Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 09th January 2024

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2024 of 09th January 2024. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2024 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.


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1) RBI clarifies the word "politically exposed persons" to comply with FATF guidelines. How many countries are members of the FATF?

(a) 35

(b) 36

(c) 37

(d) 39

(e) 41

IRDAI approves Narayana Health's health insurance business launch.The number of Standalone Health Insurance Companies (SAHI) will rise from five to how many with this approval?

(a) 7

(b) 6

(c) 8

(d) 9

(e) 10

SEBI Updates the OBPP Framework to Boost Business Ease. In OBPP, what does "B" mean?

(a) Bond

(b) Bank

(c) Board

(d) Buyer

(e) Business

Which state will host the signing of an MOU for multiple investments on the second day of the global investors' meeting?

(a) Karnataka

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Andhra Pradesh

(d) Kerala

(e) Gujarat

How many years of vibrant Gujarat will be celebrated as the tenth edition of the Summit of Success kicks off in Gandhinagar?

(a) 15years

(b) 20years

(c) 25years

(d) 10years

(e) 5years

Which country sent 1.97 lakh tourists to Sri Lanka in 2023 after over 3 lakh Indian visitors arrived there overall?

(a) UK

(b) USA

(c) Russia

(d) France

(e) Australia

India became a member of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) at the beginning of its four-year tenure. When did India join the UN Security Council?

(a) 2004

(b) 2008

(c) 2002

(d) 2010

(e) 2012

West Bengal has completed the National GI Drive Mission by obtaining Geographical Indication (GI) tags for five additional items.How many goods in total are registered on the GI portal at this point?

(a) 25

(b) 22

(c) 27

(d) 29

(e) 26

How many years will Vikas Sheel, a senior IAS officer, serve as the Asian Development Bank's executive director?

(a) 2years

(b) 3years

(c) 5years

(d) 1years

(e) 4years

Senthil Pandian, an IAS official, was chosen to represent India at the World Trade Organization (WTO).Which state employs Senthil Pandian as its commissioner of excise?

(a) West Bengal

(b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) Maharashtra

(d) Madhya Pradesh

(e) Gujarat

G Ram Mohan Rao becomes the Executive Director in charge of SEBI's Internal Inspection and Investigation Division.What is the duration of his employment with SEBI?

(a) 22years

(b) 33years

(c) 25years

(d) 15years

(e) 14years

The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) has appointed Indra Mani Pandey as its secretary general. Where is BIMSTEC's headquarters located?

(a) Switzerland

(b) USA

(c) Italy

(d) Russia

(e) Bangladesh

What percentage will the Indian economy grow in FY 2023–2024 compared to the 7.2% provisional growth rate in the previous fiscal year?

(a) 7.7%

(b) 7.6%

(c) 7.3%

(d) 7.4%

(e) 7.5%

Tata Motors unveils "acti.ev," the world's first entirely electric vehicle architecture.Which Tata Motors "Born EV" will be the first?

(a) Sierra

(b) Punch

(c) Harrier

(d) Curvv

(e) Avinya

At the Bhopal zoo, "India's oldest" sloth bear in captivity passed away. Which state is it that Bablu was saved from a "madaari" (street performer)?

(a) Sikkim

(b) Manipur

(c) Rajasthan

(d) Odisha

(e) Chennai

Answers :

1) Answer: D

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) updated Know Your Customer (KYC) norms for politically exposed persons (PEPs) who transact with regulated entities (REs), seeking to comply with the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). In the amended KYC master direction, the central bank defines PEPs as individuals who have held or are currently entrusted with prominent public functions by a foreign country. This includes heads of state/governments, senior politicians, senior government or judicial or military officers, senior executives of state-owned corporations, and important political party officials. Establishing Relationships with PEPs: Regulated entities (REs) have the option to establish relationships with PEPs, either as customers or beneficial owners. Customer Due Diligence for PEPs : REs are required to perform regular customer due diligence for PEPs. Additional conditions prescribed by the RBI must also be followed by REs when transacting with PEPs. FATF members include 39 countries, including the United States, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Germany, France, and the EU as such.

2) Answer: B

Narayana Health has received approval from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) to venture into the health insurance business in India. The company operates one of the largest hospital chains, known by the brand name Narayana Hospital. With this approval, the count of Standalone Health Insurance Companies (SAHI) will increase from 5 to 6. This marks the fifth registration granted by IRDAI in approximately one year, encompassing Life, Non-life, and Health segments. IRDAI has set a goal of achieving 'Insurance for All' by 2047, with a particular focus on improving the penetration of non-life insurance companies, which currently stands at 1 percent. India's overall insurance penetration is expected to decrease to 4 percent in the financial year 2022-23 from the previous level of 4.2 percent in 2021-22.

3) Answer: A

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has made adjustments to the regulatory framework for Online Bond Platform Providers (OBPPs) to improve the ease of doing business. SEBI made these changes in response to representations from stock exchanges and market participants, including online bond platforms. Modifications in Framework :Under this, the regulator has modified the framework pertaining to the issue of order receipt, deal sheet and quote receipt in case of products, securities or services. Electronic Order Receipt :On placement of an order by an investor, SEBI Stated that OBPPs will have to issue without delay an electronic order receipt which includes the date and time of the order, details of counter-parties involved, quantity and amount proposed to be transacted. Products Offered by OBPPs : An entity serving as an Online Bond Platform Provider can offer specific products, securities, or services on its platform. These include :  Listed debt securities, municipal debt securities, and securitized debt instruments. Debt securities, municipal debt securities, and securitized debt instruments proposed to be listed through a public offering. Listed Government Securities, State Development Loans, and Treasury Bills. Listed Sovereign Gold Bonds. Other products, securities, or services regulated by financial sector regulators such as SEBI, RBI, IRDAI, or PFRDA. Registration Requirement :OBPPs must register themselves as stockbrokers in the debt segment of the stock exchange under the new rules. Role of OBPPs : Online Bond Platform Providers serve as a channel for investors, especially non-institutional investors, to access the bond market.

4) Answer: B

During the Global Investors Meet, discussions were held on climate change missions, circular economy, AI, and providing a robust environment for start-ups and SMEs.  Several investment MoUs were expected to be signed.  The Additional Chief Secretary to the Department of Environment announced that three missions - Green Tamil Nadu, Climate Change, and Wetlands - have been implemented.  The Tamil Nadu Coastal Mission will soon be implemented.  Climate protection teams will be created in every district.

Industries were encouraged to develop initiatives to achieve zero carbon emissions.

Modern technologies could be used to increase production, reduce waste, and manage it sustainably.  The aim of achieving carbon neutrality can be reached in a shorter time frame with these objectives.

5) Answer: B

Gujarat is all set to host the tenth edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit commencing at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar.  The Tenth edition will celebrate “20 Years of Vibrant Gujarat as the Summit of Success”.  The theme of the summit this time is 'Gateway to the Future'.  The tenth edition Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is being held after a gap of four years as the summit was canceled in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This time over 1 lakh people from across the world have registered to participate in the summit, compared to 48,000 in 2019.  There are 34 Partner countries and 16 Partner organisations for this year’s Summit. During the summit, a roadmap to achieve the vision of Developed India by 2047 will be launched.  Along with the prominent industry leaders from India such as Gautam Adani, Mukesh Ambani, and Anil Agrawal, nearly 200 global CEOs are also expected to attend the summit.  This year, the summit will focus on sunrise sectors like semiconductors, green hydrogen, e-mobility, and space manufacturing. Along with more than 2500 B2B, and B2C meetings, the summit will also have a series of seminars on globally relevant topics Industry 4.0, Technology and Innovation, and renewable energy among others.  Over 40 departments of the Government of Gujarat and the Government of India will take part in the summit.  The anamorphic projection facility will be used for the first time at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit this year.

6) Answer: C

India has topped the list of source markets for tourism into Sri Lanka in 2023 The island has welcomed 1.487 Million tourists during the last year with India contributing over 20% arrivals.  In all, over3 lakhIndian tourists reached Sri Lanka in 2023 followed by Russia which contributed 1.97 lakh.  Tourism holds a pivotal position in Sri Lanka’s economy as a top foreign revenue source.  Tourism contributed 2.1 billion US Dollars from 1.1 billion Dollars achieved in the previous year. The connectivity between the two countries has improved over the last year as air travel resumed between Jaffna and Chennai in December 2022.  In addition, Connectivity between Colombo and Mumbai has also been improved with daily flights operating on the sector.  Apart from this, the starting of Ferry services between Nagapattinam and Kankesanthurai has also boosted connectivity between the two countries.

7) Answer: A

India started its four-year term as a member of the United Nations Statistical Commission.  The country had won the election to the global statistics body in April after a gap of nearly two decades. The period of India’s term corresponds with the time that the 24-member body will decide on new norms for national accounts, which will also play an important role in changing India’s GDP calculations.  The UN Statistical Commission was established in 1947 and is the highest body of the global statistical system. The Commission consists of 24 member countries. The term of office of members is four years. India was a member of the Statistical Commission last in 2004 and the country is returning to the UN agency after a gap of two decades.  Headquarters: New York.

8) Answer: C

West Bengal has achieved Geographical Indication (GI) tags for 5 more products as part of the National GI Drive Mission.The newly awarded GI tags include Sundarban honey, Black Nunia rice, Tangail sarees, Gorod sarees, and Kadiyal sarees.The Central Government has uploaded the names of the products with GI tags on the designated portal.Sundarban honey, collected from the Sundarban forest, has received a GI tag. It was collected by the 'Mauli' community.The West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited (WBFDCL) has applied for a special GI tag for Sundarban honey.WBFDCL collects and processes Sundarban honey, selling it under the brand name "Mouban."Black Nuniya rice is called the “Prince of Rice” and is cultivated in the Jalpaiguri district of the state.Kadiyal saree is produced only in Mirzapur in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Tangail and Gorod sarees are also famous in this region.With the addition of the 5 new items, West Bengal now has a total of 27 items registered on the GI portal.Since 2004, a total of 504 items from different parts of the country have received the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

9) Answer: B

The government has appointed senior bureaucrat Vikas Sheel as the Executive Director (ED) of Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, Philippines.He has been appointed as ED, of ADB for a period of 3 years from the date of assumption of the charge.Sheel, a 1994-batch Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of Chhattisgarh cadre, is currently Additional Secretary and Mission Director, Jal Jeevan Mission under the Ministry of Jal Shakti.Smita Sarangi has been appointed to the post of Adviser to the Executive Director, ADB, Manila, Philippines for a period of three years from the date of assumption of charge.Senior bureaucrat Kalyan Revella will be Counsellor (Economic) in the Embassy of India, Beijing for a period of three years from the date of assumption of charge of the postSenthil Pandian C, a 2002-batch IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre, has been appointed to the post of Ambassador/Permanent Representative (PR), Permanent Mission of India (PMI) to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva.M Balaji has been appointed to the post of Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India, Brussels.Parveen Kumar, a 2004 batch Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) officer will be Adviser to the Executive Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington DC, USA.Tanu Singh, an Indian Trade Service (2012 batch) officer, has been named as First Secretary, Permanent Mission of India (PMI), World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva for a period of three years

10) Answer: B

Senthil Pandian, a 2002 IAS officer of the Uttar Pradesh cadre, has been appointed as India's ambassador to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva.The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) approved Pandian's appointment for a three-year term, effective from the date of assuming charge.At the time of appointment, Senthil Pandian is serving as the commissioner of excise in Uttar Pradesh.The appointment comes as the tenure of Brajendra Navnit, India's current ambassador to the WTO, concludes on March 31, 2024.In October,2023 WTO more than halved its growth projection for world merchandise trade volume for 2023 at 0.8% compared to the 1.7% forecast in April last year due to a continued slump in goods trade.However, the 3.3% growth projected for 2024 remains nearly unchanged from the previous estimate of 3.2%.

11) Answer: C

Govindayapalli Ram Mohan Rao has been appointed as Executive Director of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). His appointment is for 3 years and he will be handling the Investigation Department and Internal Inspection Department. He has worked with SEBI for 25 years.  He handled portfolios such as Inspections, Investigations and Market Surveillance. He has also served at the Northern Regional Office and Serious Fraud Investigation Office. Prior to this assignment, Rao was the Regional Director of the Eastern Regional Office of SEBI and supervised diverse portfolios such as, Inspections, Collective Investment Schemes, Litigation, Recovery, setting up of Investor Service Centers, Investor Awareness, Financial Education, redressal of grievances, coordination with 13 States/ UTs and so on.

12) Answer: E

Indra Mani Pandey, a veteran diplomat and a 1990-batch Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer, has taken charge as the new Secretary General of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC). Pandey assumed charge as the 4th Secretary General of BIMSTEC at its secretariat in Dhaka. He replaced Tenzin Lekfelof Bhutan. His tenure in this prestigious post will be for three years. This marks the first time an Indian official has held the key post of Secretary General in the BIMSTEC regional grouping. Pandey is a 1990-batch Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer. He was serving as India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva before assuming the new assignment.Headquarters : Dhaka, Bangladesh.

13) Answer: C

The National Statistical Office has released its second advance estimate for the Indian Economy. According to it, the Indian economy is expected to grow at 7.3% in the Financial Year 2023-24. The IndianEconomy will grow by 7.3% in FY 2023-24 over the provisional growth rate of 7.2% in the previous financial year. NSO’s report is based on the First Advance Estimates (FAE) of National Income for the financial year 2023-24.In this report, NSO said that the construction sector has been estimated to have a growth rate of 10.7%. All the economic sectors have done well and witnessed over 6% growth, except for the Agriculture and Allied sectors. For the Agriculture and Allied sectors, estimated growth is 1.8%. The government sees FY24 GVA growth at 6.9 percent YoY, down from 7 per cent in FY23. The government sees the manufacturing industry growing at 6.5 per cent in FY24, up from 1.3 per cent registered in FY23.  This sector accounts for around 17 per cent of India's overall GDP.

Agriculture, livestock, forestry & fishing growth, which contributes around 15 per cent to the GDP, is pegged at 1.8 percent in FY24, down from 4 per cent in FY23

14) Answer: B

Tata Motors introduced the first pure electric vehicle (EV) architecture called ‘acti.ev’, which will underpin its future portfolio of EVs such as Punch, Sierra, Harrier and Curvv. Punch.ev will be the first product based on this pure electric architecture, which will spawn a slew of vehicles with multiple body styles and sizes. The ‘acti.ev’ architecture will be different from the electrified modular architecture (EMA) that Tata Motors will be sourcing from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) for the development of ‘Avinya’ range of cars. Tata Motors' EV arm signed a licensing pact with JLR in November 2022 for the electrified modular architecture (EMA). Tata Motors opened bookings for Punch.ev.  The Punch.ev will be the first ‘Born EV’ by Tata Motors.  Born EV refers to vehicles that are specifically designed and manufactured as EVs from ground up.  They are not adapted from the existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The current portfolio of Tata Motors’ EVs — Tiago, Tigor and Nexon — has been adapted from existing ICE models. The year 2023 was an excellent year for electric cars in India. About 90,000-100,000 units of electric cars were sold in the country, a 90-100% annual growth in 2023.  Tata Motors holds more than 80% share in the electric car market.

15) Answer: C

Bablu, India's oldest sloth bear, has passed away at the age of 36 in Bhopal Zoo. A 36-year-old male sloth bear named Bablu died due to multi-organ failure at the Van Vihar National Park in Bhopal. In India, Bablu was the oldest bear in captivity. Bablu was rescued from a 'madaari' (street performer) in Rajasthan and brought to Van Vihar National Park at the age of 19 in 2006. The average lifespan of a bear in the wild is typically 25 to 30 years, underscoring Bablu's longevity in captivity. With Bablu's passing, another bear named Gulabohas now become the oldest bear in captivity in India.

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