International Museum Day 2022 - May 18 | History, Theme, Significance, Quotes

International Museum Day 2022: International Museum Day is celebrated every year on May 18 to raise awareness about the museums in society. The International Council of Museums(ICOM) prompted this day every year since 1977. This day was celebrated to create the importance of Museums for the development of Society. 40 years ago, the first International Museum day was celebrated. More and more museums are participating in International Museum Day 2022. Last year, almost 37,000 museums are participating to honor the International Museum Day. The Aspirants who need to cover the details about International Museum Day 2022, here we are providing complete details about International Museum Day 2022 full article. The candidates can download this article and make use of it.     


International Museum Day 2022 - History

  • International Council Of Museums (ICOM) conducted a general meeting in Moscow, Russia to adopt the day for museums.
  • After that, the first International Day Of Museums was first established in 1977.
  • The theme for International Museum Day was first established in 1992. Several museums participate in this International Day Of Museums.
  • Every year, museums are invited internationally to all the museums to participate in this special day. 
  • Before forming International Museum Day, in 1951, the International Council Of Museums (ICOM) gathered a meeting for the “Crusade For Museums” to generally discuss the development of museums.


International Museum Day 2022 Theme

  • Every year, a specific theme is assigned every day to create awareness about the importance of that particular day.
  • Likewise, the theme for International Museum Day 2022 is “The Power of Museums”.


International Museum Day 2022 - Significance

  • The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is the main organization to promote the importance and honor of museums.
  • International Museum Day is observed to create an impact like museums are the main source of cultural heritage, peace, and good impact.
  • There are so many events conducted on museums day to celebrate and know the importance of museums. Multiple museums are participating in this International Museum Day to create a good impact on people. 
  • A museum is a place where everyone wants time to spend in it. A museum is a place that collects documents and historical books which everyone wants to read it. Museums focus on different things and collect historical things. 


International Museum Day 2022 Quotes

Here we are providing famous quotes of International Museum Day by famous personalities here

  • “The best introduction to art is to stroll through a museum. The more art you see, the more you’ll learn to define your own taste”. - Happy International Museum Day.
  • “A Museum is a center where nothing was lost, just rediscovered, Museums are a display of this art kept alive. Wishing you Museum Day”. - Happy International Museum Day

 Here we are providing detailed information about International Museum Day 2022. In this article, we have covered the International Museum Day 2022, its history, theme, significance, and famous quotes. The aspirants who are preparing for various government exams can refer to this article. The aspirants can easily catch up on details about International Museum Day.


International Museum Day 2022 - Some Important FAQs

Q. Where is the biggest museum in India?

A. The biggest museum is located in Kolkata. Not only in India but also in the Asia-Pacific region of the world.


Q. Which is the number 1 museum in India?

A. National Museum in Delhi is the most iconic museum in India.


Q. Why do we celebrate International Museum Day 2022?

A. People celebrate International Museum Day 2022 to create awareness and understand the significant roles of museums in national and international levels.


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