CISF Raising Day 2022: March 10| History, Theme, Significance and Quotes

CISF Raising Day 2022: CISF Raising Day 2022 is observed on March 10th, 2022. It is an annual event observed all over India on March 10th every year. India celebrates the 53rd anniversary of CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) Raising Day on March 10, 2022. Observing CISF Raising Day is important as it brings better protection and security to industrial undertakings in the country.CISF played a major role in the protection and security of industrial undertakings in India. The Central Industrial Security Force(CISF) was established with 3 battalions. Each battalion provided integrated security to the public sector undertakings (PSUs). 

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is one of the Central Armed Police Forces in India. CISF is a unique organization in the paramilitary forces of India, which works to provide security cover to over 300 industrial units, government infrastructure projects, and facilities and establishments located all over India. Industrial sectors like atomic power plants, space installations, mines, oil fields and refineries, major ports, heavy engineering, steel plants, barrages, fertilizer units, airports, and hydroelectric/thermal power plants owned and controlled by Central Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), and currency note presses.


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CISF Raising Day 2022: History

CISF was formed on March 10, 1969, under the CISF Act of the Parliament of India. It started with as many as 2,800 personnel for the better protection and security of industrial undertakings in the country. Three battalions were formed to provide integrated security cover to the Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) which, in those years, occupied the commanding heights of the economy.


CISF Raising Day 2022: Theme

The theme is to recognize CISF soldier who has always been recognized as a multi-skilled and talented candidate, and their contribution has increased manifold over the years. Starting with just 3000 crew members, CISF has now the strength of over 1,70,000 members. With time CISF has evolved to become the multi-skill security agency of the country mandated to provide security to the major installations across the country.


CISF Raising Day 2022: Significance

CISF day raises awareness of the criticality of security needed by important industrial enterprises and areas. The goal of the CISF is to provide better safety and security to the industrial enterprises in the nation, including the private and public sectors. It also plays a major role in Disaster Management. The CISF has a 'Fire Wing' which helps during fire accidents in Industries where the CISF is on guard.


CISF Raising Day 2022: Quotes

  • Discipline is the soul of an army. This makes small numbers formidable, buy the success of the weak, and respects all.
  • No person armed with a standing army can leave the country. It’s important to keep us armed and disciplined at all times.
  • VIP culture sometimes creates hurdles in security architecture. Hence, the citizens must cooperate with the security personnel.


CISF Raising Day 2022: FAQs

Q. Is CISF a central government job?

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) came into existence on 15th June 1983 as a Central Armed Police Force in India. It was set up under an Act of the Parliament of India on 10 March 1969 with a strength of 2,800.


Q. How many years is CISF job?

To rise up to the position of Inspector, you will have to serve as an Assistant Sub-Inspector in the CISF for at least five years, at a stretch. Even then, the chances of promotion are very less. Promotions take place based on Zonal security, and it takes around 7-8 years to be eligible for the Inspector post.

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