List of Top Bank Exam Preparation Tips 2024 Online Free: Check How To Start Your Preparation From Scratch For Beginners

Bank Exam Preparation 2024: Is the bank exam tough? is one of the common questions most of the aspirants have at the beginning. Not at all, in this bank exam preparation 2024 online article we have added the best strategy and bank exam 2024 preparation tips that guide you to ace the bank exams with good scores. Firstly, banking exam preparation 2024 requires consistent preparation with commitment. By analyzing your strengths and weaknesses make an effective study plan by utilizing the time properly. As bank exams are one of the most sought-after exams, how to excel in this heavy competition and achieve the victory you desire is explained here in this Bank Exam Preparation 2024 article which helps you know how to start your bank exam preparation 2024 from scratch with the best tips for beginners. Among the bank exam preparation online websites, Guidely is one of the best platforms that provides standard and quality study materials. Also, know how to approach the upcoming bank exams with Perfect Bank Exam Preparation App 2024, prepare for bank exams, bank exam preparation books, bank exam preparation app, bank exam preparation websites, bank exam preparation tips for beginners, and bank exam preparation 2024 online tips and winning bank exam preparation strategy.

Bank Exam Syllabus 2024

Given the large number of applications for Clerk, SO, and Bank PO Jobs that are submitted each year, it is clear that young people are interested in working in the banking industry. Even though these bank examinations get harder every year, candidates are still searching for the finest bank exam preparation tips and the bank exam preparation 2024 online methods to pass them on the first try. Candidates in search of banking exam preparation in English, banking exam preparation material pdf, preparation for banking exams, how to prepare for the bank exams, preparation of banking exam, bank exams how to prepare, preparation for banking exam, bank exam preparation 2024 book pdf, bank exam preparation 2024, bank exam preparation online free, bank exam study material with answers pdf, bank exam English preparation, bank exam preparation strategy, bank test preparation 2024 online free, bank exam preparation question with answer, where to prepare for bank exams, bank exam preparation 2024, govt bank exam preparation, bank job exam preparation, bank exam self-preparation, bank exam preparation for beginners, etc., can refer to this bank exam preparation 2024 online article for more details. To beat the stiff competition right away, you must know how to start your bank exam preparation 2024 online as soon as the application is available. The number of openings in the banking industry is growing exponentially, according to a recent update. Therefore, earning a bank position at a reputable bank is a highly sought-after career opportunity. Therefore, nobody wants to pass up this chance. So make use of this bank exam preparation app 2024 online page to learn the strategies and tips on the bank exam preparation 2024 for beginners.

Best Books For Bank Exams

Bank Exam Preparation 2024 

Bank Exam Preparation 2024: Each person has a unique approach and bank exam preparation strategy to study for the banking examinations. Some of them manage to reach their intended goal, while others fail to do so. Because of the excellent income packages, additional benefits, and rapid advancement, aspirants are more directed towards this industry. Let's get into the thorough and organized preparation plan for the 2024 bank examinations. Candidates in search of bank exam basic preparation, bank exam preparation 2024, government bank exam preparation, bank exam for preparation, bank exam syllabus preparation tips, bank po ki preparation, how bank exam preparation, what is the best way to prepare for bank exams, bank exam preparation of English, bank exam preparation plans, bank written exam preparation, bank exam preparation questions and answers pdf, etc., Here in this bank exam preparation 2024 online article, we have added the general and section-wise bank exam preparation tips added here for your reference. So make the best use of this bank exam preparation 2024 article to know the best bank exam preparation 2024 strategy and the best bank exam preparation 2024 online tips. This bank exam preparation 2024 online strategy and bank exam preparation 2024 tips will help you to make your bank exam preparation 2024 easier. 

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How To Start Bank Exam Preparation?

How to banking exam preparation: Knowing the in-depth syllabus for the bank test is the next step after having a firm grip on the exam pattern specifics. The bank exams such as IBPS and SBI exams have some of the most important sections for the prelims as well as the mains examination. Here, we have added the most common sections in the bank exams. The most important sections of bank exams are reasoning ability, quantitative aptitude, English language, general awareness sections (only in mains), and computer awareness (for RRB exams). Knowing the syllabus is the first detail aspirant should know before starting with their bank exam preparation 2024. 

It should be noted that sectional timing and sectional cut-off have now been included in every banking exam. Keep in mind these factors before you begin your bank exam preparation online for free. Negative marks play a significant role in bank exams. Preliminary exams are often qualifying in nature, and the merit list is determined by the main exam and interview scores. To obtain the desired position in banks, a candidate must be qualified and excel at all stages. Additionally, prelims and mains are typically conducted online. Knowing the in-depth syllabus for the bank test is the next step after having a firm grip on the exam pattern specifics. Typically, the organizing body does not supply the syllabus.

Bank Exams Eligibility Criteria 2024

Bank Exam Preparation Strategy

Strategy for bank exam preparation or bank po ki preparation kaise kare can be known by referring to the important tips provided below in this bank exam preparation 2024 article. 

  • Aware of bank job preparation syllabus: Once you are familiar with the exam format and bank exam preparation syllabuschoose the subjects you believe you are strong in.
  • Make sure each objective is doable and reasonable.
  • Students have two to three months to prepare after receiving the notification.
  • Prepare properly and get started without waiting for confirmation from the authorities. Your study time decreases as you wait longer for the formal notification to be released.
  • Before progressing to the advanced level, make sure your fundamentals are clear.
  • You can practice by taking the mock tests offered by Guidely.
  • Don't limit your preparation to fundamentals alone.
  • Once you have mastered the basic ideas, move on to the advanced level.
  • Do not take the mock test right away. First, learn the concepts then practice sectional tests, and then attempt the mock tests.
  • Go for the mock exam if you have finished the material and can answer even challenging questions.

Section Wise Bank Exam Preparation Tips

Here we have added the section-wise bank exam preparation tips for the prelims as well as the mains exams in this bank exam preparation 2024 page. So go through this bank exam preparation carefully to know the important bank exam preparation 2024 strategy and bank exam preparation 2024 tips. 

Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips: Bank Exam Preparation

The mathematical portion serves as the sole foundation for the Quantitative Aptitude section. Formulas are used in certain questions, while simple bank exam preparation tricks are in others. We are all aware that the basic ideas we learned in school are related to the problems on the quantitative aptitude test. The most crucial things to keep in mind during bank exams are the ideas. You can only pass this section easily if you are certain of your concepts. The strategy to crack the Quantitative and Numerical Ability sections of bank exams is consistent revision. All applicants must increase their Calculation speed when preparing for bank exams.

  • You must employ a variety of shortcuts and Calculation Techniques to complete problems fast with easy shortcuts and tricks.
  • The questions about formulae and identities are the following. Because you can achieve the highest score possible in the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability sections, these questions are crucial to performing well on the bank examination.
  • Make an effective study schedule for each subject by dividing your days.
  • For a well-rounded study plan, start each day by reviewing notes from a prior topic before moving on to new ones.
  • Simplifications, number series, data interpretation, and percentages should all be practiced extensively for the exam because these topics are typically significantly weighted.
  • For each exam topic, finish the practice exams and quizzes.
  • Find out how much time you are spending on each question while you practice the bank exam question papers from prior years.
  • It is a well-known fact that the Quant section typically requires more time to complete the questions, which accounts for the fact that more applicants miss the sectional cutoff and fail the bank examination.
  • Therefore, it would be beneficial if you focused on precision as well as effective time management when tackling mathematical tasks.
  • To learn time management, taking an online quiz is also encouraged.


Quantitative Aptitude Formula PDFs Download




Time Distance Speed

Time and Work

Permutation and Combination

Boats and Streams

Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Number System

Mixture and Alligation

Ratio and Proportion

Pipes and Cisterns

Sequence and Series

Problems on Trains


Profit and Loss

Mensuration Formula





Quantitative Aptitude Tricks PDFs




Time Distance Speed

Time and Work

Permutation and Combination for Bank Exams

Boats and Streams

Simple interest and compound interest

Number system

Mixture and Alligation

Ratio and proportion 

Pipes and Cisterns

Number series

Problems on trains


Profit and Loss

Quadratic Equation


Problems on ages



Reasoning Ability Preparation Tips: Bank Exam Preparation

The reasoning ability preparation tips in bank exam preparation 2024 are added in this bank exam preparation 2024 post. Candidates can utilize this bank exam preparation 2024 online to prepare for the upcoming bank exams. This reasoning ability section has the potential to be incredibly scoring if you have prepared well. Various logical, verbal, and nonverbal reasoning topics are included in this section. To ace the reasoning section of all bank exams, read the following tips. Coding-decoding, data sufficiency, and inequalities are among the easier components of the Reasoning Ability section of the bank test questions and answers, hence these should be tackled first during the exam. 

  • Syllogism, inequality, direction, blood relationships, coding-decoding, and other similar concepts are crucial to understanding because they will win you high scores.
  • Daily practice will help you increase your speed for verbal and analytical questions.
  • The first step in solving the fairly complex input-output, blood relations, syllogism, and analogy problems is to make them simpler and align them with the solution.
  • Practice daily to keep your revision on track.
  • Try simple puzzles first, then move on to more challenging ones.
  • For inequality or coding-decoding, candidates can first consider the answer and begin at the conclusion, which makes the issue appear less complicated.
  • Avoid focusing too much time on a single question.
  • Crosswords and puzzles are the areas that require focus and strategy to solve.
  • Candidates who consistently practice are more likely to score well on this subject within the limited time frame.


Reasoning Tricks and Tips PDFs

Seating Arrangement 


Blood Relation



Direction Sense


Input Output


English Preparation Tips: Bank Exam Preparation

English for bank exam preparation: English section preparation tips for bank exam preparation 2024 are added in this bank exam preparation 2024 online post. If you are familiar with language basics, fundamental grammatical principles, and vocabulary, you should have no trouble answering the questions that make up this section of the bank exam. The following section contains some crucial English preparation advice. Read English newspapers, magazines, and books to comprehend new language patterns and flows. Make an effort to learn and remember a new word each day with an English book for bank exam preparation. Also, use this new phrase in regular conversations. Additionally, it will benefit you in the interview. The majority of the comprehension, error-spotting, sentence rearrangement, fill-in-the-blanks, and closed-ended questions should be practiced because they will be given more weight. English banking experts have created comprehensive English tests and study materials.

  • Apply the "elimination rule" to every English Section topic. Attempt to determine which ones are wholly inappropriate for the blank. Eliminate these possibilities one at a time, and you'll eventually arrive at the best choice.
  • Spend some time learning the fundamental grammar rules.
  • In contrast to vocabulary, the concepts, and rules are frequently reiterated.
  • Vocabulary development is a daily activity. Do not neglect daily word study and reading useful articles in the newspaper. It is suggested that you begin with the vocabulary portion first so that you can earn good scores in one sitting.
  • Resolve the reading comprehension part. Make sure to attempt the fact and vocabulary-based questions in the RC after a brief reading before moving on to the theme/main idea-based questions.

English Tricks and Tips pdfs

Reading Comprehension Cloze Test Para Jumbles Error Spotting

General Awareness Preparation Tips: Bank Exam Preparation

  • In your bank exam preparation plan, you can separate the General Awareness segment into Current and Static GK as well as subject-specific awareness.
  • Let's look at some of the advice to ace it below, which is frequently featured in the Mains stage.
  • Keep up with recent news and events from India and across the world.
  • Learn the currencies of other nations, global trade, laws and agreements, banking details, exchange rates, trade deficits, and so forth.
  • To stay current, read books, newspapers, and magazines about economics and finance.
  • Make quick notes for simple revision on occasions, dates, honors and awards, books and writers, government programs, policy years and lapses, and other subjects.
  • Take as many practice exams and quizzes as you can to become familiar with all the material.

How To Prepare For Bank Exams for Beginners: General Tips

Beginner candidates can check how to prepare for bank exam syllabus with the bank exam study material with answers and get to know what type of questions are asked in bank exam, when bank exams will be conducted, and when to start preparing for bank exams, etc., in this bank exam preparation 2024 article. Refer to this bank exam preparation 2024 post to know the bank exam preparation 2024 tips for beginners and bank exam preparation 2024 general tips. 

  • Plan appropriately - Making a plan is the first thing you should do. A good strategy is essential because it prevents time from being squandered. You must consider the exam pattern, syllabus, previous year's cutoff, etc. when creating the plan. Knowing about these will enable you to concentrate on the areas that require improvement while you study for the upcoming tests.
  • Create a schedule - Next, you must create a schedule. By doing this, you'll be able to effectively manage your time and cover a variety of topics throughout the day. It should be mentioned that to qualify for the position, you must score the desired cutoff scores for each section.
  • Learn from online resources by utilizing them to the fullest extent possible. It will keep you informed of current events and allow you to become an expert in the strategies and techniques used to answer the questions quickly.
  • Completely review the course syllabus. When getting ready for the test, go over the entire syllabus. By doing this, you'll make sure that you can quickly address any exam question. Being ready is crucial because exams contain a variety of questions.
  • Practice - Practising as much as you can is another crucial step. The more you solve the questions, the more proficient you will become. By giving yourself a deadline, you might attempt to answer the questions from practice exams. By doing this, you'll be able to keep track of the clock and respond to as many questions as you can during the exam.
  • Thoroughly revise after concluding that your preparation is complete. Keep working hard on each phase and don't relax. It will make sure that nobody becomes complacent.

Reasoning Free Study Materials PDF


Blood Relation

Coding Decoding


Seating Arrangement

Alphanumeric Series

Number Sequence

Order and Ranking


Direction Sense

Floor Based Puzzle

Linear Seating Arrangement

Box Based Puzzle

Floor and Flat Based Puzzle

Year Based Puzzle

Day based puzzle

Age Based Puzzle

Box with Stack Puzzle

Parallel Seating Arrangement

Designation Puzzle Month Based Puzzle sequence Puzzle Table Based Puzzle Circular Seating Arrangement

Diagram Based Seating Arrangement

Hexagonal Seating Arrangement Pentagonal Seating Arrangement Rectangular Seating Arrangement    


Quantitative Aptitude Free Study Materials PDF

Quadratic Equation


Data Interpretation

Time and Work

Number Series

Time Distance Speed

Mixture and Alligations

Pipes and Cisterns


Simple and Compound Interest

Boats and Streams 

Problems On Trains



Profit Loss Discount


Bar Graph DI

Pie Chart DI

Ratio and Proportion

Radar Graph DI

Bubble Chart DI Candle Stick Based DI Cumulative DI Funnel DI

Missing Table Chart DI

Scatter Graph DI

Tree Based DI Triangle Chart DI arithmetic based DI  


English Free Study Materials PDF

Reading Comprehension

Word Rearrangement

Cloze Test

Word Swap

Sentence Rearrangement

Match the column

Word Usage

Error Spotting


Sentence Improvement


Jumbled Sentence

Pairs of Words

Single Fillers

Double Fillers




FAQs - Bank Exam Preparation 2024

Q. Which bank exam is easy?

SBI Clerk and IBPS Clerk is one of the easiest bank exams compared to other exams.

Q. Is 3 months enough to crack bank exams?

For those who are in doubt about whether they can crack the exam in three months, the answer is yes you can. IBPS PO is an aptitude exam for which you need to be good at solving questions based on the concepts.

Q. How to prepare for bank exams?

Candidates should make an appropriate strategy considering the exam pattern, syllabus, previous year's cutoff, etc when creating the plan. Knowing about these will enable you to concentrate on the areas that require improvement while you study for the upcoming tests. For more tips refer to this article.

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