Holi Day 2023 Theme and History: 8th March

Holi Day 2023 Theme, Date, and History: Holi Day is celebrated in this year on March 8, 2023. This year it falls on Wednesday. Holi Day is celebrated on the Full Moon(Purnima), in the month of March(Falgun), as per the Hindu calendar. Holi is also known as the Festival of colors, Festival of Spring, and Festival of Love, as it celebrates the sacred love of God, Radha Krishna. People celebrate this festival by meeting and gathering with friends and family. Holi Day is also celebrated in many other countries besides India, such as Nepal, Pakistan, Mauritius, Fiji, etc. The festival of Holi is an ancient tradition in the Hindu culture and is one of the leading & most famous festivals in Hinduism. Holi Day 2023 is celebrated to honor the auspicious and divine love of God Radha Krishna and also to celebrate the triumph of Good over Evil.

List of Important Days in March 2023

Holi Day 2023 Date

  • Holi Day 2023  is observed on 8th March 2023


Holi Day History

In Hindu mythology, Holi Day is best known as the killing of ‘Holika’. Mythology states that when Prahalad refused to accept the orders of his father Hiranyakashypu and kept praying for Lord Vishnu, Hiranyakashypu took the help of her sister, Holika to kill him. Holika took Prahalad in her lap and sat in a bonfire as she had immunity to fire. Even after that, she burned alive while Prahalad was unaffected. Hence, ‘Holika Dahan’ is celebrated a day before Holi Day.

Holi Day 2023 Theme

There is no theme on Holi Day every year. But Holi Day has three main inspirations for its celebrations, which include spring’s arrival, the story of Krishna and Radha, and the story of Holika and Prahalad. These provide themes of positive change and renewal, love and compassion, and the triumph of good over evil to Holi festivities.

Holi Day 2023 Significance

Holi Day unites people and the infectious energy can make people to forget any hard feelings for each other. People all over the country meet their friends and relatives to exchange sweets and gifts. Holi Day helps to strengthen the relationships of the people in the country. Holi Day is also considered a spring festival as it is observed when the fields are ready for harvest, giving the hard-working farmers a reason to celebrate. Holi Day also promotes good health. Since the spring season can induce laziness or tardiness, going out with colors and music can help one feel rejuvenated. In fact, when people circumambulate around the Holika bonfire as per Hindu traditions, the heat of the fire can purify the body and air by killing bacteria.

Holi Day 2023 Quotes

  • Forget all your pains and worries, and get drenched in the colors of this festival.

  • Holi is a special time of the year to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colors.

  • Spread the colors of compassion, happiness, kindness, and where ever you go in life. Make everyday a Holi.

  • The colors, we play with, touch not only our faces but our heart too, making us filled with happiness and joy.


Holi Day 2023 FAQs

Q: When is Holi Day celebrated in 2023?

A: Holi Day 2023 is celebrated on 8th March.

Q: What is the first day of Holi called?

A: The first day of the Holi festival is celebrated as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi. After sunset, people gather around the pyre, perform puja(prayer) and then light it.

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