Brazilian Independence Day 2022: September 7 - History, Theme, Significance, Quotes

Brazilian independence day 2022: On 7th September 1822, Brazil obtained its independence from the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and Algarves. Every year September 7th is celebrated as independence day in Brazil. It is often called the site de Setembro(7th september) or Dia da Patria (Nation Day). The 7th september of every year is observed as a National holiday in Brazil. Brazilian Independence day is observed by military parades and patriotic performances and the streets were full of patriotic Brazilians waving flags and banners. During the night the fireworks were conducted in order to celebrate independence day. The Brazilian independence day is organized at the Ministries Esplanade with the presence of the president of Brazil and the forefront of the civil-military parade. The Brazilian flag is made up of bright green with a yellow diamond in the center filled with a blue globe with 27 stars and with a white banner with a country slogan Ordem e Progresso, which means Order and Progress.   

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Brazilian independence day 2022: History

  • Brazil was in the possession of Portugal. When French troops conquered Portugal under the command of Napoleon, the Portuguese court was moved to Rio de Janeiro from Lisbon.
  • In 1820, a political revolution was raised in Portugal which forced the royal family to return. But the Prince of Brazil, Pedro remained in Brazil. The Portugal assembly demanded Brazil return its prince to Portugal.
  • Pedro, determined by the Rid de Janeiro Senate, refused to return. A new order with Lisbon's demands arrived in Rio de Janeiro, on 2 september 1822. At that time Prince Pedro was in Sao Paulo. 
  • Princess Maria Leopoldina met with the council of ministers and sent a letter to her husband to indicate Brazil”s Independence. At the shore of the Ipiranga River, Prince Pedro announced the country’s independence. From then 7th September is declared Brazilian independence day.

Brazilian independence day 2022 Theme:

  • Brazilian independence day is celebrated on 7th september. The Brazilian independence day 2022 theme is yet to be announced.

Brazilian independence day 2022: Significance

  • During the colonial period of Brazil, Portugal largely utilized its all resources. The Brazilian people were treated badly.
  • Black people were brought from Brazil to Portugal and treated as slaves and forcefully make to do work.
  • Brazilian independence day is celebrated to remember the contributions of the Brazilian freedom fighters and efforts made by all the citizens and military.
  • This day is also celebrated in order to pay respect for their audacity and resolution to get independent. 

Brazilian independence day 2022: Quotes

  • “God Bless our nation. God bless our army. God bless our President. God bless the Brazilian spirit that lives in us all. Freedom Rings!”.
  • “A friend is a person who gives you complete freedom for yourself. Happy Independence Day of Brazil”.

Brazilian independence day 2022: FAQs

Q: When was Brazilian independence day celebrated?

A: Brazilian independence day was celebrated on 7th September every year.

Q: where and who announced the independence of Brazil?

A: At the shore of the Ipiranga River, Prince Pedro announced the country’s independence.

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