Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 21st November 2023

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2023 of 21st November 2023. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2023 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.


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1) The IMPS channel has been taken offline by UCO Bank as a precaution. In IMPS, what is the maximum transfer limit?

(a)  Rs.200000

(b) Rs.300000

(c) Rs.250000

(d) Rs.500000

(e) Rs.400000

2) What percentage of the existing service discount is available to passengers booking digital QR-based tickets using the PhonePe Switch platform?

(a) 10%

(b) 20%

(c) 30%

(d) 15%

(e) 25%

3) The International Tourism Mart is being held in Shillong by the Ministry of Tourism. Where is
the Union Ministry of Tourism's constituency located?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) Karnataka

(c) Gujarat

(d) Telangana

(e) Himachal Pradesh

4) Gujarat Science City in Ahmedabad will host the Global Fisheries Conference India 2023, which will be inaugurated by Shri Parshottam Rupala. When was World Fisheries Day observed?

(a) September 20

(b) November 22

(c) October 18

(d) November 21

(e) December 3

5) Which is the 4th longest metro in India?

(a) Delhi metro

(b) Chennai metro

(c) Hyderabad metro

(d) Mumbai metro

(e) Kolkata metro

6) Singapore and the United States have been added to the Yono Global App by State Bank of India (SBI). In how many countries does SBI currently provide Yono Global services in?

(a) 5

(b) 4

(c) 6

(d) 9

(e) 8

7) According to WIPO's (World Intellectual Property Organization) annual World Intellectual Property Indicators (WIPI) report, the number of patent filings by Indian applicants increased by 31.6% in 2022, continuing a record of growth that was unsurpassed by any other nation among the top 10 filers for how many years?

(a) 5

(b) 10

(c) 9

(d) 11

(e) 13

8) Aregulations allowing international institutions to construct and run campuses in India were released by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Online lectures are permitted as long as they don't surpass how much percentage of the criteria for the program?

(a) 10%

(b) 20%

(c) 5%

(d) 15%

(e) 12%

9) To promote rhino and lion conservation, South Africa has introduced tax incentives. What is the management plan's minimum duration?

(a) 5 years

(b) 3 years

(c) 10 years

(d) 8 years

(e) 6 years

10) Amit S. Telang,became the Caribbean Community's (CC) first Indian ambassador. How many states make up the CC membership?

(a) 10

(b) 15

(c) 12

(d) 25

(e) 18

11) Which river in North Sikkim does the Bailey Bridge, built by the Indian Army and BRO,
span set a record?

(a) Son

(b) Betwa

(c) Koyana

(d) Tawa

(e) Teesta

12) The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has given its approval for Bupa Singapore Holdings Pte to purchase a further interest in Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company. Which channel route has the contract been approved by the CCI?

(a) Blue

(b) Red

(c) Green

(d) Orange

(e) White

13) To meet the growing demand from developers for Nvidia alternatives, Microsoft has introduced AI chips. Since which year, Microsoft is purportedly developing AI chips under the Athena project code name?

(a) 2016

(b) 2015

(c) 2017

(d) 2019

(e) 2020

14) Jio Satellite received an ISP license, while OneWeb was received a VSAT and an ISP A
(national area) license. Regarding VSAT, what does "A" mean?

(a) Aerial

(b) Area

(c) Aperture

(d) Automated

(e) Ampler

15) At a Sotheby's New York auction, Pablo Picasso's _______artwork "Femme à la montre" went for over $139 million, making it the most costly piece of art sold at auction this year worldwide.

(a) 1931

(b) 1932

(c) 1934

(d) 1935

(e) 1933

16) According to the UN, which is in stand for in the modern world in terms of globalization and communication?

(a) Mobile

(b) Television

(c) Computer

(d) Robotics

(e) Radio

17) Subrata Roy, the founder of Sahara Group, passed away. Which year did Roy won Business Icon of the Year at the London Power Brands Hall of Fame Awards?

(a) 2009

(b) 2011

(c) 2013

(d) 2010

(e) 2007

18) In Doha, Qatar, the ISSF World Cup Final 2023 competition gets underway. Which country is currently at the top of the list?

(a) USA

(b) China

(c) India

(d) Serbia

(e) Hong Kong

19) Australia won the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup in Ahmedabad after defeating India. Who received the title of "Player of the Tournament"?

(a) KL Rahul

(b) Rohit Sharma

(c) Virat Kohli

(d) Mohammed Shami

(e) Suryakumar Yadahv

20) In order to empower corporate and women entrepreneurs through various training programs, the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs signs an agreement with Lean Campus Startups (Trust) and WEICI India. Which state was the venue for this MoU?

(a) Bihar

(b) Rajasthan

(c) Haryana

(d) Chandigarh

(e) Punjab

Answers :

1) Answer: D

The government-owned UCO Bank has suspended online Immediate Payment System (IMPS) transfers temporarilyIMPS offer an instant,24*7 interbank electronic fund transfer service capable of processing person-to-person, person to account and person to merchant remittances via mobile, internet and ATMs.

2) Answer: B

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has partnered with PhonePe to introduce digital QR-based ticketing for metro travellers.Metro passengers in Chennai now have the option to bypass long queues at metro stations and ticket counters by opting for seamless digital QR-based tickets.Passengers can book digital QR-based tickets through the PhonePe Switch platform, which also offers the existing 20% discount on the services.PhonePe will introduce three services for commuters in phases: booking single journey tickets, return journey tickets, and recharging the smart card on PhonePe Switch.

3) Answer: D

The Ministry of Tourism is organising the International Tourism Mart at Shillong in Meghalaya to create awareness about the tourism potential of the North East Region. The event is scheduled to be inaugurated by Tourism Minister G. Kishan Reddy and attended by Tourism Ministers of North Eastern states.

About Shri G. Kishan Reddy:

Portfolio: Minister of Culture;Minister of Tourism; andMinister of Development of North Eastern Region

Constituency: Secunderabad,Telangana

4) Answer: D

Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying Shri Parshottam Rupala will inaugurate Global Fisheries Conference India 2023 at Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad. The concept has thus taken the shape of a two-day conference from 21st to 22nd November 2023 on the occasion of World Fisheries Day being celebrated globally.The Global Fisheries Conference India 2023 was conceptualised by the Department of Fisheries with the aim of devising a way forward for the Indian Fisheries and Aquaculture sector in conjunction with the stakeholders from the fisheries’ value chain.

5) Answer: B

The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu built and operates the Chennai Metro. The Chennai Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.It is the 4th longest metro system in India. Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has partnered with PhonePe to introduce digital QR-based ticketing for metro travellers.

6) Answer: D

The State Bank of India (SBI) is set to launch the Yono Global app in Singapore and the United States (US).The expansion aims to offer digitised remittance and other financial services to SBI customers in these regions.Vidya Krishnan, Deputy MD (IT) of SBI, engaged in discussions with Singapore-based digital platform enablers, local regulators, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for the app's launch.Presently, SBI offers Yono Global services in 9 countries.In September 2019, it started with the UK operations.SBI is integrating the Yono Global app with PayNow, a digital payment system in Singapore.

7) Answer: D

Global patenting activity soared to new records in 2022, fuelled by Indian and Chinese innovators and powered by increased levels of innovation, entrepreneurship and digitalisation in these countries. Patent filings by Indian applicants grew by 31.6% in 2022, extending an 11-year run of growth unmatched by any other country among the top 10 filers, according to WIPO's (World Intellectual Property Organisation) annual World Intellectual Property Indicators (WIPI) report.Innovators from around the world submitted 3.5 million patent applications in 2022, marking a third consecutive year of growth.

8) Answer: A

Foreign university campuses in India will not be allowed to offer online courses or distance learning.Also, the final rules have increased the time period for the standing committee to process applications from 45 days to 60 days. The recommendations of the committee should be placed before the UGC in 60 days, as opposed to 45 days in the draft regulations.No programmes can be offered online or in Open and Distance Learning modes under these regulations. However, lectures in online mode not exceeding 10% of the programme requirements are allowed.

9) Answer: A

The South African Environment Ministry has entered into Biodiversity Management Agreements (BMAs) with three landowners in Limpopo province.These agreements aim to secure the protection of privately-owned lions and rhinos.The agreement allows the owners to deduct all their expenses related to conservation from their taxable income.In order to activate the agreements applicants have to sign a management plan of at least a five-year duration with the department.

10) Answer: B

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM or CC) is an intergovernmental organisation that is a political and economic union of 15 member states (14 nation-states and one dependency) throughout the Americas and Atlantic Ocean. Presently, Dr Amit S Telang is the High Commissioner of India to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.In addition, Anil Kumar Rai, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, has been appointed Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaIndia established a formal relationship with CARICOM as a continuation of its diplomatic relations with individual members of CARICOM.

11) Answer: E

The Indian Army's Trishakti Corps, in collaboration with the Border Roads Organization (BRO), successfully completed the construction of the Bailey Bridge over the Teesta River at Chungthang in North Sikkim. The bridge's completion reestablished connectivity to flood-affected areas in North Sikkim, which had been cut off since the night of October 3, 2023.The Bailey Bridge facilitates uninterrupted movement of vehicles and the provision of relief material to the previously isolated flood-affected areas.The 200-foot Bailey Bridge is recognized as an engineering marvel, being the longest and heaviest single-span Bailey bridge.

12) Answer: C

Bupa Singapore Holdings is a shareholder of Niva Bupa and a subsidiary of international healthcare group The British United Provident Association Ltd (Bupa).After the transaction, the shareholding of Bupa Singapore Holdings will increase to 63% in Niva Bupa Health Insurance.The CCI has cleared the deal under the green channel route.Under the green channel route, a transaction which does not raise any risk of an appreciable adverse effect on competition is deemed to be approved on being intimated to the fair-trade regulator.

13) Answer: D

Microsoft's AI chip offerings include a general-purpose chip called Cobalt, based on Arm designs, and a specialized AI "accelerator" named Maia.These chips are set to be deployed in Microsoft's Azure data centers in the coming year.Microsoft has reportedly been working on AI chip development since 2019, with the project code-named Athena. 'Project Maia' is described by Microsoft as a deep learning framework that engages in chess playing to explore the interaction between humans and AI, showcasing a practical application of AI technology.

14) Answer: C

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has already granted OneWeb and Jio Satellite the global mobile personal communication by satellite services (GMPCS) licence that is required to offer satellite-based broadband services in India. While Jio Satellite received its ISP license a month back, OneWeb was given the ISP A (national area) and very small aperture terminal (VSAT) licences.VSAT, with its data transmission capabilities, plays a pivotal role in delivering broadband internet services, especially to homes and offices. SAT is a device equipped with an antenna commonly used for transmitting/receiving data, voice, and video signals. It often serves as a connectivity solution for banking/ATM machines in rural areas and provides backhaul connectivity for cellular mobile services.

15) Answer: B

The nine-digit price made it the second-most-expensive Picasso painting to sell at auction, behind “Les femmes d'Alger (Version 'O'),” which fetched $179.3 million, including a buyer’s premium, at Christie’s in 2015.“Femme à la montre,” which translates from French to “Woman with a Watch,” is a portrait of the artist’s lover Marie-Thérèse Walter seated in a throne-like chair against a blue background. “Femme a la Montre” is dated to 1932 and was previously part of the collection belonging to art collector and philanthropist Fisher Landau.

16) Answer: B

In 1927, a 21-year-old inventor by the name of Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented the world’s first electronic television. Neither of them knew the television would become the emblem for an international day promoting the spread of global information.On November 21 and 22 1996, the United Nations held the first World Television Forum.The theme for the 2023 edition is “Accessibility”.The UN General Assembly decided to name November 21 World Television Day, not to celebrate the object itself, but the symbol for communication and globalization in the contemporary world that it represents.

17) Answer: B

In 2003, Sahara started three weeklies: Sahara Time (English), Sahara Samay (Hindi), and Sahara Aalmi (Urdu). In 2004, the Sahara group was termed by Time magazine as "the second largest employer in India after Indian Railways".Under Roy's leadership, Sahara also sponsored the Indian cricket and hockey teams and owned a Formula One racing team.In 2010, Sahara purchased the iconic Grosvenor House Hotel in London,and then in 2012 the historic Plaza Hotel and Dream Downtown Hotel in New York CityRoy received a Business Icon of the Year award at the Power Brands Hall of Fame Awards in London in 2011.

18) Answer: B

India currently holds third position in the World Cup medal standings with three gold, one silver and five bronze medals.China is leading the table with seven gold medals while Serbia is on second spot with the same number of golds as India and an additional silver medal.The competition will witness 13 Indian shooters competing for top honours across various shooting disciplines. This season finale will showcase the top 15 shooters from this year’s World Cup circuit across 12 shooting events.

19) Answer: C

Rahul made 66 while Virat scored 54 runs. Skipper Rohit Sharma also made quick 47.Virat Kohli was awarded with the "player of the tournament" title for his exemplary performance. He scored a total of 765 runs in 11 innings, the highest-ever runs scored by a batter in a single edition of the World Cup. Mohammed Shami finished off as the leading wicket-taker of the World Cup 2023. In seven matches, he scalped 24 wickets.

20) Answer: C

Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) and Lean Campus Startups (Trust) & WEICI India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana. The collaborative objective of IICA and Lean Campus Startups & WEICI India is to empower both corporate and women entrepreneurs, augmenting their knowledge, skills, and competencies in the effective establishment and management of a diverse workforce.In partnership with IICA, LCS will orchestrate programmes for women entrepreneurs and students.

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