Descriptive Essay Writing Format For Bank PO Exams: Check Complete Details Here

For candidates who are willing to take competitive exams for PO posts and Scale 1 officers writing a descriptive essay is an important section where they score easily. Candidates who are preparing for the mains examination can check how to write a descriptive essay in an effective manner from this article. With the help of the essay writing tips for the Bank PO exam that are provided below with detailed explanations, one can write an essay in an effective way and tips that make your essay a perfect one. Writing a descriptive essay is the most challenging task for most aspirants. Candidates can follow this descriptive essay writing for Bank PO provided here.

Letter Writing For Bank PO Exams

Download PDF on Latest Topics for Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing For Bank Exams - Mock Tests

What is Descriptive Writing?

Know what is essay writing for Bank PO posts and Scale 1 officers and how to write a descriptive essay is provided here.

  • Descriptive essay writing defines the topic through which objectives, literacy skills, Presentation skills, and knowledge of a writer are identified.
  • It provides a clear picture and concise information of the topics chosen to describe.
  • It enhances the vocabulary skills of the writer and also makes the writer gain the delivering skills to deliver the content to the readers.
  • Writers define the topics by Capturing events and paying attention to the issues.

What I should do first?

Writing an essay writing needs a perfect introduction to the topic and should gain the reader's interest to know about the topics. Check how to start your descriptive writing.

  • Candidates must visualize the chosen topic in mind and prepare a road map that how to present the information effectively to the readers before writing.
  • Aspirants need to realize whether a topic is argumentative or critical so that the information regarding the topic can be presented precisely.
  • The aspirant should realize the purpose of choosing a particular topic and should exhibit a clear vision while delivering content.

How to start my essay?

Here we have equipped some of the tips to start the essay writing provided here.

  • While stating any topic, defining the introduction on the title is more important which attracts the reader to read your content.
  • The introduction represents what is given in the latter part of the essay.
  • The introduction must contain key ideas and mandatory information.


What topic do I have to choose?

  • Aspirants must need to choose a topic on which sufficient points could be collected at the stipulated time.
  • The aspirant must have known current events, objectives of the topic that they choose to describe.
  • Aspirants choose the topic on which impressive ideas and thoughts can be delivered.

Bank PO Descriptive Paper 2023 Topics for Essay Writing

The important essay-writing topics for Bank PO that the aspirants can practice for the upcoming bank exams are discussed below.

1. What are the key economic reforms and policy initiatives that have contributed to "India's Ascent to the World's Third-Largest Economy by 2028"?
2. How can governments strike a balance between encouraging privatization for economic growth and ensuring that essential services remain accessible to all citizens?
3. How does skill acquisition through vocational training or apprenticeships differ from traditional education in terms of practicality and application in the workforce?
4. Essay about impacts of climatic changes on weather events
5. Causes and impacts of unemployment
6. How online education differs from classroom learning?
7. RBI's role on controlling inflation
8. Essay about technological advancements during COVID-19.
9. How has the Chandrayaan program impacted India's standing in the global space exploration community?
10. How the raising population in India will be fruitful in economic development?

For more topics on essay writing, refer to the PDF given above.

How I should deliver my content?

Candidates must know how to deliver the content of essay writing which is provided here.

  • The first paragraph should contain the mandatory information regarding the topic.
  • Definition, key information, current events, causes and effects, precautionary measures need to be described.
  • The body of the content should be confidential information and optimistic ideas over the topic.
  • The sentence should be interrelated with the previous one with the required keywords and avoid repeating of same sentences.

English Language Section practice Quiz

How to exhibit my language and vocabulary skills?

Essay writing requires good language and vocabulary skills.

  • Aspirants can use basic level familiar vocabularies to present their content.
  • Grammatical skill is required to frame a sentence with proper sequence and avoid Grammar mistakes. 
  • Aspirants must apply common subjects like people, politicians, employees…etc. instead of pronouns(I, WE, U, THEY, HE, SHE).

How to conclude the topic?

Check how to write a descriptive essay conclusion in an effective manner is provided here.

  • Content should be concluded logically from the above-mentioned paragraph in the essay. It should create optimistic thoughts over the issue.
  • The narration of the topic should create passion and positive impacts among the readers and should be attractive.

How the evaluator will examine my essay?

  • Examiners will look after the keywords represented in the essay so that body of the content can be identified.
  • Examiners will scrutiny the grammatical skills of the writer and vocabulary skills through which the words used in the essay learned by the writer could be justified.
  • Words spelling and sentence coherence in passages will be verified so that basic language skills can be known.

Things should be avoided

Check the details of thongs that should be avoided for essay writing 

  • The introduction part should not be too lengthy.
  • The sentence should not be repeated twice in an essay.
  • Information should not be non–coherent.
  • Aspirants are advised not to choose a topic that makes them uncomfortable to collect ample points.
  • Aspirant advised not to use difficult-level vocabularies while delivering content.
  • Grammatical mistakes should be avoided.
  • Maximum negative views over the topic need to be avoided.
  • Aspirants should avoid the usage of pronouns in the passage.
  • Should not use colloquial languages while typing text like bcz, pls, u, know…etc
  • The aspirant must avoid making spelling mistakes while typing text hurriedly.

How to practice? where I can get the source?

Check how to practice writing a descriptive essay and the source to write the descriptive essay in an effective manner.

  • The aspirant has to read the daily news, and current affairs and should have the habit of reading editorial sections in newspapers like Hindu, times of India…etc.
  • Aspirants can frame sentences easily by learning more vocabulary and the habit of creating their own sentences for the word learned.
  • Practicing and creating own title and making content on own on a daily basis enhance the knowledge of collecting points for any topic and make the candidate finish the essay on the stipulated time.


FAQs: Descriptive Essay Writing Format For Bank PO Exams

Q. How to choose a topic for an essay in the mains exam?

Aspirants must need to choose a topic on which sufficient points could be collected at the stipulated time and the topic should be current affairs.

Q. What should be avoided in essay writing?

Grammatical mistakes and sentence repetition should be avoided while writing an essay.

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