Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 10th February 2024

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2024 of 10th February 2024. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2024 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.


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1) How much amount approval has been received by Max Financial Services from IRDAI for a capital infusion by Axis Bank, which is awaiting CCI approval?

(a) Rs.1512crores

(b) Rs.1212crores

(c) Rs.1612crores

(d) Rs.1712crores

(e) Rs.1812crores

2) SBI Mutual Fund introduces the SBI Energy Opportunities Fund.Investors can participate in the initiative by investing a minimum of how many rupees per plan/option?

(a) Rs.1000

(b) Rs.3000

(c) Rs.2000

(d) Rs.5000

(e) Rs.6000

3) Which bank introduced National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) integrated debit cards?

(a) Federal bank

(b) YES bank

(c) DBS bank

(d) ICICI bank

(e) HDFC bank

4) The Bank of Maharashtra along with which bank could have double-digit deposit growth in the third quarter ended December 2023?

(a) SBI

(b) Bank of India

(c) Punjab & Sind bank

(d) Canara bank

(e) Punjab National bank

5) When did the RBI provide guidelines for payment aggregator licenses, with Razorpay, Cashfree, and Open receiving regulatory permission in December that same year?

(a) 2021

(b) 2020

(c) 2022

(d) 2023

(e) 2019

6) Tata Group becomes the first Indian conglomerate to surpass how many lakh crores in market capitalization?

(a) Rs.20lakh crore

(b) Rs.10lakh crore

(c) Rs.30lakh crore

(d) Rs.40lakh crore

(e) Rs.50lakh crore

7) India, Turkey, and which nation were designated Guests of Honor for the 2024 World
Governments Summit in Dubai?

(a) Saudi Arabia

(b) Qatar

(c) UAE

(d) Iran

(e) Canada

8) The Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs approved "Doubling Motumari-Vishnupuram" and "Rail Over Rail at Motumari". These projects developed in Telangana and which state are expected to improve the region's socioeconomic development?

(a) Karnataka

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Maharashtra

(e) West Bengal

9) Which state government has agreed to implement the 'MukhyamantriVayoshri Yojana', that aims to help around 15 lakh senior persons with physical or mental disabilities?

(a) Assam

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Maharashtra

(e) West Bengal

10) Who takes charge as Managing Director of National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited?

(a) Suresh Kumar Gupta

(b) Vivek Kumar Gupta

(c) Pradeep Kumar Gupta

(d) Karthik Kumar Gupta

(e) Arun Kumar Gupta

11) Agnibaan is a two-stage launch vehicle capable of carrying up to how many kilograms of payload to a distance of approximately 700 kilometers to lower earth orbit?

(a) 400kg

(b) 200kg

(c) 300kg

(d) 100kg

(e) 500kg

12) The nuclear reactor is projected to play an important role in NASA's long-term plans for sustaining human presence on the Moon for at least how many years?

(a)  5years

(b)  15years

(c)  10years

(d)  3years

(e)  4years

13) The Warehousing Development Regulatory Authority and which bank has inked an MOU to offer low-interest loans to farmers?

(a)  SBI

(b) Bank of India

(c) Punjab & Sind bank

(d) Canara bank

(e) Punjab National Bank

14) The MOC has authorized shooter Elavenil Valarivan's bid to compete in the forthcoming International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup in which country?

(a) Denmark

(b) Spain

(c) Japan

(d) Bangladesh

(e) Switzerland

15) Which state government, in collaboration with the Sports Authority of India, will host the Fourth Khelo India University Games, 2023 from February 19th to 29th, 2024?

(a) Assam

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Maharashtra

(e) West Bengal

16) India won the South Asian Football Federation's (SAFF) U-19 Women's Championship, defeating which country in the final?

(a) Denmark

(b) Spain

(c) Japan

(d) Bangladesh

(e) Switzerland

17) In 2023-24, the Centre offered athletic scholarships to athletes through the Khelo India scholarship initiative totalling more than how many crore rupees?

(a) Rs.10crores

(b) Rs.20crores

(c) Rs.30crores

(d) Rs.40crores

(e) Rs.50crores

18) Which year was the first National Deworming Day held on February 10th?

(a) 2012

(b) 2014

(c) 2015

(d) 2017

(e) 2013

19) When was World Pulses Day observed?

(a) February 9

(b) February 10

(c) February 11

(d) February 8

(e) February 7

20) When was the National High-Speed Rail Corporation Ltd (NHSRCL) founded?

(a) 2012

(b) 2014

(c) 2015

(d) 2016

(e) 2018

Answers :

1) Answer: C

Max Financial Services has received approval from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) for a capital infusion of Rs 1,612 crore by Axis Bank into the company's material subsidiary, Max Life Insurance. Equity Shares Issuance: Max Life will issue approximately 14,25,79,161 equity shares to Axis Bank as part of the deal, representing the aggregate investment amount mentioned. Regulatory Approvals: While approval has been obtained from the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), Max Financial Services is also awaiting approval from the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for the transaction. Board Approval: .On August 9, 2023, the Board of Axis Bank had approved the proposal for the bank to infuse Rs 1,612 crore in Max Life, resulting in Axis Bank’s direct stake in Max Life increasing to 16.22% and the collective stake of Axis Entities increasing to 19.02%.

2) Answer: D

SBI Mutual Fund announced the launch of the SBI Energy Opportunities Fund.  The scheme opened for public subscription on February 06, 2024, and will close on February 20, 2024. The scheme re-opens for continuous sale and repurchase within five business days from the date of allotment. This is an open-ended index equity scheme following the energy theme. This product is suitable for investors seeking

  • Long-term capital appreciation.
  • Investment in equity and equity-related instruments of companies engaged in and/or expected to benefit from the growth in traditional, new energy sectors and allied business activities.

Investment objective of the scheme : To provide investors with opportunities for long-term capital appreciation by investing in equity and equity-related instruments of companies engaging in activities such as exploration, production, distribution, transportation, and processing of traditional and new energy including but not limited to sectors such as oil & gas, utilities, and power.  However, there can be no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be realized. Minimum Investment: Investors can participate in the scheme with a minimum investment of ₹5000 per plan/option and in multiples of Re 1. There is no upper limit for investment. Fund Managers: Raj Gandhi and Pradeep Kesavan, who serves as the dedicated fund manager for overseas securities, are integral members of the fund management team for the SBI Energy Opportunities Fund.

3) Answer: A

Federal Bank launched National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) integrated debit cards.  NCMC is a feature introduced on RuPay Contactless Debit Card which allows cardholders to make payments across NCMC-enabled terminals at metro stations, buses, etc in an offline mode, just by tapping the card on the card reader. Digitization of Payments: The initiative aims to streamline travel experiences by digitizing payments, offering convenience to cardholders Activation Process: Cardholders need to activate the NCMC functionality by enabling the "contactless feature" through mobile banking, internet banking, or IVR. Top-Up Process: Users can visit customer care desks at metro stations to activate and load money onto the card, either through cash or their existing savings account, with a maximum top-up limit of ₹2,000. Reload Options: Card balance can be reloaded through various channels, including cash transactions at authorized transit points or by linking the card to savings/current accounts.

Balance Enquiry: Balance on the offline wallet can be checked at designated transport operators' POS terminals, and customers can update their balance through the bank's e-channels. Offline Transactions: For offline transactions, customers must activate the offline wallet, maintain a necessary balance, and tap the card at entry and exit gates of metro stations, with the fare deducted by the Automatic Fare Calculator (AFC) system. Transaction Limit: The upper limit for offline payment transactions is ₹200, subject to potential changes based on guidelines. Differentiation from Regular Cards: NCMC RuPay Debit Cards are dual-interface cards supporting both online (contact and contactless) and offline (contactless) transactions.  Cards issued after April 2022 exclusively support the NCMC feature. Identification of Contactless Feature: Customers can identify the RuPay Contactless feature by checking for the contactless indicator printed on the card.

4) Answer: A

Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) has recorded the highest growth rate in terms of deposit mobilisationamong public sector lenders at a time when most lenders are facing difficulty in achieving double-digit growth. Out of 12 public sector banks, only BoM and State Bank of India (SBI) could log a double-digit growth in deposits in the third quarter ended December 2023. The Pune-based lender BoM reported a 17.89 per cent growth in deposits followed by SBI at 12.84 per cent during the quarter, according to published quarterly numbers of the public sector banks (PSBs). However, SBI's total deposits were about 18.5 times higher at ₹45,67,927 crore, as compared to ₹2,45,734 crore of BoM in absolute terms. Central Bank of India was the third by clocking a 9.53 per cent growth in deposits while Punjab National Bank recorded a 9.10 per cent increase. In terms of low-cost CASA deposits, BoM continued to top the chart with 50.19 per cent followed by the Central Bank of India with 48.98 per cent. Higher level of Current Account and Savings Accounts (CASA) help banks to keep their cost of funds low. On the asset quality side, BoM and SBI reported the lowest gross Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) with 2.04 percent and 2.42 percent, respectively, as of December 31, 2023. In terms of Net NPAs, BoM and Indian Bank reported the lowest net NPA with 0.22 per cent and 0.53 per cent, respectively. Capital Adequacy Ratio (CRAR), BoM with 16.85 per cent is the highest amongst PSBs followed by IOB at 16.80 per cent and Punjab & Sind Bank at 16.13 per cent at the end of the third quarter of the current fiscal. During nine months of FY '24, all 12 PSBs cumulatively reported a net profit of ₹98,355 crore as against a total profit of ₹104,649 crore for the full year of FY'23. PNB had the highest quarterly net profit growth with 253 per cent (₹2,223 crore) followed by Bank of India with 62 per cent growth (₹1,870 crore) and Union Bank of India with 60 per cent (₹3,590 crore). However, three lenders-SBI, UCO Bank and Punjab & Sind Bank, reported a fall in net profit by 35.49 per cent, 22.97 per cent and 69.44 per cent, respectively.

5) Answer: B

Fintech startups Juspayand Decentrohave secured the final license to operate as payment aggregators, joining the ranks of established players like Razorpay, Cashfree, and Zomato. Diverse Offerings: Juspay previously functioned as a payment gateway specializing in ecommerce transactions, while Decentro focuses on enabling ecommerce and consumer-facing businesses to provide financial services like lending and KYC verification. Zoho's Achievement: Zoho, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup, also obtained the payment aggregator license on February 2, marking its entry into the payment services sector and becoming the first enterprise SaaS player to receive such approval from the RBI. Regulatory Background: The RBI issued guidelines for payment aggregator licenses in March 2020, with Razorpay, Cashfree, and Open being among the initial recipients of regulatory approval in December of the same year. Other Major Players: Noteworthy entities such as Zomato, DigiO, Google, and Tata Digital have also acquired payment licenses, further diversifying the landscape of players in the payments industry.

6) Answer: C

Tata Group has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing a combined market capitalization of Rs 30 lakh crore, becoming the first Indian conglomerate to achieve this valuation. With an overall valuation of Rs 30.6 lakh crore, Tata Group now holds the title of the most valued conglomerate in India, surpassing competitors like Reliance Group and Adani Group in market capitalization rankings. TCS Surge: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the flagship company of Tata Group, experienced a remarkable surge of over 9% in market capitalization in 2024, reaching Rs 15 lakh crore market cap as of February 5, 2024. Factors Driving Growth: The surge in Tata Group's market value can be attributed to increased investor interest in shares of key entities like TCS, Tata Motors, Tata Power, and Indian Hotels since the beginning of the year. Mixed Performance: While several Tata Group companies have witnessed positive growth, some entities like Tejas Network, Tata Elxsi, and Tata Chemicals have experienced declines of over 10% in market capitalization so far in the year.

7) Answer: B

India, Türkiye, and Qatar have been declared the guests of honour at the 2024 World Governments Summit which is set to take place in Dubai from February 12-14. The summit, themed 'Shaping Future Governments,' will see the participation of over 25 government and state heads worldwide. The delegations from Türkiye, India, and Qatar will be led by their respective leaders: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani.The guest countries will showcase their successful government experiences and best developmental practices during the summit, bringing together thought leaders, experts, and representatives of over 85 international and regional organisations with 120 governmental delegations, and 4,000 attendees. The event is expected to draw over 4,000 attendees, including representatives from 85 international and regional organizations.

8) Answer: B

The Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs approved “Doubling of Motumari - Vishnupuram” and "Rail Over Rail at Motumari ”. Both projects have been approved at an estimated cost of nearly 1,740 crore rupees. The Projects falling in the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are likely to boost the socioeconomic development of the region. Motumari - Vishnupuram section, stretching for a distance of 88.81 Km, connects the Kazipet - Vijayawada High-Density Network with the Secunderabad - Guntur Highly Utilised Network. It is a vital rail link connecting Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and beyond with the States of Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.This critical rail line is also the shortest route connecting Secunderabad with Vijayawada. The doubling will facilitate faster transportation of agricultural products, cement, coal, and other local products, and seamless movement of people. The Rail Over Rail at Motumari Station will avoid cross movement of trains, avoid detention of trains, and facilitate seamless movement of trains in the section.Both projects will increase the capacity of the section, paving the way for the introduction and operation of more number of trains.

9) Answer: D

The Maharashtra Government has decided to introduce the 'MukhyamantriVayoshri Yojana' aimed at benefiting around 15 lakh senior citizens with physical or mental disabilities.Eligibility and Benefits: Citizens above 65 years of age suffering from disabilities will be screened, and eligible individuals will receive Rs 3,000 under the scheme.Implementation and Cost: The scheme, costing approximately Rs 480 crore, will be implemented across all districts of Maharashtra.Support Scheme for Cooperative Societies: The government has announced a support scheme to increase the confidence of depositors in cooperative societies.The government will create an independent entity that will pay deposits up to Rs 1 lakh in case of bankruptcy of a non-agricultural cooperative society.Funding: The government will contribute Rs 100 crore as the initial corpus for the support unit, and cooperative societies will also contribute ten paise for every Rs 100 of deposits received.Expected Beneficiaries: Approximately three crore depositors are expected to benefit from this decision.Property Tax Relief: The state cabinet decided not to increase property tax for citizens in Mumbai, with the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation bearing a burden of Rs 736 crore to provide relief.Other Cabinet Decisions: The cabinet approved plans to expand the Shirdi airport, seek salt pan land from the Center for the Dharavi redevelopment plan, and revise the retirement age for teachers in agricultural universities from 62 to 60 years.

10) Answer: B

Vivek Kumar Gupta, an officer of the Indian Railway Service of Engineers (IRSE) 1988 batch, assumed the position of Managing Director at the National High-Speed Rail Corporation Ltd (NHSRCL) .He succeeds Shri Rajendra Prasad who has served as MD of NHSRCL since July 2022.Gupta, with an illustrious career, has held various senior positions in both the Central and Western Railways. His responsibilities included serving as Chief Administrative Officer (Construction), Chief Track Engineer, Chief Bridge Engineer, and Divisional Railway Manager (DRM).In this capacity, he played a role in overseeing the integrated functioning of seven departments: Civil (Works, Project Monitoring & Station Development), Electrical (RE), Signal & Telecommunication, Traffic, Finance, Planning, and Economic Directorates.During his tenure as Chief Engineer at Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC), Gupta played a crucial role in coordinating projects such as MUTP I/MUTP II and MUTP III, with a combined cost of approximately Rs 20,000 crore.He also spearheaded the preparation work for the MUTP 3A project, amounting to about Rs 34,000 crore.Before his current role, Gupta served as the Principal Executive Director/Gati-Shakti at the Railway Board under the Ministry of Railways.

11) Answer: D

Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota - a place that marked the majority of golden moments in the Indian space sector — another history is set to be made.Preparations are in the final stages by the Chennai headquartered space-tech startup Agnikul Cosmos for the maiden launch of India’s first-ever private launchpad and the second rocket launch by a private sector player.Its launch vehicle Agnibaan will take off from Sriha-rikota during the current financial year itself.Agnibaan is a two-stage launch vehicle with the capability to carry up to 100 kilogram payload to an extent of around 700 km to the lower earth orbit.Agnikul launch will be the world’s first single-piece 3-D printed engine, fully designed and manufactured in India.The vehicle has the capability for a plug-and-play engine configuration that is configurable to match the mission’s needs.It was in November 2022 that a private company, Skyroot Aerospace, successfully developed and operated launch vehicle Vikram-S, on a sub- orbital flight from SDSC SHAR, becoming the first player to do so.

12) Answer: C

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) completes the first phase of its ambitious plan to deploy a nuclear fission reactor on the Moon.To establish a small nuclear reactor capable of generating electricity for future lunar missions and settlements.Support for Lunar Missions: The nuclear reactor is expected to be a vital component in supporting NASA's long-term plans for sustained human presence on the Moon, spanning at least 10 years.Contract Awards: In 2022, NASA awarded three $5 million contracts to private companies to develop initial designs encompassing the reactor, power conversion, heat rejection, power management, distribution systems, estimated costs, and development schedules.Limitations of Solar Power: Solar power faces limitations on the Moon due to the extended duration of lunar nights, lasting approximately 14 Earth days.This makes continuous power generation challenging. Advantages of Nuclear Reactor: Unlike solar power, a nuclear reactor placed in permanently shadowed areas, potentially near water ice deposits, could generate power continuously, regardless of weather conditions or time of day

13) Answer: C

To facilitate farmers and traders in providing low-interest rate loans, the Warehousing Development Regulatory Authority (WDRA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Punjab & Sind Bank (PSB).MoU was exchanged by Shri T.K. Manoj Kumar, Chairperson, WDRA, Sh. Swarup Kumar Saha, MD&CEO, PSB in the head office of PSB. This event is attended by Dr. Ram Jass Yadav, ED, PSB, Sh. Ravi Mehra, ED, PSB from PSB and Sh. Naveen Barolia, Dy. Director (M&C), Sh. Sai Pradeep Gopisetty, Asst. Director (SA&O) from WDRA.The MoU was signed with the intent of promoting awareness funds against e-NWRs (electronic Negotiable Warehouse Receipt). The MoU is aimed to provide information to depositors of the benefits, besides doing further outreach activities to improve agricultural pledge finance in India.PSB is offering loans against e-NWRs with no collateral and attractive rate of interest.Under the agriculture sector, upto Rs. 75 lakh and for other category borrowers, up to Rs. 5 crores loans are extended.During the event, a presentation was made by WDRA on the importance of post-harvest pledge financing using electronic Negotiable Warehouse Receipts (e-NWRs) for improving rural credit. The bank representatives also highlighted the challenges faced by the lending institutions in this sector. WDRA assured their full regulatory support in improving the fiduciary trust among stakeholders.

14) Answer: B

Mission Olympic Cell (MOC), Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, has approved Judokas Himanshi Tokas, Shraddha Chopade and Asmita Dey for participation in multiple competitions.Junior Asian Championship Gold medallist Himanshi Tokas and Junior Oceania Championship Gold medallist Shraddha Chopade will be heading to France Grand Slam, Azerbaijan Grand Slam, Uzbekistan Grand Slam and Austria Grand Prix. Junior Asian Cup Gold medallist Asmita Dey will join in Paris for the France Grand Slam. Under its 'Target Olympic Podium' (TOP) Scheme funding will cover the airfare, boarding, lodging, insurance and local transportation costs for all the competitions and training periods.The MOC has also approved shooter Elavenil Valarivan’s proposal to participate in the upcoming International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup in Spain.

15) Answer: A

Assam Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma ceremonially launched the Logo, Anthem, Mascot, Jersey and Torch of Khelo India University Games - 2023,Ashtalakshmi in Guwahati in the presence of Nisith Pramanik, Union MoS for Youth Affairs & Sports and Home Affairs.Assam had successfully conducted the National Games and SAARC Games and assured of providing the best facilities and service to all the participating members in this sporting event.  Nisith Pramanik, Union MoS for Youth Affairs & Sports and Home Affairs said that our country is progressing very fast in the sports sector and it is turning itself into a sporting nation. Our sportspersons' presence and contribution at international sporting events are also increasing tremendously and we are winning medals.  The Union Minister said that this Khelo India University Games will provide them the platform for the University students to prepare themselves for greater international events.The State government in association with the Sports Authority of India is going to host the Fourth Khelo India University Games, 2023 in Guwahati from 19th to 29th February, 2024. The event will be organised at 18 venues in 7 cities during 11 days duration where around 4500 athletes are expected to participate in 20 sporting disciplines. Over 200 universities will participate in the mega-university event.

16) Answer: D

India has won the South Asian Football Federation's (SAFF) U-19 Women's Championshipbeating defending champion Bangladesh in the final of the four-nation tournament in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The winner of the match was decided by a toss after a lengthy penalty shootout.  All eleven players from each side converted their penalties in the shootout after the contest ended 1-1 at full time. Sibani Devi gave India the lead in the eighth minute but Bangladesh striker Sagorika scored the equalizer in the last minutes of the game to take it to penalties. In the group stage, India won comfortably against Bhutan and Nepal but lost to Bangladesh.  India entered the final as the second-place finishers in the group. Bangladesh reached the final as a top finisher by winning all the league matches.

17) Answer: C

The Centre has awarded over 30 crore rupees to athletes under the KheloIndia scholarship scheme during the 2023-24 financial year.  The Youth Affairs and Sports Ministry said in a release that the Sports Authority of India has granted a total annual scholarship of over six lakh 28 thousand rupees to almost three thousand athletes under the Khelo India scholarship scheme.  The Ministry said this amount was spent on training, coaching, diet, medical insurance, kits and out-of-pocket allowance for the athletes. It added that close to eight crore rupees has been awarded in each quarter of the outgoing financial year with over seven crore 70 lakh rupees spent during the last quarter between January and March this year.

18) Answer: C

National Deworming Day 2024 is observed on the 10th of February 2024.Worms can create long-term health issues in Children and interfere with their health, education, and overall well-being, even if their effects might not be visible immediately.  Without knowing, children can carry worms for a long time and the only visible symptoms might be their hindered physical and mental health. It was therefore deemed necessary to treat all children despite not appearing sick and the observation of national deworming day came into being. According to a report by the World Health Organisation, around 241 million children in India, all between the ages of 1 and 14 years are at risk of parasitic intestinal worms.  The Presence of these parasitic worms also known as Soil- Transmitted Helminths (STH).  National Deworming Day was launched first on 10th February 2015.

19) Answer: B

World Pulses Day 2024 is observed on the 10th of February 2024. Building on the success and momentum of the I.Y.P., and recognizing the potential of pulses to further achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Burkina Faso, a landlocked West African nation, proposed the global observance of World Pulses Day.  On December 20, 2018, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed February 10 as World Pulses Day through resolution (A/RES/73/251), and the day has been celebrated as a global event since 2019 and supported by many member nations.  According to the U.N., pulses remain influential in mitigating the global challenges of poverty, food security and nutrition, human health, and soil health.

20) Answer: D

About NHSRCL :

  • Founded : 12 February 2016
  • Headquarters : Delhi
  • It was incorporated to manage the High-Speed Rail Corridor in India.
  • It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways, Government of India.
  • NHSRCL was formed under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • The objective of this body is the development and implementation of high-speed rail projects in India.
  • The corporation is a ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ (SPV) in the joint sector with equity participation of the Ministry of Railways, Government of India and two State Governments - Gujarat and Maharashtra.
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