National Handloom Day 2023 - August 7: History, Theme, Significance, Quotes

National Handloom Day 2023: This day is observed every year on August 7. On this day, the Government and other organizations raised awareness to honour the handloom weaving community. On this day, the Ministry of Textiles organises a special event to honour the handlooms in New Delhi’s convention centre. PM Narendra Modi initiated this Handloom Day on August 7, 2015. Since that year, Handloom Day is celebrated every year. National Handloom Day 2023 protects the handloom heritage, handloom weavers, and handloom workers. National Handloom Day 2023 is the seventh year anniversary that the country will celebrate. National Handloom Day marks the beginning of Swadeshi Andolan which was launched on August 7, 1905. This article covers useful information about the National Handloom Day celebration, National Handloom Day 2023, its history, theme, significance etc.

 List of Important Days in August 2023 

National Handloom Day History

  • In 2015, the first National Handloom Day was celebrated which was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi
  • On August 7, 1905, The Swadeshi movement was launched in Calcutta Town hall. This movement focuses on reviving domestic production, encourage handloom industries and the spirit of Swadeshi.
  • A huge number of handloom weavers are participated in this Swadeshi movement. While Delhi was hosting the special events on that day, many other countries like Varanasi, Jaipur, and Guwahati also organised many other special events.
  • This movement encourages the Indians to wear the clothes made by handlooms. The Ministry of Textiles will be celebrating National Handloom day at Dilli Haat which is celebrated from August 1 to August 15.

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National Handloom Day 2023 Theme

  • Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman participated in the Handloom day celebration which was celebrated in Ponduru village of Andhra Pradesh. For the specialisation of National Handloom Day, a specific theme is allotted every year.
  • National Handloom Day 2023 Theme is "Handloom, an Indian legacy"

National Handloom Day 2023 Significance

  • On National Handloom Day, we honour and celebrate the handloom community in the socio-economic development of the country.
  • National Handloom Day is the symbol of the cultural development of India. 
  • Handloom is one of the largest unorganized sectors and it plays a major role in rural, semi-rural and urban livelihood. The handloom sector has the advantage of minimal use of power, eco-friendly, less capital intensive, and adaptability.
  • The handloom sector depicts the cultural heritage and it plays an important role in the cultural development of the country.
  • As 70% of the handloom workers and weavers are women, the handloom sector acts as a women’s empowerment. It provides the opportunity to empower and encourage women’s life.

National Handloom Day 2023 Quotes

Check the details of national handloom day famous quotes here.

  • “We sleep, but the loom of life never stops, and the pattern which was weaving when the sun went down is weaving when it comes up in the morning”
  • “Our weavings in the cosmic web are not self-contained. Rather, they are part of the design of our collective humanity”
  • Sometimes, when I wake up at night, I feel invisible hands weaving my destiny”.

National Handloom Day 2023 FAQs

Q. Who declared National Handloom Day?

A. In 2015, PM Narendra Modi declared August 7 as National Handloom Day.

Q. Why do we celebrate National Handloom Day?

A. On August 7, 1905, the Swadeshi movement was launched in the Calcutta Town hall to protect against the partition of Bengal by the British Government.


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