formula for your bank exams.

Compound Partnership Formula

P1 : P2 = C1 × T1 : C2 × T2

P1 = Partner 1’s Profit.

C1 = Partner 1’s Capital.

T1 = Time period for which Partner 1 contributed his capital.

P2 = Partner 2’s Profit.

C2 = Partner 2’s Capital.

T2 = Time period for which Partner 2 contributed his capital

Important Partnership Formulas For Bank Exams

Here we have added the important partnership formulas in this partnership formulas post. Candidates should be familiar with these partnership formulas to solve various types of questions easily. You can download the partnership formula pdf for bank exams for your future reference. 

  • When investments of all the partners are at the same time, the profit or loss is distributed among the partners in the ratio of their investments.

For example, A and B invest Rs. x and Rs. y respectively for a year in a business, then at the end of the year:

(A’s share of profit) : (B’s share of profit) = x: y.

  • When investments for different time periods, then equivalent capitals are calculated for a unit of time by taking (capital x number of units of time). Now profit or loss is divided in the ratio of these capitals.

For example, A invests Rs. x for p months and B invests Rs. y for q months then,

(A’s share of profit) : (B’s share of profit)= xp: yq


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Partnership Formula With Examples

We have come up with some solved partnership formulas with examples by using the partnership formulas. Candidates can make use of these partnership formula with examples to solve more questions related to these examples by using the partnership formulas. With the reference of these partnership formulas with examples you can have the ability to solve partnership questions easily by using the partnership formulas.

Practice partnership questions - Free pdf

Example 1: P, Q, and R subscribe to Rs. 50,000 for a business. P subscribes Rs. 4000 more than Q and Q  subscribes Rs. 5000 more than R. Out of a total profit of Rs. 35,000, what is P’s profit?

Solution: Let C = x.

Then, Q = x + 5000 and P = x + 5000 + 4000 = x + 9000.

So, x + x + 5000 + x + 9000 = 50000

=> 3x = 36000

=> x = 12000

P : Q : R = 21000 : 17000 : 12000 = 21 : 17 : 12.

So P’s share = Rs. (35000 x 21/50) = Rs. 14,700


Example 2: Three partners P, Q, and R started a business. Q’s Capital is four times R’s capital and twice P’s capital is equal to thrice Q’s capital. If the total profit is Rs 16500 at the end of a year, Find out Q’s share in it.

Solution: Suppose R’s capital = x then

Q’s capital = 4x (Since Q’s Capital is four times R’s capital)

P’s capital = 6x ( Since twice P’s capital is equal to thrice Q’s capital)

P : Q : R =6 x : 4x : x

= 6 : 4 : 1

Q’s share = 16500 * (4/11) = 1500*4 = 6000


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Partnership Formula PDF For Bank Exams FAQs

Q. What is the simple partnership formula? 

A. The simple partnership formula is,

  P’s benefit (or misfortune) : Q’s profit(or misfortune) = a : b

Q. What is the compound partnership formula? 

A. The compound partnership formula is,

   P1 : P2 = C1 × T1 : C2 × T2

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