Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 17th & 18th December 2023

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2023 of 17th & 18th December 2023. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2023 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.


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1) Which country will provide a $2 million grant from the Fund for Prosperous and Resilient Asia and the Pacific to assist the project's training and livelihood enhancement efforts?

(a) USA

(b) China

(c) Japan

(d) Russia

(e) Germany

2) According to the RBI data, the weighted average cut-off yield of State Government Security issuances grew by what percentage?

(a) 7.70%

(b) 7.71%

(c) 7.72%

(d) 7.73%

(e) 7.75%

3) SBI and KfW agreed a 70 million euro (about Rs 630 crore) Line of Credit (LoC). Which
country development bank does KfW belong to?

(a) USA

(b) China

(c) Japan

(d) Russia

(e) Germany

4) The affordable housing plan of PNB Housing Finance has reached its goal of completing loans worth Rs 1,000 crore. It intends to increase the loan book by March 2025 under which affordable housing program?

(a) Mithra

(b) Roshini

(c) Lakshmi

(d) Nethra

(e) Valmiki

5) In an effort to sell NPAs valued at ₹4,234 crore, YES Bank has extended an invitation to expressions of  interest (EoI).How much was the retail non-performing assets (NPAs) standing at?

(a) Rs.1411crores

(b) Rs.1412crores

(c) Rs.1413crores

(d) Rs.1414crores

(e) Rs.1415crores

6) "From January to November, 10 PSBs transferred over ~11,617 cr in non-performing assets to NARCL." Which bank is at the top of the list?

(a) Canara bank

(b) SBI bank

(c) Bank of India

(d) PNB bank

(e) Union bank of India

7) Kashi Tamil Sangamam 2023 will be opened by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Which river is owned by farmers and artisans?

(a) Yamuna

(b) Godaveri

(c) Saraswati

(d) Sindhu

(e) Narmada

8) The Unnati Foundation was the first organization to list on the social stock markets (SSE). When was the Unnati Foundation founded?

(a) 2010

(b) 2011

(c) 2009

(d) 2012

(e) 2013

9) In November, retail inflation is expected to reach 5.55%. Which state had the highest 7.65% rate?

(a) Haryana

(b) Odisha

(c) Rajasthan

(d) Chattisgarh

(e) Maharashtra

10) Which state will host the Ajanta-Ellora Film Festival, where Javed Akhtar will receive the Padmapani Lifetime Achievement Award?

(a) Haryana

(b) Odisha

(c) Rajasthan

(d) Chattisgarh

(e) Maharashtra

11) In January 2024, Tamil Nadu will host the Khello India Games. Which of the following districts is not included by the State Government's announcement that the games would take place?

(a) Chennai

(b) Coimbatore

(c) Salem

(d) Madurai

(e) Trichy

12) Which year did the UN commemorate Minorities Rights Day for the first time?

(a) 1990

(b) 1991

(c) 1992

(d) 1994

(e) 1995

13) Which year's United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development includes goals related to migration?

(a) 2025

(b) 2030

(c) 2035

(d) 2040

(e) 2050

14) What is the face value of the Zero Coupon Zero Principal (ZCZP) instruments that will be credited into the individual contributors' demat accounts?

(a) Rs.5

(b) Rs.2

(c) Rs.1

(d) Rs.10

(e) Rs.3

15) Which state is home to the Dampa Tiger Reserve?

(a) Manipur

(b) Mizoram

(c) Meghalaya

(d) Sikkim

(e) Tripura

Answers :

1) Answer: C

India and ADB have signed a $200 million loan agreement with Uttarakhand for Power System Project.This loan agreement is to improve the quality, efficiency, and reliability of power supply in Uttarakhand.This loan agreement is for the Uttarakhand Climate Resilient Power System Development Project.Asian Development Bank (ADB) will fund the project. This will strengthen power system infrastructure in Uttarakhand.The project involves enhancing of the power system network’s capabilities.The project will modernise Dehradun city’s power network infrastructure.The Japan Fund for Prosperous and Resilient Asia and the Pacific will provide a $2 million grant to support livelihood enhancement, and training activities of the project.

2) Answer: B

The weighted average cut-off yield of State Government Security issuances increased to 7.71% as per RBI report.RBI report is titled “State Finances: A Study of Budgets of 2023-24”.As per the report, the weighted average cut-off yield of State Government Security issuances increased 73 basis points (bps) during 2022-23 from 6.98% in the previous year.The weighted average spread (WAS) between SGS issuances and comparable-maturity Central government securities, however, decreased from 41 basis points to 31 basis points in 2022–2023.The issuance of 10-year maturity securities formed 27.9% of the total amount of issuances in 2022-23. The next ten years will see the maturation of almost 79% of SGS.Net market borrowings of states have grown by 5.4% from ₹4.92 lakh crore in 2021-22 to ₹5.19 lakh crore in 2022-23.

3) Answer: E

SBI signed 70 million euro (approximately Rs 630 crore) Line of Credit (LoC) with KfW. The LoC with German Development Bank KfW is for promoting solar project in the country. The agreement has been signed on 14 December at the bank’s IFSC Gift City Branch in Ahmedabad.LoC aims to support Solar Photovoltaics (PV) projects in India.SBI has shown a 9.13% growth in consolidated net profit for the September quarterIt reported a total income of more than Rs 1.12 lakh crore for September quarter.

4) Answer: B

PNB Housing Finance, the third largest housing finance company in India, announced that it has achieved a loan book size of Rs 1,000 crore in the affordable housing segment. It said that under its Roshni scheme for affordable housing, it aims to double the loan book by March 2025. The scheme was launched in December last year.Girish Kousgi, managing director and chief executive officer at PNB Housing Finance.Under the Roshni scheme, the company provides loans for ticket sizes in the range of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 35 lakh.PNB Housing Finance is also expanding its physical presence. It recently inaugurated its 100th Roshni branch in India, also its first all-women branch. By March 2024, it aims to open 60 more branches for the affordable segment, taking the total to 160 branches.

5) Answer: C

YES Bank has invited expressions of interest (EoI) for the proposed sale of NPAs worth ₹4,234 crore.Bids have been invited to identify an anchor bid for the stressed assets sale, all of which are being offered on an upfront 100 per cent cash basis.YES Bank has invited bids for the sale of stressed loans, by December 18.As of September 2023, YES Bank has gross NPAs of ₹4, 319 crore of which corporate banking NPAs were ₹2,236 crore, mid-corporate NPAs were ₹219 crore and SME NPAs were ₹452 crore. Retail NPAs stood at ₹1,413 crore.Last year, the bank sold a Rs 48000 crore non-performing loan portfolio to JC Flowers ARC in what is seen as the largest secondary market trade in the distressed loan segment.

6) Answer: B

A total of 10 Public Sector Banks (PSBs) have transferred Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) of over Rs 11,617 crore to NARCL between January and November this year.In a written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for Finance Bhagwat Karad said the National Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd (NARCL) has recovered Rs 16.64 crore as of November 30, 2023.Recovery will be effected in these accounts after the resolution plans get approved by the National Company Law Tribunal. In remaining accounts, NARCL has recovered Rs 16.64 crore, as on 30.11.2023NARCL is a bad bank, which buys NPAs, or bad loans, from lenders.As per details of the debt assigned to the NARCL by these 10 PSBs, as on November 30, SBI has transferred the largest amount of Rs 4,508 crore, followed by PNB, and Canara Bank at Rs 2,138 crore and Rs 1,858 crore, respectively.Union Bank of India has transferred Rs 1,831 crore to NARCL between January and November.

7) Answer: E

The second phase of Kashi Tamil Sangamam will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the Namo Ghat, Varanasi, UPThe first batch of Tamil delegation comprising a group of students from various parts of Tamil Nadu named after the sacred river ‘Ganga’ reached the holy city of Kashi (Varanasi) to attend the 15-day-long second phase of Kashi Tamil Sangamam. They were received with a grand welcome upon arrival at the Varanasi Cantt. Railway Station. During their stay, they will also visit Prayagraj and Ayodhya.Six more groups comprising Teachers (Yamuna), Professionals (Godavari), Spiritual (Saraswati), Farmers and Artisans (Narmada), Writers (Sindhu) and Traders and Businessmen (Kaveri) will be reaching Kashi to participate in the Sangamam during the event.

8) Answer: B

Unnati Foundation became the first entity to list on the social stock exchanges (SSE).SUF is a not-for-profit organisation (NPO) incorporated in 2011 that has trained over 45,000 youth. The entity had raised ₹1.8 crore from Zerodha, Nabard, Govind Iyer, and Ashish Kacholia during its fundraising period between October 30 and November 22. On listing, the Zero Coupon Zero Principal (ZCZP) instruments with a face value of ₹1 each will get credited into the demat accounts of the respective donors.The value of the instrument for the donor will become zero at the end of one year when SUF’s project is completedThe SEBI board recently approved halving the minimum issue size of ZCZPs by NPOs on SSEs to Rs 50 lakh from Rs 1 crore.

9) Answer: B

October saw 4.87 per cent retail inflation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).After reaching 6.83 percent in August, inflation has been decreasingInflation in rural areas was higher at 5.85% than price increases in urban areas (5.3%). The National Statistical Office calculates inflation rates for 22 major States, and in November, Odisha had the highest rate of 7.65%, followed by Rajasthan at 7% and Haryana at 6.8%.The least increase in prices was recorded in Delhi (with 3.1% inflation), Chhatisgarh (3.56%), and the former State of Jammu & Kashmir (3.8%).In eight states, the rate of inflation exceeded the central bank's tolerance limit of 6%.The only other significant State to see inflation above the 5.55% national average was Uttar Pradesh, with 5.56%.The Reserve Bank of India has been tasked by the government to ensure retail inflation remains at 4 per cent with a margin of 2 per cent on either side.

10) Answer: E

Veteran lyricist-screenwriter Javed Akhtar will be honoured with the Padmapani Lifetime Achievement Award at the Ajanta-Ellora Film Festival.The award ceremony will take place at Rukmini Auditorium in the MGM University campus, Maharashtra The Padmapani Award selection committee comprises Girish Kasarvall, Ashok Vajpeyi, Latika Padgaonkar, Ashok Rane and Chandrakant Kulkarni.Ajanta-Ellora International Film Festival is to showcase the best of film produced recently and in the past.It is organized by Marathwada Art Culture and Film Foundation.It will be organized by 3rd-7th January, 2024.It is a platform to encourage aspiring filmmakers, technicians, artists and young film enthusiasts.

11) Answer: C

Khelo India Games will be held in Tamil Nadu in January 2024. The State Government said that the games will be held in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy from 19th to 31st January, 2024.More than 5,500 sports persons and over 1,600 coaches are expected to participate in the event. More than 1000 referees and 1200 volunteers will be part of the sporting event in which 27 types of sport will be played. For the first time, squash will be included in Khelo India games.

12) Answer: C

Minorities Rights Day 2023 is observed on the 18th of December 2023.Minorities Rights Day was first observed on December 18th, 1992 by the United Nations. The UN adopted the statement on the individual Rights belonging to religious or Linguistic National or Ethnic Minorities. In India, it is the responsibility of the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) to carry out the events on this day The NCM was established by the Union Government under the National Commission for Minorities Act, in 1992.

13) Answer: B

International Migrants Day 2023 is observed on the 18th of December 2023.Although the day was established in 2000, it has been observed since 1997 that several Asian migrant organizations designated December 18 as the day to advocate for the respect, rights, and protection of migrants.On account of the ever-increasing number of migrants around the world, on December 4, 2000, the United Nations General Assembly declared December 18 as the day for International MigrantsGoals connected to migration are included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations. Among them is education access, which will result in improved prospects and a higher standard of living.

14) Answer: C

Zero Coupon Zero Principal (ZCZP) instruments with a face value of ₹1 each will get credited into the demat accounts of the respective donors.The value of the instrument for the donor will become zero at the end of one year when SUF’s project is completed.The SEBI board recently approved having the minimum issue size of ZCZPs by NPOs on SSEs to Rs 50 lakh from Rs 1 crore. The minimum application size will be reduced to ₹10,000 from ₹2 lakh to enable wider participation. More NPOs will be made eligible for registration and fund-raising through the issuance and listing of ZCZPs on SSEs.

15) Answer: B

About Mizoram :

  • Governor : Kambhampati Hari Babu
  • Capital : Aizawl
  • Tiger Reserve : Dampa Tiger Reserve
  • National Park : Murlen National Park, Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries : Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary, Tokalo Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ramsar Site : Pala Wetland
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