Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 12th to 14th November 2023

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2023 of 12th to 14th November 2023. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2023 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.


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1) Which kind of bundle bid for monetization does NHAI accept as bid security for the NHAI TOT?

(a) Bundle 12

(b) Bundle 10

(c) Bundle 14

(d) Bundle 16

(e) Bundle 15

2) Surety bonds are insurance plans that shield contracting parties from monetary damages in the event that the primary defaults or breaches the agreement. How many surety guarantees have been given out for different NHAI contracts so far?

(a) 30

(b) 40

(c) 50

(d) 20

(e) 10

3) The inaugural India Finance Report (IFR) focused on the non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) sector that has been released by the Center for Advanced Financial Research and
Learning (CAFRAL). When was CAFRAL established?

(a) 2010

(b) 2011

(c) 2012

(d) 2009

(e) 2013

4) In collaboration with SIDBI, Jocata unveils "Sumpoorn," India's First MSME Economic Activity Index. How many months' worth of sales data (GSTR1) at the very least are needed to compute the Index for that particular month?

(a) 12

(b) 11

(c) 10

(d) 13

(e) 9

5) The 50% quota expansion approved by the IMF Executive Board will strengthen resource strength.On which general evaluation of quotas will the board of governors now conclude by considering and implementing the proposal?

(a) 12th

(b) 11th

(c) 16th

(d) 15th

(e) 10th

6) At a height of 11,755 feet, SBI branches off to Shri Kedarnath Dham. On the shoreline of which river is it located?

(a) Yamuna

(b) Ganges

(c) Kali

(d) Koshi

(e) Mandakini

7) The Electric air taxis will be operated in India by IndiGo's parent company InterGlobe.  Approximately in how many minutes will passengers on the InterGlobe-Archer flight travel from Connaught Place in Delhi to Gurugram?

(a) 5

(b) 6

(c) 7

(d) 9

(e) 10

8) Norway will assist India in promoting women leaders, environmental preservation, and food security in Uttarakhand through the 'Hunger Project'. How long will the project be undertaken(in years)?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 1

(d) 4

(e) 5

9) The amendment bill pertaining to raising reservation quotas in state government positions was approved by the Bihar Legislative Council in a unanimous vote.What percentage of thebackward caste system will be received?

(a) 20%

(b) 25%

(c) 18%

(d) 2%

(e) 21%

10) For which diseases will the vaccine be marketed under the brand Ixchiq?

(a) Dengue

(b) Malaria

(c) Small Pox

(d) Chikungunya

(e) Corona

11) India tests the 'Pralay' missile off the coast of Odisha with success.  How much payload capacity(in kg)can the missile carry at its maximum capacity?

(a) 600

(b) 800

(c) 1500

(d) 1000

(e) 300

12) In September 2023, India's IIP increased by 5.8%. On which date of each month will it be released?

(a) 13th

(b) 14th

(c) 12th

(d) 11th

(e) 10th

13) What is the projected growth rate of India's GDP (gross domestic product) that Moody's anticipates in 2024?

(a) 6.1%

(b) 6.2%

(c) 6.0%

(d) 6.7%

(e) 6.3%

14) The films that won the 69th National Film Awards in 2021 will be screened in public in Delhi. How many different languages will there be 57 films in total that are screened?

(a) 15

(b) 18

(c) 19

(d) 12

(e) 13

15) InCred, a fintech company, after Zeptohas been turned into the second unicorn in 2023. What is the net worth of Incred Holdings?

(a) $1billion

(b) $2billion

(c) $5billion

(d) $4billion

(e) $6billion

16) How many native millet crops will be cultivated, produced, and consumed more as a result ofIcrisat's partnership with the Assam Millet Mission?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

(e) 6

17) Sri Lanka Cricket's membership in the ICC is immediately suspended by the ICC Board. Which country’s membership was suspended by ICC in 2019?

(a) Netherland

(b) Pakistan

(c) Bangladesh

(d) Zimbabwe

(e) South Africa

18) Meg Lanning, the captain of Australia, has decided to retire from international women's cricket after winning seven World Cups. Under her leadership, what was Australia's overall win percentage?

(a) 50%

(b) 60%

(c) 70%

(d) 80%

(e) 90%

19) When was the first World Pneumonia Day marked on November 12th?

(a) 2008

(b) 2009

(c) 2006

(d) 2005

(e) 2010

20) Which Conference held the inaugural World Kindness Day celebration in 1998?

(a) Moscow

(b) Tokyo

(c) Bangkok

(d) Paris

(e) London

Answers :

1) Answer: C

To boost the liquidity and capacity of bidders, the National Highways Authority of India(NHAI) has accepted the Insurance Surety Bond for the monetization program of the upcoming bid of Toll Operate Transfer (TOT) Bundle 14.  This will be the first time this innovative instrument is being utilised as a Bank Guarantee (BG) in the road infrastructure sector for the monetization of bids. NHAI collaborated with the Highway Operators Association of India (HOAI), SBI General Insurance, and AON India Insurance to implement the initiative.

2) Answer: B

NHAI has received a substantial number of Bank Guarantees (BGs) since 2022, amounting to Rs.15,000 crore. This large volume of BGs provides significant scope for Insurance Companies, and wider adoption of surety bonds can boost the availability of capital for road projects. So far, over 40 Surety Bonds have been issued for various NHAI contracts. Insurance Surety Bonds are instruments where insurance companies act as ‘Surety’ and provide the financial guarantee that the contractor will fulfil its obligation as per the agreed terms.

3) Answer: B

CAFRAL, a not-for-profit organisation, was set up in 2011 as an independent body by the RBI to promote research and learning in banking and finance. The Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning (CAFRAL), an independent body established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), releases the first edition of the India Finance Report (IFR) focusing on the non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) sector. The report provides a comprehensive evaluation of the NBFC sector, commonly known as the shadow banking sector, highlighting ongoing improvementsand identifying emerging risks.

4) Answer: D

The Index relies on official GSTN returns, not survey data, for its calculations. A minimum of 13 months of sales data (GSTR1) is required to calculate the Index for a particular month and a minimum of 1,000 MSMEs are considered to release the Index for any month. The current monthly count of MSMEs is around 2,500, according to the company.  It will release the index monthly with only a four-week reporting cycle. MSME sales performance will be measured on a scale of 0 to 1 in the index. The 'bin' will represent the state of contraction or expansion of economic activity in the MSME sector.

5) Answer: C

The executive board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a proposal to make a 50% increase in the quota allocated to members in proportion to their current quotas. The proposal will now be considered and made effective by the board of governors as part of concluding the 16th general review of quotas. The proposal follows the guidance from the International Monetary and Financial Committee at the 2023 annual meetings. The proposal is centred around an increase in quotas of 50%, allocated to members in proportion to their current quotas.

6) Answer: E

Kedarnath temple is a sacred pilgrimage centre in Northern India, situated on the bank of the Mandakini river. The branch aims to provide banking services to both esteemed customers and pilgrims visiting Shri Kedarnath. The objective is to ensure a smooth and hassle-free banking experience for individuals in the region. The branch is well-equipped to offer comprehensive banking services, catering to the diverse needs of customers and pilgrims.This includes facilitating financial transactions, account services, and other banking facilities.

7) Answer: C

In connection with its plans to operate the air taxi service, IndiGo has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Archer Aviation - a company that deals in electric aircrafts, air taxis Once launched, the InterGlobe-Archer flight will carry passengers from Connaught Place in the national capital to Gurugram in Haryana in approximately 7 minutes whereas by road, the 27-kilometre-long trip will take 60-90 minutes The collaboration also intends to finance the acquisition of as many as 200 of Archer's Midnight aircraft for deployment in India. The Midnight aircraft is characterized as a piloted four-passenger electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, specifically engineered to facilitate quick consecutive flights with minimal charging time required between operations.

8) Answer: B

Norway commits to providing financial support for India's 'Hunger Project' aimed at strengthening women leaders, environmental protection, and promoting food security in Uttarakhand. The duration of the project would be 3 years, until September 2026 with a budget of ₹44.7 million. The hunger project organises capacity-building training for elected women representatives (EWRs) and federations, focusing on strengthening van panchayats (forest councils) which in turn will ensure food security and livelihood opportunities for marginalised households. The project will be implemented in three districts, nine blocks, 172 gram panchayats, and 145 van panchayats of Uttarakhand.

9) Answer: C

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary, the bill's introducer, highlighted that Backward Castes would receive18% reservation in state government jobs. The proposed maximum reservation percentages are: 25% for Extremely Backward Castes (EBCs), 20% for Scheduled Castes, and 2% for Scheduled Tribes in government jobs. The state retains a 10% reservation quota for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) among the general category, and this allocation remains unchanged. With the proposed changes, the total reservation quota limit will effectively rise to 75%, leaving 25% unreserved.

10) Answer: D

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the world's inaugural vaccine targeting chikungunya, a virus transmitted by infected mosquitoes. The FDA's decision to approve the vaccine highlights its recognition of chikungunya as an emerging global health threat. The vaccine will be marketed under the name Ixchiq. FDA approval covers individuals aged 18 and above, a demographic identified to be at an elevated risk of exposure to the chikungunya virus.  Ixchiq is administered as a single-dose vaccine.

11) Answer: D

'Pralay' is designed to meet India's defence requirements along its borders with neighbouring China and Pakistan, underscoring its strategic importance. Pralay' is a 350-500 km short-range, surface-to-surface missile with a payload capacity of 500-1,000 kg. The missile is characterised by its use of solid fuel and its designation as a battlefield missile.It is based on the Prithvi Defence Vehicle, showcasing its technological lineage.'Pralay' has been specifically developed for deployment along critical areas such as the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and the Line of Control (LoC).

12) Answer: C

The Quick Estimates of Index of Industrial Production (IIP) are released on the 12th of every month with a six-week lag and compiled with data received from source agencies, which in turn receive the data from the producing factories/ establishments. For the month of September 2023, the Quick Estimates of Index of Industrial Production (IIP) with base 2011-12 stands at 141.6. The Indices of Industrial Production for the Mining, Manufacturing and Electricity sectors for the month of September 2023 stand at 111.5, 140.6 and 205.9 respectively.

13) Answer: A

The rating agency, in its Global Macro Outlook 2024-25 report, India along with other emerging market economies like Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia are well-positioned to capture a greater share of global trade flows due to the push from the West to diversify supply chains away from China amid geopolitical tensions.Moody's expects India's GDP (gross domestic product) to grow 6.7% in 2023, 6.1% in 2024 and 6.3% in 2025. The Indian economy expanded 7.8% in the first quarter of the current fiscal (Q1FY24), up from 6.1% in the previous quarter on higher government spending, coupled with increased private capital expenditure and strong services growth.

14) Answer: B

The public screening of the 69th National Film Award-winning films of 2021 will take place in Delhi from the 14th to the 25th of November. A total of 30 Feature Films and 27 Non-Feature Films from 18 Languages will be screened during the 12-day screening at Delhi’s Siri Fort Auditorium. The entry of the public to the screening will be free of cost on a first come first serve basis. All the films will carry English subtitles.PresidentDroupadi Murmu conferred the 69th National Film Awards on the 16th of October in New Delhi.

15) Answer: A

InCred Holdings, the parent of InCred Financial Services, has turned a unicorn (valued at over $1 billion) after it raised Rs 500 crore from a clutch of investors including a global PE fund, corporate treasuries, family offices, and ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNIs).  Incred (112th overall) is the second startup to enter the Indian unicorn club in 2023 after quick commerce platform Zepto (August fund-raise) The funding would be deployed across InCred’s core business verticals: consumer loans, student loans, and MSME lending.

16) Answer: B

The International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (Icrisat) and the Government of Assam have joined hands to collaborate on climate-resilient and nutritionally enhanced food systems through the Assam Millet Mission. The collaboration would focus on the State’s target to boost the cultivation, production and consumption of three native millet crops – finger millet, foxtail millet, and proso millet. Presently, millets are only cultivated across 6,000 hectares in 15 districts of the northeastern State , contributing 97 per cent of the State’s millet production. They will also develop and promote scientifically validated nutritious millet-based recipes, ready-to-eat (RTE) and ready-to-cook (RTC) food products, adapted to local taste preferences and distributed through various government schemes.

17) Answer: D

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has been suspended by the ICC with immediate effect because of extensive government interference in the board's administration When the ICC suspension came, it was the elected SLC board headed by Silva that was running cricket in the country.SLC is the second Full Member to be suspended by ICC in the last four years after Zimbabwe Cricketwas suspended in 2019 for similar reasons. However, unlike in Zimbabwe's case, where all cricket activities in the country were abruptly shut down, in addition to a freeze on funding, the ICC will tread carefully in Sri Lanka's case.

18) Answer: D

Lanning declared it is “the right time” to end her 13-year-long stint as an Aussie cricketer. The 31-year-old is a seven-time World Cup winner, five of which she has won as captain.  She led Australia to a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham last year. Lanning has captained Australia on 182 occasions, more than any other women’s player, and led the team to a historic five World Cup crowns. Overall, Australia had an 80 per cent win rate under her leadership.

19) Answer: B

Pneumonia is one of the oldest and deadliest diseases among the children age group less than 5 and older age group more than 50. World Pneumonia Day was first observed on 12 November 2009. The main purpose of observing World Pneumonia Day is to create awareness about the disease Pneumonia. It was observed under the "Stop Pneumonia"initiatives by the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia, a coalition of various institutions all together to fight child mortality due to respiratory infection.

20) Answer: B

World Kindness Day is celebrated by nearly 27 countries around the world. But yet the UN has not officially celebrated this day.Some of the countries which celebrate World Kindness Day are India, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Japan, Italy, etc.World Kindness Day was first celebrated in 1998 at the Tokyo Conference.World Kindness Day Movement has been started which helped to bring small Organizations together for the World Kindness Day Celebration. Now it helped to conduct a mega event to promote Kindness globally.

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